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By Christian Köhlert

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Photography Service

“Photography literary means ‘painting with light’ and this form of art can be applied to many scenarios.”

Portrait Shots

My approach in terms of portrait photography is to show your true authenticity. Therefore, I avoid artificial situations and backgrounds and choose a natural context.

  • headshots
  • natural portraits
  • authentic feel
  • relatable context


Corporate Images

A corporation is, in many ways, an entity, just like an individual human being. Accordingly, the same premise and photographic philosophy I hold for portrait photos apply to corporate images.

  • product photography
  • staff portraits
  • enterprise documentation
  • advertise photography


Event Photography

If you are planning a special event like a birthday party, lecture, vernissage, or wedding and want authentic documentation, you need a photographer that moves like a ninja.

  • wedding photography
  • sports or music events
  • parties, and celebrations


Travel Photography

For many years my greatest passion was to discover new places and cultures, and document them with my camera. You will find a dedicates section regarding my travel photography.

  • road trip stories
  • authentic presentation
  • street photography


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Work Samples

“Here are a few work samples of my photography style that is prevalent in all projects I document in digital images.”

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