Sublime Photos Of Long Beach, California

I stayed for two nights in Long Beach, which is southwest of Los Angeles. I always wanted to come to this town because of one of my favorite bands called “Sublime.” Well, at least they had been my favorite band back in my teenage years. So, that’s why Longs Beach was an important place to go. I needed to see the Sublime memorial wall and get a general feeling of the local vibe. Even though I had a couple of meetings there, I still had some time to roam around on my bike and take some pictures of the urban California coastline.

The beach is wide and sandy. The photos show the town’s mellow mood—especially in late September when you won’t find too many tourists. So here are some of the best shots from my discovery tour around Long Beach, California. Enjoy!

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San Diego Road Trip Photography | California

Only a few days remained till I met up with Jens in Mexico again. So I hurried up to drive further south to the border. On my way, I crossed San Diego and many other smaller cities. I took out my camera whenever I found some time. Well, that was not the perfect setting for a photographer. Still, I found myself in some situations where it was fun to take a couple of pictures.

On my first evening, when I dropped into a wedding scenery at a beach in San Diego or when I could capture the sundown from Black Mountain. Anyhow—I was eager to get down to Mexico. There I could entirely focus on my photo artwork again.

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