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Conspiracies & Mysterys

The Conspiracy Theory Of Everything

The first documentary I like to recommend is called “The Conspiracy Theory of Everything,” made by the great team of Spirit Science. As the title suggests, the movie connects various dots that we also covered at Secret TV.

The filmmakers connect on all interconnected topics the System conducts in secrecy. Even though I would not subscribe to every detail and conclusion, I recommend this flick because it gives a great overview of conspiracy reality and the underlying spiritual implications.

Systemic Corruption

Understanding systemic corruption is an essential part of waking up. All ambitious truth seekers need to learn about the inner mechanisms of the System which starts with ruling elites and how they secretly control the governments.

Sure, this documentary claims that money and power are the ultimate goals of these hidden forces. This might be true to a certain degree, but further down the line, the System just uses greed and the hunger for power to implement specific programs into the Matrix. The movie is a great fundamental to learning about the Illuminati and their agenda.

What the BLEEP do we know?

“What the BLEEP do we know?” is probably the first high-quality documentary that approached life’s mysteries in a very profound and delightful fashion. It is one of those movies that builds a bridge between mysticism and quantum physics, between spirituality and advanced interdisciplinary science.

The documentary has aged well, and once in a while, you can find one of the many versions uploaded on YouTube. I would recommend starting with this one here. Here is another extended cut: BLEEP Extended.

The Simulation Hypothesis

In all mystic traditions and holistic philosophies, we find the idea that reality is not what it seems. This reflects in the Vedic concept of the Maya, Plato’s cave analogy, or the concept of the Matrix in modern pop culture.

The Simulation Hypothesis is just the scientific approach to understanding this phenomenon. This documentary explains the Simulacrum and presents all circumstantial evidence that we live in a Matrix. We also wrote an article based on this movie.

Back to the Future Anomaly

If you are looking for a great example of the notion that reality is not what it seems and that there are strange effects in time which can only be explained from a multidimensional perspective, this short 20min analysis is highly recommended.

The anomalies in the movie “Back to the Future” regarding 9/11 are legendary. We wrote an entire article about this phenomenon, which you can read here.

Matrix Interpretations

If you are a fan of the Matrix movies because you realized that beyond the action scenes, a deeper mystery is hidden, then this short analysis will amaze you. | Part II click here

Many analysts in the YouTube universe come up with exciting details and interpretations. Still, these two parts are my favorites because they offer a new perspective on the frenchise and their main protagonists. Before you start your next Matrix marathon make sure you watch those two clips.

Tesla Introduction

Nicolai Tesla is a household name, not just because of the car company named after him. There are literary dozens of good documentaries and movies out there that try to depict his tragic life.

This man definitely knew a secret of the universe and got suppressed. Here is a short but compelling introduction to Tesla’s inventions and the underlying mystery of his persona to start with.

The Mandela Effect

When you start researching the nature of the Matrix or “Simulacrum,” you will be confronted with many multidimensional phenomena. One of those abstract anomalies is called the Mandela Effect.

This relatively short documentary introduces this mystery and explains something hard to grasp with a linear-thinking mind—the concept of multiverses. Make sure to watch the Simulation Hypothesis also to get the bigger context.

Renegade Documentary

David is one of the most prominent and controversial figures framed as a Conspiracy Theorist. He wrote many compelling books, and many years back, Secret TV produced two of his many DVDs recorded at his lectures.

You will be confronted with his publications if you go deeper into the rabbit hole. This documentary tries to give a better picture of this man and his struggle for truth. Meanwhile, he is banned from traveling into the EU.

Spiritualtity & Philosophy

Past Lives Documentary

Once you go down the rabbit holes of various philosophic or spiritual teaching or understand the implications of higher-dimensional physics, you must conclude that there must be an immortal non-physical core of your being—a soul.

Further, we have to conclude, and in many teachings, it is considered a given fact that we, as souls, come into this physical reality many times. Seemingly, we change bodies like meat suits. If this notion alienates you, you need to watch one of those Past Lives documentaries that show some practical evidence.

Manly P. Hall Lecture

Manly P. Hall was one of the great western mystics comparable that spawned at the beginning of the 19th century—similar to Rudolf Steiner

Manly Palmer Hall (March 18, 1901 – August 29, 1990) was a Canadian-born author, lecturer, astrologer, and mystic. He is best known for his work “The Secret Teachings of All Ages.” Over his 70-year career, he gave thousands of lectures and published over 150 volumes. Here is one I would suggest. It might help you drift off to sleep or give you profound insights—maybe both.


Enlightenment is such a buzzword in the world of spiritual seekers. Unfortunately, there are many concepts around something so abstract and even harder to achieve.

Some even claim it is misunderstood. Still, suppose you are into the mysteries of the universe and ultimately trying to solve the mystery of the self. In that case, this documentary is an excellent point to start from before you start with books by various gurus and philosophers.

In this talk, Vishen Lakhiani, author of “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” and founder of Mindvalley, shares his model for understanding how human beings expand their levels of consciousness and brings into place ideas from the leading teachers at Mindvalley, including Alan Watts, Neale Donald Walsch, Lisa Nichols, and Michael Beckwith. This talk attempts to unify ideas from several great philosophers to create a map for understanding how to expand your consciousness and function in the world more spiritually and effectively.

Connecting With Universal Consciousness

The notion of consciousness has eluded even the most erudite of scholars and diligent researchers. But what about notions of Universal Consciousness? If finite consciousness within the human form has proven so elusive, then grasping notions of universal consciousness must be even more enigmatic. Start your journey of awakening and enlightenment by exploring what consciousness is, where it comes from, and how we are all connected through a universal consciousness.

A documentary by Anthony Chene: Can we survive death? What is the nature of our consciousness? “Beyond Our Sight” is an independent documentary about near-death experiences, human consciousness, and possible communication with other dimensions.

Framing Reality

This is the fourth installment of the Awakening Documentaries. All humans on the planet live under an illusionary paradigm that can be compared to what was presented in the ‘Matrix.’

A mental prison that exists within the minds of the collective. This prison exists as the societal paradigm we have chosen to accept. That is all cultural, religious, political, and economic doctrines. Based on the works of the late Jacque Fresco—who provides solutions to the human race—this documentary is a psychological and sociological breakdown of our society.

The Kybalion

The Kybalion is a classical publication regarding hermetic philosophy. It was written by an anonymous group called the “Three Initiates”—here available as an audiobook.

This book covers the fundamental knowledge of the working mechanisms of the Matrix. In this Simulacrum, just like in a computer game, everything is governed by certain basic principles. It is essential to understand those mechanisms if you are into the secrets of manifestation / cocreation.

The Awakening of Gaia

This is the first installment of the Awakening Documentaries. No one can be told what the Matrix is, you have to see it yourself. We are all connected. The same material that makes up our bodies comes from the Earth, which in turn comes from the universe.

Humanity’s crisis is a direct result of severing our connection to The Earth, severing our relationship to the Source. Allowing the corrupt ruling elite to remain in power as they manipulate us to compete with one another. We must awaken from our indoctrination as a species to redesign human civilization.

History & Ancient Secrets

Planet X / Nibiru 101

Once you understand the coded message of the pyramid, you will ask yourself what triggers the cyclic resets on earth. One of my favorite explanation models is the Nibiru Theory. We covered this topic extensively in our Phoenix Hypothesis.

This documentary gives you all the fundaments of the Nibiru theory. Before you go into that make sure you read our article about Planet X to get the complete picture. be aware that this might trigger some apocalyptic angst but understanding the aspect is essential to grasp the Matrix as a whole.

The Kybalion

The Kybalion is a classical publication regarding hermetic philosophy. It was written by an anonymous group called the “Three Initiates”—here available as an audiobook.

This book covers the fundamental knowledge of the working mechanisms of the Matrix. In this Simulacrum, just like in a computer game, everything is governed by certain basic principles. It is essential to understand those mechanisms if you are into the secrets of manifestation / cocreation.

Pyramids and Pole Shifts

The documentary “The Revelation of the Pyramids” is a bombshell in disguise. It comes along as just another film that wants to wonder about the mystery of ancient monumental buildings—just as many authors like Erich von Däniken did before—but then it hits you with accurate answers.

Those pyramids profoundly embedded some secrets with tremendous implications. I wrote about it in detail in my “Phoenix Hypothesis,” and this movie is an essential pillar of this argumentation.

UFOs & Aliens


Just as “The Cosmic Hoax,” Unacknowledged is another documentary in a series of UFOrelated movies produced by Dr. Steven Greer.

This part gives an “Exposé of the World’s Greatest Secrets.” It mainly focuses on UFOs, and even though I am not convinced that this phenomenon is the most profound secret, it is undoubtedly a critical puzzle piece to see the bigger picture. If you are new to this subject it will definately blow your mind.

The Cosmic Hoax

One of the biggest secrets kept away from public awareness is the influence of extraterrestrial or even interdimensional beings on this reality. There are many angles to this phenomenon and rabbit holes that branch off from this topic.

Dr. Steven Greer‘s perspective is one point of view we should look at to grasp the bigger mystery of how this reality is governed and what else is out there. Along with Sirius and Unacknowledged, Dr. Greer gives us plenty of material to ponder.

The Nimitz Encounters

The Nimitz Encounters documentary tells the story of small, car-sized UFOs spotted by Navy pilots in the north of the Baja California coast.

During my extended surf trips down the Mexican peninsula, I met many surfers who had more than one encounter with these objects that seem like highly advanced drones that silenty submerge. Many surfers are convinced they are not of extraterrestrial origin but could be the technology of a breakaway civilization hiding in the deep sea.

Robert Lazar & UFOs

Robert Lazar is one of the most prominent whistleblowers in the context of the involvement and coverup of the UFO phenomenon. He allegedly worked for the government in the famous Area 51 facility in Nevada.

Indeed, Bob has only one tiny puzzle piece of the bigger picture regarding the extraterrestrial or interdimensional influence here on earth but his story is essential to know if you are interested in the overall layout of this conspiracy.

Roswell Alien Interview

If you are interested in the many alien entities that are kept out of the mainstream discussion but seem to have a tremendous impact on world affairs, this video is fantastic for you. It is just some guy who is reading the communication protocols established between a nurse and an alien that crashed in Roswell, NM, in 1947.

This UFO-crash incident became world-famous due to its amateurish cover-up. Therefore, many false stories got lanced to muddy the water, but this fragment seems legit. Decide for yourself!

Revolution 2012

The documentary (R)evolution 2012 explains in detail the cycles of the universe. It proposes a holistic concept of this shift and how it could manifest into our reality. Maybe the period around 2030 to 2046 will bring a new paradigm. We are living in exciting times full of potential.

The movie was one of the most significant productions Secret TV ever created, and we are still very proud to present this movie. It presents many great philosophic ideas on reality.

Discover the mystery of the Illuminati Card Game and how this deck predicted events in the past. Does it foreshadow the future?

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