Guerrero Negro Baja California Mexico Revolution Celebration Parade Photography

Synchronicity in Guerrero Negro – Pt. 13

The road trip down the Baja California finds a fork in the road opportunity when I experience the most epic synchronicity of the whole journey. I mean there have been plenty synchronicities but this one was special. You need to read this.

San Miguel Ensenada Baja California Road Trip Photography

The Illusion Of Choice Inside The Matrix – Pt. 12

I made it over the border and we are hanging out in Ensenada. Everything could be just fine but there is a topic you can’t even hide in the desert of Baja California. The US elections are coming and everyone freaks out. So, I feel compelled to write a comment here.

Getty Museum Road Trip Photography

Roaming Through Southern California – Pt. 11

Southern California is like a lucid dream as well. I am meeting up with friends from New Zealand to roam the streets of Santa Cruz on our bicycles. It’s an epic journey and truly a Spiritual Van Life I got sucked into while Jens chills out in Canada.

rollercoaster santa cruz california photography road trip

Lucid California Dreaming – Pt. 10

Time passes by and I am moving from Oregon to California. It’s hard to process all the new impressions along with the people I met during my road trip. I saw petroglyphs in Nevada and now I am in somewhere in Los Angeles.

Washington State Road Trip Photography

Riding Solo Through Washington – Pt. 9

The US border shuffled our deck of cards hard. All previous plans are out of the window and life teaches us one of it’s finest lessons: you got to be flexible and spontaneous if you want to float in the river of life. Now I am traveling solo.

Canada Road Trip Photography

Unforeseen Chain Of Events – Pt. 8

If you are manifesting adventure this is exactly what you get. Don’t expect just a smooth trip because if your life was a movie it would suck if no unforeseen events and individual stupidity would not cause some challenges.

Canada Road Trip Photography

Starting the Road Trip – Pt. 7

The time of creating a metaphysical blueprint is over. The journey has started and we are moving through Alberta in Canada. This entry in my Spiritual Van Life Blog talks about the first observations along our road trip.

Monteux Switzerland Photography

How Life Pushed Me Into A New Paradigm – Pt. 6

In this entry of my Spiritual Van Life Blog, I like to take a step backward and share some of the aspects of my story how I ended up in Canada. Before I started a new chapter in life another chapter in Montreux, Switzerland had to end.

Medicine Hat Canada Road Trip Photography Alberta Mayamagik Christian Koehlert

Spiritual And Physical Framework – Pt. 5

After several weeks of work and contemplation, it is time to put everything together. Not only in the physical realm this an important part. For Jens and me it’s also the time to write a kind of contract with the Universe – a Travel Manifest.

Medicine Hat Canada Road Trip Photography Alberta Mayamagik Christian Koehlert

Preparing A New Foundation – Pt. 4

The preparations move on in Medicine Hat. More time for me to contemplate about basic ideas I have about my trip with Jens to Baja California. Patience is the key which allows me to question myself about the qualities I expecting.