About Mayamagik LLC


Mayamagik is an Integral Consulting company, and we have clients all around the globe. We offer personal coaching in physical, mental, and spiritual health questions. Our holistic approach includes strategic foresight consulting in the wake of the global transformation called the Great Reset. Furthermore, we can offer media and communication advice in a digital world.

Our Consulting Service

Personal Coaching

How are you doing? Are you overwhelmed with the current situation? Are you  having physical and psychological ailments based on old trauma and rigid mental imprints? We can support and guide you. Along with a selected network of therapists and facilitators, we will find the perfect approach for you to unlock your full potential. We use a wide variety of soft and progressive methods ranging from Holotropic Breathing to Creative Homeopathy. We can even help by giving spiritual guidance and manifestation techniques.

Foresight Consulting

Even if the world seems chaotic, there is a “System” behind every occurrence on the global stage. Even though the future is not set in stone, the collective follows a secret script. Understanding the hidden mechanisms that govern this reality is a powerful insight because even in a catastrophe, opportunity reveals itself. Therefore, we offer strategic foresight consulting based on our latest report and treatise regarding the state of the world—the “Phoenix Hypothesis.” We provide alternatives to the agenda of the Great Reset.

Communication & Media

Mayamagik started as a pure media operation. We made photo projects, advertisement clips, image films, and documentaries—even projects focused on graphic and web design. These are the essential tools to communicate ideas and visions—our fundamentals. It is great to have those instruments, but this work led to something even better—knowledge. Significantly during our time producing documentaries, we came in contact with unique individuals and ideas we helped to promote, and this process experience is what we offer you.

“When it comes to media, if it’s writing, editing, or designing, he is really good at what he’s doing and absolutely loves it. The combination of those makes him a rare gem out there. And maybe the most important aspect, he is an amazing person! One that listens and truly cares for you, your project, and your highest good, whatever it might be.”

Liza Anisov

“Today, there are many choices of businesses that can help you have an online presence. However, Mayamagik separates itself from the competition by adding the human element to the project. Christian is very caring, insightful, knowledgeable, and full of integrity. Christian isn’t motivated by money, he does it for passion, and if he chooses to work with you, it will be worth every dollar you invest in his ability to help you expand your vision.”

Zach Balle

“Christian did a fantastic job capturing the highlights of my rental business, which paid for itself in extra bookings in no time. I’ve also seen what Christian does designing websites, and they look pretty professional. Not only that, but I’ve seen how he positions specific keywords to appear as the first Google search results, so that’s also very impressive. I recommend anyone to hire Christian, he’s very easygoing and friendly, and you won’t have any issues communicating with him.”

Napoleon Domingues

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