Photography of 2015 Luminate Festival

The Luminate Festival in 2015 was the best outro for my New Zealand adventure I could think of. After a period of intense travel activities, it has been the perfect retreat to tune in and drop out. We had hundreds of people dancing around a fire at the opening ceremony. Please see the footage for yourself, so you have an idea. There was some excellent music at the Luminate Festival but not always my style. Anyhow, the atmosphere we encountered was precisely the context I was looking for all the time. It was peaceful and relaxed.

Luminate Festival 2015

We met even more backpackers from Reid’s Farm in Taupo during the Festival. Most of the photos I took there were taken of my friends since this was the last opportunity to see them in New Zealand. Most of them would soon return to their respective hometowns. The Luminate Festival marked the end of my journey through New Zealand. On the 3rd day, I left the event to take the ferry back to Wellington, where my flight home to Switzerland just went one day later. It felt like I had left my tribe behind, but deep in my heart, I knew that we all are connected on a higher plane of consciousness.

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Luminate Festival 2015 Photos

Luminate 2015 Footage