The Epidemic Chronicles


A Holistic Observation Of A Global Transformation

If you believe in the mainstream narrative that the 2020 epidemic is a deadly virus that we only can overcome by social distancing and hard measures, then this blog is not for you. Please go on to the WHO website and follow their instructions. I will not try to convince you otherwise. This blog is for people that already started to question the official global approach. If you figured out that hidden forces are at play, but you still wonder what their real agenda is, you probably will find some useful information.

The Epidemic Chronicles are meant to offer a holistic perspective on the event, which is much more than a pandemic. It’s all about transformation, baby! Most people are so focussed on the political theatre that they can’t see the bigger picture. The imminence of a totalitarian power grab and forced vaccinations is just another fear-based scenario that highjacks our attention and limits our perception. But, there is more to that! If you can feel that a much bigger process is unfolding than I invite you to join the Epidemic Chronicles to share ideas.