The Cassandra Hypothesis

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“A holistic pole shift theory”

This article, called the Cassandra Hypothesis, sketches a holistic hypothesis regarding global transformation in a context of an impending pole-shift scenario. My interpretation of the current situation transcends the common alternative explanations surrounding “The Great Reset” and the “Cue” narrative. Based on this theory, those explications contain some core “truth” but can still be considered limited hangouts or psyops to lead people off the tracks. The Cassandra Hypothesis is for individuals who understand that something more profound is happening behind the curtain of reality but can’t quite put their finger on it.

UPDATE: The Cassandra Hypothesis got cleaned up, translated, rebranded, and released in the 102nd issue of the German Nexus Magazine. It is now called the “Phoenix Hypothesis.” After it received encouraging remarks, I decided to publish an English version on this website, which you can find here.

— Cassandra Hypothesis Part I —

What is the Cassandra Hypothesis?

Introduction & Disclaimer

The holistic illustration I want to provide here is the essence of years of strolling through the deeper tunnels—the conceptual constructs you can’t ignore once you leave the artificial surface of the mainstream fairy tale and go down into the rabbit hole of alternative media. This effort includes the study of all genres of publications from a vast spectrum of analysts and authors. Based on this tremendous amount of information, certain conclusions manifest from observing reoccurring patterns. Sometimes these findings are hard to believe and impossible to objectivize or prove—they are like quantum probability. Still, I will add some research material at the end of the article to decide for yourself.

Because of the unbelievable and possibly unsettling quality of my Cassandra Hypothesis, I will not proceed the traditional way. Usually, I would present my arguments and puzzle pieces before tugging them together to deliver the bigger picture. This time, I will write about the collective scenario as the most probable conclusion and provide my arguments later. This approach allows many people who reject this thesis to drop out immediately and gives those who resonate with the information the opportunity to dive deeper. Sounds fair? Good!

Cataclysmic Cycles

We can only assume when exactly, but at some point, the System became aware that planet earth goes through cataclysmic cycles of tremendous proportions. Most analysts, who are dealing with this topic, talk about a reoccurring pole shift. It seems possible that the System got conclusive evidence in the ’80s that we would face another event shortly—back then, within 50 years. This conclusion was based on observations from our earth’s history frozen in ice and certain records from ancient civilizations, combined with recent data from IRAS. For the sake of argument, I will not go further into details but will provide proper documentation for this aspect of the theory later.

The System decided to keep the essence of its newest finding top secret because of the apparent implications of telling the public. The powers that be (TPTB) decided to take a stealthy approach, as they do in the movie “2012” by Roland Emmerich. Their goal is to prepare civilization from a materialistic and military perspective for the pole-shift scenario, and the priority is to avoid panic. Therefore, silence and secrecy are critical elements of their attempt to keep control. The System’s pragmatical procedure does not care for individual suffering when humanity is at risk. Consequently, it focuses on the “best” outcome to secure the advancements of modern society and the survival of the human species in general. Ask yourself how you would act in such a hypothetical scenario. You will probably notice that the standard rules of morals and ethics become blurry.

Earth Magic Illuminati Card Game
“Earth Magic”
Conspiracy Theorists Illuminati Card Game
“Conspiracy Theorists”
Meteor Strike Illuminati Card Game
“Meteor Strike”

TPTB’s agenda

I am not here to judge their preferred strategy, for I don’t know which course I would have chosen if I had to decide humanity’s destiny. Undoubtedly, once you follow down the road of secrecy and conspiration — even with good intentions — you will be forced to proceed with deception and violence to fulfill your goal and keep your secret hidden.

It becomes pretty clear why the System acted according to specific principles. Of course, only a minority of a small elite caste knew the bigger plan. Most individuals and groups involved in the grand design had other motivations—mostly, it came down to gaining power and wealth. In an emergency, circumstances will push you to utilize and collaborate even with the most corrupt individuals. In such a scenario, psychopaths are the most valuable assets because they lack moral barriers.

The System pushed the capitalistic paradigm into full swing to funnel as much money and resources into black operations as possible. Those hidden budgets were partially used to build enormous bunker projects called DUMBs (an acronym for Deep Underground Military Bunker). Further, the grand casino of Wallstreet got fully unleashed to keep the elites busy earning a fortune and using the accumulated power to control the narrative. Accordingly, the System could further advance its plan to prepare humanity for the cosmic-induced reset by manipulating the global media institutions to a necessary extent.

A possible Pole Shift

The first data sets the System got in the ’80s were vague at best. None of the scientists involved could pinpoint a specific date, nor could they forecast an exact scenario of the severity of the geophysical transformation we could expect from a pole shift. All they knew was that billions could vanish in a short period. This inability to make precise predictions is due to inevitable uncertainties regarding specific factors involved and the limited computing power available at this time. Therefore, preparations had to be designed for the worst-case scenario.

Building large bunker systems is the most logical approach from a materialist’s point of view to preparing for a worst-case scenario. Suppose you believe in the accounts of whistle-blowers like Phil Schneider. In that case, this endeavor to produce DUMBs has been going on for decades, but constructing state-of-the-art survival shelters in secrecy is not the most challenging aspect here. Finding suitable people to fill those bunkers is another tremendous challenge. Also, the System had to quietly equip the facilities with specific assets that humanity would need for a controlled rebuild. That massive transfer needs to happen shortly before the catastrophe strikes. That requires some advanced organization and perfect timing.

Cassandra Hypothesis Future World Map after the Pole Shift Scenario
Possible Future Map | Show full size | Read the article in Forbes Magazine

Physical and human resources

The System could utilize artificial intelligence to find the right human resources by filtering big data from the internet. We can assume that AI has acquired a psychological profile, including a chart of the unique abilities of every individual engaged in the social media game. Unfortunately, we can only presume who TPTB is precisely looking for, but I would guess that there are detailed lists of candidates, as you can see in the movie “Greenland.” Confidential invitations will be issued to join underground if the situation becomes critical. Who would decline if WW3 or even worse seems imminent?

Getting physical resources like building materials, semiconductors, and microchips in large amounts underground is much more tricky. You can’t fill the bunker over time because you need the latest technological generation, but moving such an enormous part in a short time frame is hard to hide on the global market—that is the challenge.

Therefore, you need a crisis as a deception to hide certain anomalies that would be too apparent if implemented in a “normal” situation. I guess you anticipate what I like to convey here. Still, that does not mean that the 2020 crisis was only about covering up the secret outflow of certain assets into DUMBs. Instead, the pandemic was used as a swiss knife for blurring out various clandestine moves to prepare for the inevitable.

The ultimate distraction

Now, the System got the physical assets drained from the international market and a list of possible experts to facilitate a controlled rebuild; it needs to conduct a final trick. To get all the material and people underground without a critical mass noticing that specific sheep have been removed from the gutter, you have to use deception and diversion—this time, on epic proportions. That is where a looming WW3 scenario comes in.

In the Cassandra Hypothesis, we don’t have a global conflict because NATO challenges Russia and China or vice versa. Everything we see on the international stage concerning a geostrategic altercation is mere theatre for the masses, which doesn’t mean it won’t get hot—quite the contrary. Once again, we can only speculate which leaders on the political level act the way they do because they are puppets or because individuals are aware that they are supposed to play a particular role in unfolding the final grand deception.

Denver Airport apocalyptic image of an cataclystic event
Denver Airport Artwork

Hulk Hogan vs. The Undertaker

However hard it might be to swallow, the global political and ideological theatre follows a script according to my theory. The conflict is a show which is comparable to WWF wrestling matches. The world’s leaders might insult and fight each other in front of a raging and polarized audience, but the outcome is already determined and part of the bigger game. Some “wrestlers” might know of the bigger picture, some might believe in another deception, some take the money and do whatever is asked, and some merely react according to their handlers and consultants. We can speculate, but in the end, it doesn’t matter—they all play for the same puppet master in one way or the other.

Illuminati NWO Artwork
The Hidden Hand controls them all.

According to the Cassandra Hypothesis, the current conflict between NATO vs. China and Russia is bound to become critical. Those directly involved in the altercation might believe in various ideologies and eventually have altruistic intentions to fight for their nation or the freedom of their fatherland. Still, they are mere pawns in the game of deception and diversion. Even if the quarrel is a staged pretext, the victims of this battle will be genuine.

The final part of the agenda

Before the earth’s changes become apparent to everyone, the final step is to trigger WW3. It is not the System’s intention to engage in an all-out nuclear confrontation but to have a sizeable conventional skirmish. The primary purpose is to provide a diversion from a final movement of physical and human resources. Secondly, it helps to cull the herd.

The question of why the System would attempt to reduce the population before an event that would create even more damage to humanity is widely misunderstood and emotionally charged. I can’t blame someone incapable of thinking this way. Still, someone or something can look at the situation like a sheep farmer managing a herd through harsh environmental conditions.

Why cull the herd?

Please let me use an analogy to take the emotional charge out of the situation: By culling the herd, you allow having more resources for the sheep that need to remain at the surface. Also, when you want to move the chosen ones from the underground back upstairs to rebuild the farm, you don’t want too many hungry and desperate survivors waiting for them.

Those in despair might compromise your elaborated plans for a controlled rebuild by forcefully demanding too much of the stored-in provender. You might have some extra food to compensate for several extra mouths to feed. Still, too many survivors in a total meltdown of the global economy and infrastructure might turn your designated designer society into a Mad Max knock-off. A controlled culling might improve the odds here, and I am sure they conducted simulations to prove that.

The Yin and Yang of Vaccination | Mayamagik article
The Yin and Yang of Vaccination | Mayamagik Article

Safe and Effective

When you understand why a sudden population reduction is beneficial in a controlled reset and rebuild scenario based on inevitable external influences, you will probably have a fitting theory concerning the recent global gene experiment. I am not free to speak bluntly regarding this aspect, but I am sure you can abstract what I want to convey if you did your homework concerning this topic.

I don’t want to go into details because it is controversial—by design, but the so-called medical experiment with the various “add-ons” conducted since 2020 consists of two triggers. Trigger number one is well-known since most critical scientists discussed ADE—even the inventor of the mRNA technology Robert Malone. This mechanism works on the level of the immune system and is comparable to a time bomb. The second trigger is a remote-controlled hydrogel interface based on nanoparticles made of graphene. Do your research!

— Cassandra Hypothesis Part II —

How is that possible?

Now that you are confronted with an overarching story that gives alternative reasoning beyond the MSM, Cue, and Great Reset narratives, you might wonder whether there is any evidence. Here are some questions and answers that might give the Cassandra Hypothesis credibility.

CUE or the Great Reset?

Once you question the MSM narrative, you will have to confront yourself with various explanations for global events. The most popular ones are the CUE and the WEF narratives. I don’t want to detail how much truth they use to lure the people in, where those narratives overlap, and at what point they propagate a “trust the plan” attitude—a kind of “Hopium” to stay calm and passive. This debate would be too complex.

Great Reset by Klaus Schwab
The Greater We Set | Mayamagik Article

Still, I want to convey that both explanations are partially psyops that keep people quiescent and in a false sense of security. While the WEF narrative agitates ordinary folks, it appeases millionaires and billionaires. Even though you might not be happy with owning anything and Klaus Schwab’s vision of a Great Reset, you could still think you figured it out and know what is going on. Unfortunately, you just received a sedative and an object to project your emotions and hopes on while shuffled off the dance floor—nothing more.

Is a pole shift possible?

Yes, it happened in the past, and we are overdue. Contrary to common belief, it can emerge quite quickly and is related to Charles Hapgood’s theory about the “Earth’s shifting Crust,” supported by Albert Einstein, who wrote the foreword. This documentary below should give you a profound understanding of this vital subject.

The Pole Shift Cycle

Did whistleblowers talk?

Indeed they have! One of the last videos Bill Ryan from “Project Camelot” ever published before he was pressured to resign is the “Anglo-Saxon Mission.” Bill interviewed a high-level whistle-blower back in 2010 that talked about such a scenario. According to his accounts, the System would use lockdowns and geostrategic conflicts to prepare humanity for a cosmic event. Here is Bill’s summary of his encounter recorded in 2010: https://youtu.be/KWagNQbayLg

What could trigger a shift?

We can find many theories that describe various scenarios that could trigger a pole shift. One of the leading researchers that monitor the situation is the “Suspicious Observers” movement. They have a YouTube channel with ongoing updates and the latest data sets. Recently, they released a detailed documentary titled “The Cycle is Over”—well, that says it all. Still, some analysts believe that Suspicious Observers is a “controlled opposition” psyop and works as a gatekeeper institution. These allegations derive from their reluctance to mention the name “Nibiru.” That omission can have many reasons, but it is odd because this supposed planet is the hottest candidate to trigger a pole shift.

“The Cycle Is Over”

Could Nibiru cause a pole shift?

Even though it is one of the most ridiculed topics associated with the pole shift and “Suspicious Observers” avoid it like the plague, it is still worth investigating. Few well-elaborated documentaries explore this matter, along with countless channelings and reports of whistle-blowers claiming that the Nibiru scenario is at the heart of earth’s cataclysmic cycles. For further investigation, I also recommend the lectures of John Moore. https://www.bitchute.com/video/tFZCHdr4EN3m/

Planet X / Nibiru – Everything you need to know about this topic

What can precognition tell us?

Many seers and clairvoyants have discussed a pole shift that will peak with an event called “the three days of darkness.” You can find that in the Hopi legacy and the conduits of Edgar Cayce, the “Sleeping Prophet.” This notion is omnipresent in international prophecy.

Especially in the European tradition, hundreds of testimonies of individuals with precognitive abilities claim they saw a war before a cataclysmic event would occur. Shortly after they commenced, the altercation would be stopped by various unfolding natural disasters, ending with the 3DOD. We can assume that this could be timed intentionally. Unfortunately, there are only good documentaries in the German language about this phenomenon, but it would need a whole book to cover this topic anyhow. Still, I want to provide the Youtube links here (part 1) / (part 2) for German-speaking people.

Remote Viewing & Precognition

When it comes to precognition in general, there is no doubt in my mind that people can access an information realm beyond space and time. Remote viewers have proven that ability over and over in a military-controlled setting. I am confident that those over 200 seers in Europe saw the same future timeline from my research. Still, we can speculate whether this sequence of events has already been wiped out by the LHC or CERN, which is said to screw with parallel universes. You can find more on that related topic on our Secret TV website.

The essence of all these prophets and their visions is a somewhat positive outcome. You could compare it to a birth process, which is bloody and painful, but the aftermath is described as a new dawn for humanity. It is a spiritual renaissance in a cleansed and purified world. Those who can make the transition will encounter a new golden age of brotherhood and peace for many centuries—this is a common theme in all predictions worldwide. Therefore, we should be excited.

Hopi Prophecy
Nibiru Prophecy

— Cassandra Hypothesis Part III —

Pole Shift Conclusion

The future is not written in stone, but when it comes to anticipating a possible scenario that accounts for the collective insanity we see daily, this hypothesis is my favorite explanation. It makes sense when you consider all holistic aspects.

Most suspicious individuals noticed that with the beginning of 2020, the gear shifted concerning the transformation of the global society. If you haven’t figured out that the collective health situation and the countermeasures are based on manipulation and deception, you must have been living under a rock. Indeed, something fishy is going on. The Cassandra Hypothesis might be the missing link that gives an overarching explanation. Still, even if the underlying premise is applicable, we can only speculate how much time will pass until we see the grand final.

Pole Shift encoded in the Pyramids

There is no coincidence.

According to the Cassandra Hypothesis, it is not a coincidence that as soon as the previous narrative started to fall apart, right after the global population got drawn into a genetic experiment, another crisis rolled out. Now we have a new polarizing topic. This occurrence in the form of a geostrategic confrontation is a well-orchestrated distraction and a planted pretext for a deeper agenda.

We could argue endlessly about who is to condemn in this conflict from a moral, ideological, or geostrategic level and how we get out of the situation, but this is intended to keep us polarized and distracted. Therefore, you can find a broad spectrum of narratives that explain the external phenomena we observe on the public stage, but these theories have significant discrepancies. Something always feels off.

The Consciousness Shift

The Cassandra Hypothesis is different for me. Maybe it’s me that’s off, and only time will tell. Still, I am confident we are heading toward some crescendo—eventually, some conscious shift concerning some revelation or disclosure. The only question is the timing—so when will it happen?—not if.

As frightening as this Cassandra Hypothesis might sound, the longer you investigate that topic, the more you will see its spiritual aspects and implications regarding an evolutionary process at work. A hand full of useful YouTube publications go beyond the physical realm regarding this cosmic event. From a holistic point of view, it’s a paradigm change that many cultures know about because they have similar concepts in their mythological heritage, as the Christian religion believes in rapture. Still, even much older reports speak about such an event of a consciousness transformation that comes with a physical cleansing.

A Great Opportunity

From all my research forming this Cassandra Hypothesis, I know the coming events will be dualistic. It will be challenging, and it certainly can be overwhelming to grasp the grander scope, but it is also a remarkable promise of renewal and spiritual ascension. Imagine being tested inside a conscious holographic universe to graduate to the next simulation stage. The Matrix is like a video game that allows one to level up and evolve back to the source—back to the singularity consciousness of the One infinite creator. Remember that love is always the correct answer—not fear. So be excited about the time you live in because that is why you came here. We are at the end of an evolutionary stage, a cycle, or you could call it a cosmic season. It is a decisive moment, and we are in it together.

One of the best guides to deal with such a perspective is the Hidden Hand Interview. It is the most profound, condensed, and logically consistent narrative from my stance regarding the deeper meaning of the evolutionary cycles. Since I am already promoting related material, I want to give you an essential documentary that might facilitate a broader perspective.

When is 2012? Documentary

About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert, and I am a therapist, author, and digital content creator living in Montreux, Switzerland. I was always interested in what is usually framed as the “occult, esoteric, hermetic philosophies, and conspiracy theories.”

After I became chief editor of Secret TV, Germany’s first pay-TV channel for fringe topics, I evolved as part of the counter culture of alternative media. Even though I am not active anymore, I am still an observer with a massive network of “professional skeptics.” Accordingly, I use my insider knowledge and offer holistic consulting about my writing topics. I am also working as a Creative Homeopath and give online consultations.

Christian Koehlert Founder of Mayamagik


  1. Janet D

    Thank you very much for pulling this all together. There is one major aspect you’ve ignored; the spiritual.
    I believe we are seeing the final battle between good and evil, and that God has given us a lot of evidence
    to save our souls, which is the only thing that matters.


    • Christian Köhlert

      Maybe you try the Phoenix Hypothesis, within which I allowed myself some more spirituality.


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