Back To The Future and 9/11

Back To The Future and 9/11



Before I like to refer to September 11th, 2001, a.k.a. 9/11, and how the Hollywood classic “Back To The Future” predicted the terror attacks in New York, I should start with some basics. I feel I need to elaborate on why this kind of interpretation gained a particular significance for me. The corresponding Youtube movie can be found below.

My first lesson in the context of subliminal information in modern media I did not get from some conspiracy books about mind control or MK Ultra. I received that knowledge in a lecture as part of my design studies in Magdeburg. In one of these courses focused on media techniques, I got sensitized for the first time to how consumers’ subconscious is targeted to be influenced by very subtle means. The work of my teacher and the lectures became real eye-openers to me. Since that time, I have approached all kinds of movie clips with an entirely new perception.

Subliminal Messages and Stanley Kubrick Movies

The technique of subliminal messages, respectively of subliminal information, is omnipresent in our society. The modern advertisement industry was probably the first branch to perfect this method in short film clips. But great directors like Stanley Kubrick soon pushed the limits and achieved new standards.

The technique of adding subliminal messages in the film business works like this. Besides the apparent plot, the director interweaves subtle information into a film or clip using various means. Our conscious minds will not initially recognize this secondary subliminal plot. Although this subliminal information remains below the threshold of perception, the subconscious can clearly understand this influence if the correct symbols are used. There are many methods and recipes to perform this balancing act between consciousness and sub-consciousness. Because of the many sources and books about that topic, I will not go into detail concerning the techniques here.

Simpson prediction examples

Subconscious Programming

I want to make the point that the consumer’s subconscious mind can be fed with an idea or a concept that the recipient is not fully aware of or even not aware of at all. This information eventually resonates inside the individual. It might respond with a delay in time till the effect breaks through the barrier into the conscious mind. For the consumers, it appears as a spontaneous act out of themselves, and most of the time, they are not able to recognize the possibility that this sudden emergence of some new idea or an immediate new opinion about a particular concept did not so arbitrarily arrive, as they believe.

Room 237 And Kubrick

For people, who became aware of this subconscious manipulation, this understanding is often perceived as a profound epiphany. That’s why there are many great interpretations, where media experts have begun to analyze specific films and commercials based on these principles. A classic example is the documentary “Room 237,” which refers to the work of Stanley Kubrick. “Room 237” is a kind of compilation of interpretations of many Kubrick fans and researchers. Not all arguments are comprehensible or even entertaining, in my opinion, but basically, this documentation is an excellent example of how to analyze movies deep into the subliminal levels.

ROOM 237 The Apollo 11 Theory | GO to Trailer here [Trailer]

911 Interpretation By “Barelyhuman11”

Back to the 9/11 and “Back To The Future” Connection

Now we covered the basics. I finally like to address a film interpretation that shows a connection between the September 11th, 2001 incident in New York City and Robert Zemeckis‘ classic “Back to the Future.” The treatise, which I like to speak about, was released by a Youtuber called “barelyHuman11” in 2015. Even before he did so, many reasonable interpretations recognized the same pattern. However, it was that Youtuber, who put all the details, that have been previously addressed by other individuals in a technically and aesthetically demanding 12-minute film.

A 9/11 Prediction embedded in Back to the Future movie

Anyone who has seen and understood the 12-minute film should recognize that September 11th or 9/11 is subliminally coded into the entire trilogy. However, the third and final part of “Back to the Future” was first screened more than ten years before 9/11. Of course, as a skeptic, you might convince yourself that this is just a coincidence of epic proportions. Still, any denial should be considered a form of cognitive dissonance in this context. A serious examination of these correlations surely represents a complex challenge to each linear and causal-minded materialist.

9/11 Interpretation by BARELYHUMAN11

Conspiracy and 9/11

The conspiracy community traditionally has a very different attitude towards September 11th, 2001, and of course, this connection with Zemeckis’ film triggered some attention inside the truther-movement. Thus two main approaches formed how this phenomenon should be assessed in the overall context of the 9/11 conspiracy. Of course, the assumption always insists that September 11th, 2001, was staged by secret conspirators to establish a catalytic element to transform the world, start wars, and “redistribute” a lot of wealth.

As I have already indicated in another essay on this page, the truther movement is not a homogeneous mass, and therefore it needs a separate article to cover the range of 9/11 conspiracy theories in which the “Back to the Future” phenomena tabs into. Anyhow!

Illuminati Card Game Background
Illuminati Card Game Mystery | Article

I have to admit that I am one of those who see a higher-dimensional intelligence directing that entire orchestra of mass media, secret services, military, and government henchmen, gnomes, dark elves, and lizardmen to organize that specific event. I can only provide a summary at this point, but to give those occult forces behind the game a name, we should call them the Illuminati. If you don’t know what I am talking about, I can highly recommend one of my articles about this mysterious group at this point.

By the way, please forgive me for my lax way of recapping this tragedy so emotionless, but I promise to discuss it in a more detailed article because September 11th, 2001, was my personal “wakeup call” – as 9/11 was for many other people, too.

The Truther Interpretation of the 9/11 connection

So let’s get back to the two main approaches: evaluating the alleged announcement of 9/11 in the “Back to the Future” movies. Many individuals in the truther movement assumed that Robert Zemeckis had either direct knowledge of the plans for the New York terror attacks or they believed he was forced or commissioned by the tentacles of the Illuminati in the Hollywood community to put the symbols into the film.

The alleged reason why the Illuminati were so determined to leave a subliminal message in advance is also variating. The less sophisticated guess is that this behavior was a form of a show of force, which should bring about precisely what many truthers felt about it: a provocation.

Predictive Programming

However, the theory, which I think is much more deliberate, requires extensive basic knowledge about the relationships between consciousness and physical reality. Such reasoning is called predictive or subliminal programming of the collective consciousness. The underlying assumption asserts that our physical reality manifests out of thought patterns. This principle applies to the individual but also the collective consciousness.

The concept is that by subliminal programming the collective subconsciousness, the Illuminati established a critical mass of people. Those masses have been clandestinely “vaccinated” with an idea. For example, the population got indoctrinated with specific media content—everyone who saw the movie “Back To The Future.”

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