El Coyote Beach at Mulegé | Baja California

We went past Mulegé to a beautiful beach called Playa El Coyote. This area is much more green and picturesque than the surf spots we visited on the other side of Baja California. For the second time on our trip down the Baja, we were on the east side of the peninsula. Of course, you can not surf here since there is no swell. Instead, you can enjoy the calm and warm shore with plenty of underwater creatures.

Camping with friends at El Coyote Beach

I could have taken photos of whale sharks, dolphins, and stingrays if I had underwater photo equipment. Unfortunately, that was not the case, so I took pictures of our traveling mates fooling around at the beach instead.

Back at “The Wall,” we gathered quite a group of fellow travelers from the States and New Zealand. Together we enjoy a great time at the beach. There is even a pretty friendly community around the coast. We found an exciting guy there who is about to build a pyramid to establish an energetic center for the whole region.

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