Could Nibiru Trigger a Pole Shift?

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Phoenix Hypothesis Argumentation: Nibiru

My Phoenix Hypothesis is a treatise released in the 102nd issue of the German Nexus Magazine. After it received positive remarks, I decided to publish an English version on this website. This article is the second part of the argumentation of my core thesis, which goes deeper into the phenomena of the displacement of the Earth’s crust and whether Nibiru or Planet X could trigger such an event.

Accordingly, this article is just an extract from the more extensive argument. Therefore, I suggest you read my Phoenix Hypothesis before you go into details regarding the pole shift theory in connection with Nibiru. Unless you are here to learn merely about the possibilities of an earth’s crust displacement, you should first comprehend the bigger picture of current global affairs.

Is Nibiru the Cause of a cyclic Pole Shift?

Even if it is one of the most ridiculed subjects in connection with the pole shift, the Nibiru theory is nevertheless worth a deeper investigation. There is not only a broad spectrum of publications (among others, the books of Zecharia Sitchin) that deal with the topic in detail but also innumerable channelings (e.g., Nancy Lieder/ZetaTalk) and reports of whistleblowers (e.g., Robert Dean), who claim that the Nibiru scenario is in the center of the cataclysmic cycles of the Earth. Also, in the interview with the alleged Illuminati insiderHidden Hand,” the name “Nibiru” is mentioned in connection with upcoming upheavals on Earth.

As explained in my previous article, the Nibiru thesis is a consistent further development of Hapgood’s theory. The big difference is that an object is made responsible for the cyclic earth changes, which already occurs in the Bible and is called “Wormwood” (Revelation 8:11). In the Sumerian traditions, which became famous by Zecharia Sitchin, this celestial body is called “Nibiru”—a name, which became generally accepted in the ranks of the cataclysm researchers.

Nibiru has many Names

Among astronomers, one speaks again of Planet X, or meanwhile, of Planet 9 after Pluto was deprived of its planet status. While making the terminology confusion complete, it is essential to mention that the first official academic theory on the subject was formulated in 1940 by Chilean astronomer Carlos Munoz Ferrada (1909- 2001), who named the hypothetical object “Hercolubus.”

Like Hapgood, the Nibiru researcher recognized that the history from the Bible with Noah and the enormous flood, which is well-known in the Occident, describes a phenomenon that must have occurred globally—too many traditions of old cultures from all corners of the world report about it. It is, therefore, not a local or regional anomaly. Often the Flood myths are connected with sky phenomena, for example, in the traditions of the Hopi, where the reports mention a blue and a final red “Kachina.” The cataclysmic descriptions from the Kolbrin Bible also speak of a red object in the sky, which the Egyptians call the “Destroyer.” Other ancient writings speak of the red Phoenix” or Red Dragon.

Nibiru might be Part of a System.

What complicates the topic further is that Nibiru does not appear as a single phenomenon in every theory. Carlos Muñoz Ferrada spoke of a system whereby his “Hercolubus” revolves around a black sun. The term “brown dwarf,” which defines the object more clearly, was not yet established in 1940. With some representatives of the Nibiru thesis, this black Sun is also called “Nemesis,” and Nibiru is the outermost of 9 objects that influence each other. In addition, there are different moons and a tail of iron oxide, which produces red coloring. The entire Nibiru system, in turn, moves in an extremely long elliptical orbit around the Sun and its black twin. Therefore, it only comes into our immediate vicinity every 3,600 years.

This is more or less the primary thesis, although the Nibiru researchers do not agree with all details. At least for the twin sun theory, there is official support from science.

How devastatingly Nibiru’s gravitational forces affect the Earth depends on which side of the Sun our planet is on when Nibiru crosses the solar system. Therefore, for example, the last flyby at the end of the Bronze Age (about 3,600 years ago) was not as destructive as the reset that is said to have occurred about 11,000 years ago.

Gravitational Anomalies

Carlos Muñoz Ferrada was the first astronomer in 1940 who concluded that there must be other unknown objects with significant gravity in our solar system. This thesis was confirmed by the probes Pioneer 10 (1972) and Pioneer 11 (1973) when an unknown gravitational source deflected both trajectories. Also, in long-time observations of Uranus and Neptune, one came to a similar conclusion. Thus still in 1988, the NASA astronomer Dr. John D. Anderson reported in an interview with the Victoria Advocate:

“We have a 90 to 99 percent confidence that Uranus and Neptune are being disturbed, and one candidate for that is a single Planet X.

Dr. John D. Anderson

That year, Dr. Robert S. Harrington, the chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory, also published his paper entitled “The Location of Planet X.” The two NASA astronomers’ confidence stemmed partly from data from the 1983 IRAS mission that launched an infrared satellite into space. On January 30, 1983, the New York Times commented the first results of this mission with the words:

“The hypothesis that a brown dwarf star is responsible for the mysterious force has gained credibility.” (Source 1 / 2)

New York Times

The old NASA guard of Planet X astronomers died one after the other—partly under strange circumstances. Dr. Harrington met with Zecharia Sitchin before his death, which was documented in a television broadcast. Therefore, it must have been clear to the astronomer that his findings had a mythological basis. However, he died a few years later of aggressive cancer. Thus, the Planet X debate fell silent in the 1990s. NASA also announced that all anomalies had been cleared up, and from then on, the space agency only represented the topic through people like David Morrison. The remaining researchers call him a professional debunker—NASA’s equivalent to Harald Lesch (a famous German gatekeeper).

End of Official Research

NASA soon reversed its narrative. According to the statements of different whistleblowers, the observation of Planet X was continued clandestinely via the South Pole Observatory in Antarctica. From this location came two leaks in 2008, which allegedly showed Nibiru with its moons. As an astrological layman, one may speculate about the authenticity of the pictures and the many records of private research groups that claimed to have photographed Nibiru since then.

Research Guidance and Suggestions

  • Before you start reading the books of Zecharia Sitchin or even try to decipher Nancy Lieder’s channellings, I recommend the “Planet X 101 Documentary” by Marshall Masters or the last lectures of John Moore. Both are embedded below.
  • However, I would like to cite an excellently researched and compact lecture that came into my hands just a few weeks ago as an essential resource for quickly and comprehensively familiarizing yourself with the topic. It has been published in five parts on the YouTube channel “Science of the Pole Shift.”
Planet X 101 Documentary
John Moore lecture (part 2;3)

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