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— Illuminati Article Series: Pt. I —

Introducing The
Illuminati Card Game

For the last 15 years, the Illuminati Card Game has been a mystery that has stunned me on many occasions. Whenever a big event shaped the collective reality, a corresponding Illuminati Card was already there, representing that specific event. It seems like the deck contains all the secret methods and tactics used by the real powers. Undoubtedly, these cards have a prophetic quality. To me, they also represented a little glimpse into the Illuminati’s holistic agenda and their mysterious plan of the ages.

In this first article, I like to give a brief overview of the cards in my collection that partially left me flabbergasted. Accordingly, I will briefly summarize which Conspiracy Theory is linked to each Illuminati Card and my interpretation in separate articles. Also, I will link those understandings to my analysis of the real-world Illuminati and how they see their role in this world according to the Hidden Hand Interview that I have covered on Secret TV. Let’s start with the fundamentals first.

The Creator of the Deck

The roleplaying card game Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy was created by Steve Jackson in the 1980s. Towards the end of the Millennia, he added several spin-offs and expansion packs. Today, players consider Steve Jackson, the most successful game developer of his time. In many respects, he earned the reputation of being a mystic like Aleister Crowley, just not as tainted with controversies and scandals. Anyhow, both men created beautiful card decks with forboding peculiarity.

Illuminati Card Game Box
Illuminati Card Game Box

The game is straightforward. The players’ mission is to take on the roles of puppet masters within the shadow government to achieve global domination. As an Illuminati, you can prevail through false flag attacks on your citizens, using biological weapons on the population, manipulating the weather, or rewriting history to suit a particular narrative.

In addition to the tabletop game, Steve Jackson released a trading card game in 1995 entitled Illuminati: New World Order. Though published with the “stated” intention of satirizing conspiracies, much like the Illuminatus trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson, the illustrations on some of these New World Order cards bear a striking resemblance to events that later transpired into reality. That attracted the attention of Conspiracy Theorists like me, that usually are not so stoked about card games.

— Historic events after the 1985 —

The Cards Of Divination

9/11 Prediction

The cards that startled me to look deeper into this game were the Illuminati cards that refer to September 11th, 2001, in the most depicting way. This included a separate card that shows the attack on the Pentagon, which also happened on the same day. First, I was convinced the cards must have been published after the real-life event, but they came out way before 9/11. This made me curious to investigate further. Only later I realized that 9/11 was encoded in many other pop-culture publications, like in the movie “Back to the Future.” Accordingly, the phenomena behind the card game are not limited to it.

World Trade Center 9/11
9/11 Impact World Trade Center
Terrorist Nuke Illuminati Card Game
Illuminati Card “Terrorist Nuke”
Pentagon Attack Illuminati Card Game
Illuminati Card “Pentagon Attack”

The “Epidemic” Cards

What finally pushed me to write this series of articles were the cards that predicted the events related to the “virus of unknown origins,” So I started to collect my thoughts and interpretation in 2020 during lockdown—pondering about the strange circumstances. The more I dug into the cards, the more I saw archetypical patterns emerging in real life.

Epidemic Illuminati Card Game
Illuminati Card “Epidemic”
CDC Illuminati Card Game
Illuminati Card “CDC”

— Article Series —

Further Topics

The 9/11 and the “Epidemic” related cards send me on a journey. Even if you believe in pure coincidence, it should make you curious if there is more. I can tell you there is. Following the Illuminati Cards further down the rabbit hole, I chose a hand full of topics that I wanted to cover and show the correlation to various conspiracy theories that partially emerged after the game got released. Sure, some play with events before the cards were published, but those are also interesting. To continue in a logical order, I want to recommend the following order of articles:

About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert, and I am the author of the Illuminati article series. For many years I have been a producer for alternative media outlets. As chief editor of Germany’s first pay-TV channel, “Secret TV,” dedicated to fringe topics, I was exposed to all the conspiracy theories you could imagine. As fascinated by Robert Anton Wilson’s trilogy “Illuminatus,” as the creator of the card game, I can easily relate to the topics addressed in the deck.

Christian Köhlert | Mayamagik LLC | Author of "The Phoenix Hypothesis"


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