escaping a time-loop with mind images

Escaping Time-Loops

“Dear friend, whether knowingly or unknowingly, our world is shaped by our ideas and concepts. Our world has not been created by accident. It is the result of present ideas and concepts from the past. By recognizing and accepting our universal creative power, we will soon deal with it more consciously. The current restructuring of an “Earth 2.0″ will focus on our clear and unmistakable alignment.” Message by Dieter Broers

End of Time The Fight for Freedom of Choice in a Pandemic Situation

The Fight for Freedom

This article is, what I feel, a crucial message of a dear friend of mine. Dieter Broers is a well-known scientist, author, and philosopher in Germany. I still feel honored to participate in one of his more significant projects, which ended up with the release of a movie called “Solar Revolution,” which you can watch on Gaia TV. This article comes from his private website, and until he decides to release an English version, I translate the underlying message to the best of my abilities.

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