Who are the Illuminati?

Who or what are the Illuminati? This question haunted me since I read my first book by Robert Anton Wilson – “Cosmic Trigger” – which found me in 2003. During my honest quest to find out more about the secret structures inside human society, I got confronted with various ideas and beliefs. In a haystack full of lies and half-truths, it is tough to discern a coherent overall picture till Hidden Hand made a change.

Los Barriles Airbnb Photography

Los Barriles AirBnB Photography

While staying on the Baja California peninsula I got the offer of a friend to stay at his house in Los Barriles. So I took a road trip to the Sea of Cortez and in exchange, I would provide him with some photos he could use on AIRBNB.

Back To The Future and 9/11

Back To The Future and 9/11

Have you ever been confronted with the astonishing synchronicities between the movie “Back To The Future” and 9/11? I can guarantee you that the video inside this article will blow your mind. These correlations are neither coincidence nor predictive programming. Still, it’s a connection that we should not ignore. This Synchronicity opens up a deep insight behind the veil of illusion if we get the message right.

Could the Matrix be real simulation Hypothesis

Could The Matrix Be Real?

The Matrix or the concept that we could be living in a Virtual Reality is not a new idea. The ancient Vedic scriptures call it “Maya” – the Cosmic Illusion. Also, the ancient philosophic disputes between Platon and Democritus ask whether we live in a virtual construct, which many know from the movie “Matrix.” Nowadays, we have the scientific idea of the Simulation Theory. Even people like Elon Musk argue the idea that life could be VR. Read this article to find out why.

San Pedrito Beach El Pescadero Todos Santos Baja California Sur

San Pedrito Beach 2018 – Pescadero, B.C.S.

San Pedrito Beach close to El Pescadero south of the Baja California peninsula is like a home to me. I try to stay there at least three months every year to surf and hang out. This photoblog introduces you to the place and summarizes the events of winter 2018.

New Orleans Street photography downtown

Exploring New Orleans

In February 2017 I traveled for the first time to the city of New Orleans in Lousiana. I have never been to this part of the USA but I got invited by a good friend which gave me the opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of the dirty south.

Luminate Festival 2015 New Zealand

Luminate Festival Photography | New Zealand

The last chapter of my Road Trip through New Zealand had been the Luminate Festival. After intense traveling periods this event was the perfect opportunity to calm down and relax. Also, it was a great time for taking photos and meeting old friends.

Reid's Farm Taupo New Zealand

Reid’s Farm Tribute | Lake Taupo, New Zealand

My visit to Reid’s Farm in Taupo, New Zealand was one of the greatest experiences I ever made. The whole mystery tour through New Zealand was like a dream but Reid’s Farm was a special epicenter in that process. Enjoy my photography!

Reid's Farm Taupo New Zealand

Walkabout Through New Zealand

The term “Walkabout” is used by the Aborigines of Australia to describe a spiritual journey to find a new path in life. I had the same process in New Zealand which lead me through the wilderness. While walking through the deep forests I took pictures.

Wellington Surfing New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand | First Impressions

After I left Oregon I flew directly to New Zealand. I landed at Wellington airport and got introduced to the city by a friend of mine. She took me to all the cool places you have to see. Here are my first impressions of Wellington captured in a set of photos.