Festival Hopping in New Zealand

In 20014/15, I was living for a while in Wellington, New Zealand. Traveling from there, I roamed the islands and visited some festivals. I filmed certain events at the Luminate Festival in the Golden Bay area on one of these occasions. DOwn below, you can find the short movie I made.

I came to the festival in its epic sixth year. The Luminate 2015 has been a place that re-energized me on the dancefloor, in workshops and inspired me to live sustainably. I got a massage, and I joined in drumming around the fire, relaxed with a warm Indian chai, watched a deep-minded movie, was in harmony with nature, and celebrated a sense of highly conscious community.

Luminate Festival Features

The music zones at Luminate featured an inspiring and carefully selected line-up of performers from New Zealand and overseas. It took me on a unique, flowing journey through a diverse range of live music, World Grooves, Tribal rhythms, Gypsy, Roots, D&B, Progressive, Soul, Folk, Dub, Psytrance, Minimal Tech, Breaks, Dubstep, Glitch, House, Reggae, Ambient, Esoteric beats and much more.

What else happened at the Luminate Festival?

I found my rhythm on the two amplified dancefloors and got primal with the drums of the Tribal zone, took it horizontally in the Chillout Lounge, or brought an instrument and joined in the sound on several open stages.

Knowledge and Inspirational Sharing Sessions (KISS) were very cool things: it was an extensive program of workshops covering a wide range of holistic, cultural, and environmental topics with a focus on sustainability and self-reliance. It included: permaculture & organics, yoga,  alternative healing techniques, dance & movement, African drumming, circus skills, poi & juggling, Mayan calendar, meditation, Harakeke, music production, and much more.

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