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Media Design & Production

“We create intuitive and unique Digital Experiences through a harmony of Business and user Needs.”


The magic behind our finest work is the intuition we use to deeply understand your business goals, competitive landscape, and user needs.

  • market analysis
  • design sprints
  • service design blueprint
  • persona & brand development


Web Design

We create intelligent and puristic web design with DIVI through an iterative process based on user engagement and feedback.

  • UX research
  • DIVI design
  • visual design
  • usability testing



Our web design needs great images and photos. Therefore, we have a network of graphic artists and photographers.

  • graphic designers
  • photography experts
  • interface designer



To communicate an idea you can’t always rely on graphics and wording. Sometimes you need a video clip or corporate movie.

  • film production
  • YouTube implementation
  • CGI animations


Let’s collaborate
to bring your Vision to Life!

Media Consulting

“We have a long history of producing movies and documentaries. Also, we can help you communicate your ideas and services in a digital world via websites and social media. If we can’t do it ourselves, we can certainly guide you to the right professional in our extended network of freelancers and independent creators.”

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Who We are?

“We are a collective network of media artists, designers, and digital content creators.”

Holistic Consulting Christian Köhlert Portrait

Christian Köhlert

Christian Köhlert is the Creative Director and Principle of Mayamagik. He has many years of experience in media projects like:

  • Web Designer
  • Film Producer
  • Photographer


Maximilian Djukic

Maximilian Djukic

Max is our expert in Latin America and has a long history of developing projects and campaigns for companies.

  • Web Developer
  • Social Media Expert
  • Marketing


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