rollercoaster santa cruz california photography road trip

Road Trip Photography Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz was one of the finest destinations during the Photography Road Trip in California. I met up with a couple of friends and took a ride on our bicycles. While roaming the city I took some epic photos. See the best pictures here!

all seeing eye illuminati pyramid lake petroglyphs nevada

Pyramid Lake Petroglyphs Photography

There are some very interesting petroglyphs at Pyramid Lake in Nevada. It is a native American reservation and for some reason, the access to the archeological site has been closed off. Anyhow here are my best photos.

Reggae Band Jaskamon in Licoln City | Road Trip Travel Photography of Oregon | USA

Reggae Band “Jaskamon” in Lincoln City | Oregon

One of my friends in Oregon is called Bary and he has a Reggae Band called “JaSkaMon” – written exactly like that. They use to play all along the Oregon coast. At one occasion I followed them to Lincoln City to take a few photos.

Cannon Bay Oregon Photo Travel Blog Photography

Road Trip along the Oregon Coast | Travel Blog

Oregon has a very beautiful coastline. While coming down from Washington State I followed the US Interstate 101. After I visited my friends in Otis I moved my RV eastbound to see Crater Lake and some other cities in Oregon.

Washington State Road Trip Photography

Road Trip through Washington State, USA

I lost my travel-mate at the border of Canada. Now I had to travel solo through Washington State further down to Oregon. I was alone now but I also had more time to discover all the places I would like to go. Aberdeen was one such cross on the map.

Canada Road Trip Photography

Road Trip through Alberta and British Columbia

Our Road Trip proceeded through Alberta and came to British Columbia. All along the way, I had plenty of time to take photos and capture the beauty around us. Photography was my way to enjoy this road trip through Canada.

Medicine Hat Canada Road Trip Photography Alberta Mayamagik Christian Koehlert

Medicine Hat Street Photography | Canada

My first stop-over in Canada was in Medicine Hat close to Calgary in Alberta. My friend Jens was building an epic off-road RV there. While he was preparing for our Road Trip through America I had plenty of time to take photos.

Monteux Switzerland Photography

Montreux Street Photography, Switzerland

My Road Trip started 2016 in Montreux, Switzerland. I was living there for quite some time so I had plenty of opportunities to document the little town at the shores of Lake Geneva. Here you find a collection of my favorite pictures of Montreux.