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all good!

What are the fees?

We take 140SFr per hour. We offer a free 15minutes initial conversation. Just send us a message and we will find the next possible option.

How can I pay?

The easiest way to pay is by using PayPal and this link: Payment via PayPal

Otherwise, you can send money directly to our account:

Mayamagik llc 7901 4th st N | St. Petersburg, Fl 33702 | u.s.a.
Bank account | Iban: be46 9671 5380 0536 | swift/bic: trwibeb1xx


How to prepare for a session?

Depending on the issue it is always appreciated if you could write us an elaborated document describing the issue. Esspecially, if your challenges come with physical symptoms it is important for the homeopathical anamnesis to have a detailed account what those somatisations are and when they emerged. You can find much more information on our dedicated Creative Homeopathy website.

For all other aspects regading media productions a simple desciption of your task is sufficient.

Who is in your network?

List in progress..

What is your Philosophy?

Check out our “Manifest of Reality

What does Mayamagik mean?

The name of this Limit Liability Company, MAYAMAGIK, derives from the Sanskrit expression “māyā.” Maya literally means the “cosmic illusion,” which is the equivalent of the modern term “Matrix” used in pop culture to describe an artificial reality. The second word in the company’s name is “magik,” just like the ancient mystics used to spell it.

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