Homeopathy Baja California

Creative Homeopathy

This treatise about Creative Homeopathy® is my first attempt to bring more awareness to this radical approach in homeopathic medicine into the English speaking areas. I intend to offer a holistic overview concerning the philosophy and application which this technique embodies. Creative Homeopathy has been developed by Antonie Peppler it is still a novum in the western hemisphere.

escaping a time-loop with mind images

Escaping Time-Loops through Conscious Decisions

“Dear friend, whether knowingly or unknowingly, our world is shaped by our ideas and concepts. Our world has not been created by accident. It is the result of present ideas and concepts from the past. By recognizing and accepting our universal creative power, we will soon deal with it more consciously. The current restructuring of an “Earth 2.0″ will focus on our clear and unmistakable alignment.” Message by Dieter Broers

censored videos in 2020

The Best Censored Videos in 2020

In the early stages of the outbreak, an alliance between WHO and the big tech companies was formed. The stated joint mission was to prevent Fake News from endangering public health. I have to admit that I felt some sympathy for that approach even though I knew how dangerous this is for a free society. Back then, I was convinced that the situation was indeed as bad as it has been portrayed by MSM. This perception shifted, and what remains is pure astonishment about the harsh censorship that got established.

End of Time The Fight for Freedom of Choice in a Pandemic Situation

The Fight for Freedom of Choice in a Pandemic Situation

This article is, what I feel, a crucial message of a dear friend of mine. Dieter Broers is a well-known scientist, author, and philosopher in Germany. I still feel honored to participate in one of his more significant projects, which ended up with the release of a movie called “Solar Revolution,” which you can watch on Gaia TV. This article comes from his private website, and until he decides to release an English version, I translate the underlying message to the best of my abilities.

Illuminati Card Game Background

The Illuminati Card Game Epidemic

This is the 2nd part of the Illuminati Card Game analysis and now, we go straight into the 2020 Epidemic. I hope you made yourself familiar with the first part of my graphic essay. I highly recommend reading the first part before you start with this one, so you understand the bigger picture. You will appreciate it.

Illuminati Card Game Background

The Illuminati Card Game Mystery

On many occasions, the Illuminati Card Game amazed me whenever there was some big news reshaping the globe, a matching Illuminati Card was already there, representing that specific event. It seems like the card deck knows all the secrets and tactics used by Illuminati. These cards have a prophetic quality. They also represented a hidden insight into the holistic agenda of the real-life Illuminati and their mysterious plan of the ages.

Manifest of our Reality

This Secret TV Article is still work in progress since I like to present a sort of Manifest. This core article is supposed to outline my framework of reality and Company Values. Since I believe that we live in a sophisticated VR game with distinct rules, I feel I need to elaborate on such outlandish claims. Anyhow, here you got a kind of beta-version. Please enjoy.

Who are the Illuminati?

Who or what are the Illuminati? This question haunted me since I read my first book by Robert Anton Wilson – “Cosmic Trigger” – which found me in 2003. During my honest quest to find out more about the secret structures inside human society, I got confronted with various ideas and beliefs. In a haystack full of lies and half-truths, it is tough to discern a coherent overall picture till Hidden Hand made a change.

Back To The Future and 9/11

Back To The Future and 9/11

Have you ever been confronted with the astonishing synchronicities between the movie “Back To The Future” and 9/11? I can guarantee you that the video inside this article will blow your mind. These correlations are neither coincidence nor predictive programming. Still, it’s a connection that we should not ignore. This Synchronicity opens up a deep insight behind the veil of illusion if we get the message right.

Could the Matrix be real simulation Hypothesis

Could The Matrix Be Real?

The Matrix or the concept that we could be living in a Virtual Reality is not a new idea. The ancient Vedic scriptures call it “Maya” – the Cosmic Illusion. Also, the ancient philosophic disputes between Platon and Democritus ask whether we live in a virtual construct, which many know from the movie “Matrix.” Nowadays, we have the scientific idea of the Simulation Theory. Even people like Elon Musk argue the idea that life could be VR. Read this article to find out why.