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At the beginning of 2020, we witnessed an unprecedented polarization of the collective consciousness. There were already splits in the human psyche before, like the very different perspectives on how you can interpenetrate the events of 9/11. Still, this division of reality is different and more significant than ever before.

Before the so-called pandemic unfolded, it was easy to navigate around those controversial topics in daily life when interacting with other people, but that has profoundly changed. Almost all aspects of life are now intertwined with the global crisis and how to deal with it. Therefore, I like to explore a more holistic angle, especially on the contested debate of whether vaccinations are good or bad.



The popular perception

I like to keep it short here because everybody knows the narrative presented by mainstream media outlets. Most western societies have accepted this reality with relatively insignificant modifications in the details. The basic story goes like this.

Somewhere at the end of 2019, some unfortunate circumstances at a wet market in Wuhan caused a pandemic threatening the global health situation. Most governments recognized the seriousness and started with necessary countermeasures as recommended by the experts at the World Health Organisation. The main weapons were or still are lockdowns, masks, and vaccines. According to their competence and understanding, most governments do their best to save the lives of their citizens. The same applies to most global organizations. Yes, there is some corruption inside this process because of the alluring opportunity to make money within a crisis like that – after all, it’s just the nature of the capitalistic paradigm we live in – but still, the System’s main priority is to save as many lives as possible.

The Mainstream loves the "Fouci Ouchi"
The Mainstream loves the “Fouci Ouchi.”

The Official enemies of humanity

From this perspective, those who refuse or decline the countermeasures based on the recommendations of powerful influencers inside the global scientific community are endangering the process of recovering from the pandemic to return to “normal” life. Therefore, mask-deniers, conspiracy theorists, people who are vaccine “hesitant,” and those who won’t recognize the seriousness of the situation are jeopardizing collective well-being. They are considered anti-social narcissists, and so forth.

As I mentioned, even this MSM (mainstream media) narrative is fluid and might be altered in many small details. Right now, we can observe the story shift regarding the virus’s origins, but in the end, it won’t make a huge difference whether the pandemic derives from a wet market or a lab. This plot alteration serves to steer the emotions in specific directions. We all know the official narrative since it is distributed through all channels, so let’s leave it with that.

The opposite polarity of reality

The alternative perception of the 2020 scenario consists of a broader and more colorful spectrum of interpretations. What is usually labeled “conspiracy theory” by MSM is the attempt to make sense of specific aspects inside the official story that contradict the narrative—puzzle pieces widely ignored by the majority and the MSM. We can’t overlook those puzzle pieces, but how individual “conspiracy theorists” fill out the blank spots and construct the bigger picture is based on their worldview. Therefore, many alternative narratives are partially highly speculative.

I will try to give my best shot to outline the core conspiracy according to the broad spectrum of alternate narratives circulating. We must consider that if there is a global deception from the highest order, there also must be a particular ambition to divide and conquer the counter movement by spreading false intel inside those circles, deluding and disturbing the process of finding the hidden agenda. The water is very muddy, but let’s break it down to one essence that most so-called conspiracy theorists would agree on.

The Conspiracy in a nutshell

According to the alternative movement, the pandemic is just a pretext to usher in the New World Order agenda, which now has been relabeled the “Great Reset.” The Great Reset becomes an official term increasingly and consists of an elaborate plan to transform the world into some Orwellian AI-controlled society inside a One World Government.

The plans are ancient and highly detailed. Also, the tactics to utilize a pandemic were initiated and developed well in advance. The final test run was “Event 201” in 2019, but the preparations and efforts to fathom the best course of action go back many decades.

Useful LINKS:

The Great Reset Advertisement/Propaganda

The pandemic powerbrokers

Most prominent figures who helped to push the first chapter of the great transformation, like Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, the big tech and media CEOs, or whoever controls the global structures, are well known. Inside the official narrative, they are portrayed as heroes. Among CTs (conspiracy theorists), those individuals are very much hated, even though many understand that those persons are just following a higher order from beyond the visible power structures.

For most CTs, it is apparent that the Great Reset consists of a plan to control humanity in all possible ways and cull the herd. Population control seems to be part of the agenda. Some analysts expect a reduction based on the Georgia Guidestones, and others expect a decrease of around two billion in one generation. The core tool to control the population is the vaccination program that has been pushed on the global society. Therefore, the fear infusing pandemic deception serves two major agendas—transform the social-economical structures, and create a scenario where a majority would embrace the magic vaccine.

What the long-term effects of the vaccine will be is highly debated, even among CTs. Some researchers believe in a significant immune compromise that will lead to billions of people dying before they are due, while others see just an impact on fertility. We don’t know for sure, but most individuals in the context of this reality would agree that it will lead to some significant “flattening of the curve” in the global population chart shortly.

What is the System’s agenda?

Depending on the individual worldview, you might hope for a savior or some external event to stop the process of the Great Reset. There might be the chance that the collective might wake up to the deception that is taking place, or maybe God himself will intervene—eventually. Everything is possible at this point. Some already see the global vaccination agenda crumbling, but I am sure there is a plan B in that case. There are many speculations inside the CT movement where this might lead us, but if you ask them, “Why is the System doing that? “you mostly get the same answer.

In the perception of most people who understand that the System is forcing them into a New World Order, there is the shared conviction that the System is pure evil and only consists of power-greedy perverts, Luciferians, and Satanists. Well, this might be true in many cases. Still, we have to assume that most, if not all, “powerful” people we see on the global stage are expandable assets—puppets for the System that can be easily thrown under the bus if they don’t serve the agenda anymore.

We can sense that unfolding right now with Fauci and Gates. People presented like Gods are now getting deconstructed by the same System that had put them on the throne. Maybe we can already see the implementation of plan B, or eventually, this was the agenda all along—the truth is, we don’t know for sure.

A Gap as wide as the Grand Canyon

The difference I like to point out is the opposite perceptions inside the CT and the MSM movements. People convinced that the crisis is a deceptive pretext for a Great Reset scenario are starting to live in a parallel universe compared to the MSM believers. From their angle, the System and the Great Reset need to be stopped.

The problem for CTs is the gullibility of the “sheeple” that have fallen for propaganda and mind control. In their eyes, they become collaborators. That leads to the perception that those people who have never questioned the System are endangering the freedom and well-being of the whole collective. This is precisely the opposite reality of the MSM perspective that the other fraction received.

Obviously, people are polarized and played against each other. This could be by design.

That is the huge dilemma and crack inside the society that I try to bridge because we have to assume there is no way to “convince” the other side. Both realities are not negotiable in the perception of each respective party.

How to bridge the gap?

This oppositional perception is the huge split—the essence of the staggering polarization of society. There is almost no middle ground, and it interconnects with every aspect of life. This rift in the perception of reality separates families, friends, and business partners. It is the global society’s significant spiritual, emotional, philosophical, and ideological segregation.

Even though most people are aware of that, I have to point it out to acknowledge it without judgment. I try to approach this psychological phenomenon from a neutral perspective to find a deeper meaning and a valuable solution to deal with the implications. We got to see it as a thesis and an antithesis polarity from the point of view that there is no ultimate reality in this dualistic Matrix. We should rather accept each perspective based on the Hermetic Law of Free Will and find a non-dualistic understanding. Shall we try?


Overpopulation – the game-changer argument?

Overpopulation? Are there too many People on Earth?
Are there too many People on Earth?

The blurry lines of Good and Bad

Now that we outlined the status quo of the current polarization, I like to explore a 3rd perspective which, according to the Hegelian dialectic, is called “Synthesis.” We take both poles of thesis and antithesis to extract a neutral stance, allowing us to find a sustained solution to navigate and balance ourselves between the polarities. In the spiritual context, it is known as a non-dualistic perspective. To do that, I like to explore both opposite positions in a bigger context. Still, we must reduce the central split into two reductionistic prepositions and convictions regarding vaccines.

A normal human being would always be helpful to another person. Let’s say the majority is geared towards cooperation and, ideally, unconditional love. So, the majority also assumes that there would be a collective endeavor to help humanity if there is a real pandemic to save as many lives as possible. According to this simple understanding, most people assume that the vaccine program honors this presumption. Any other thesis contradicting the idea that the System is “benevolent” would be emotionally hard to digest. So the supporters of the MSM narrative try to protect themselves from such supposition. Based on that, they reject CTs and their arguments.

It’s not hard to understand that from a psychological level. The fear and unsettledness of the pandemic scenario might be very inconvenient for most. Still, the broad implications of accepting that your government is manipulating you, even possibly trying to kill you, would be, for many, emotionally unbearable. Modern psychology knows that we all decide on an unconscious level whether we are ready to confront ourselves with a specific layer of reality. We have to accept that; otherwise, we create suffering. The law of Free Will includes the right to remain ignorant, which many CTs need to learn right now.

The argument for Overpopulation

Let’s bring the main argumentation into play why the System is so committed to controlling the population and its growth. Yes, a reasonable justification has been communicated between the “official” lines. There have been anonymous representatives in online forums and heaps of fictitious movies and TV series that argue the vaccine-based population control that many call genocide.

A few famous examples of this subtle communication are Kingsmen, Inferno, and the TV series Utopia, which was released as a remake shortly before 2020. In “Utopia,” the basic plot is the story that most CTs see unfold in reality. A virus to scare the global population had been released to receive broad consent for a worldwide vaccine program. The following vital scenes show the argumentation for such a deceptive conspiracy from the System’s point of view.

Utopia | Population Reduction Argument

Is the fake CO2 narrative just a proxy argument to avoid the term “Overpopulation? ..or are both narrative just Distractions?”

A minefield for ethics & morality

The main argument that we can perceive from the System – if we are willing to listen – is the implications of overpopulation. This is their justification for pushing for a deception-based vaccination of the global community. According to some CTs, they attempt to control population growth, possibly leading to the killing of billions.

Overpopulation is another polarizing topic and either completely ignored or emotionally charged that you couldn’t discuss it objectively. Most probably, it is neglected because it triggers our deepest fears. Undoubtedly, this topic opens some very unpleasant doors that challenge our models of ethics and morality. Good and Bad become blurry.

While most people believe that we can easily sustain a few billion people more on this planet, others are convinced that we have already damaged our biosphere beyond nature’s ability to self-regulate. We have some statistical models, but we cannot have an overarching look at this issue. All we have are opinions. I am not here to prove or disprove this overpopulation argument, but it’s here to challenge our perspective. Like the vaccine question, everyone needs to make their own honest investigations and discernment.

In this context, I like to make one thing clear. It’s not about “saving” the planet from human-caused pollution like oil spills and plastic bags. Earth went through worse things than humans—reoccurring global catastrophes of proportions like worldwide earthquakes, fires, volcanos, and asteroid impacts. As George Carlin once said:

The planet is fine! The people are fucked!

George Carlin
The entire George Carlin Show on “Saving the Planet.”

Environmental challenges are more about our survival as a global society. Just imagine that Gaia doesn’t care if she temporarily becomes a plastic-polluted desert planet. She will recover—it’s just a question of time. Humans, on the other hand, can’t be indifferent about that. Indeed, there would be survivors in an uncontrolled collapse of the civilization, but many achievements would vanish.

Overpopulation in India
Imagine Overpopulation is a Reality

Imagine the Overpopulation Argument is correct

So for the sake of argument, let’s assume that we are indeed at a critical point. Imagine we have already overstressed our biosphere with soil degradation, over-fishing, pollution of the oceans, and the depletion of natural resources like clean drinking water. Even implementing advanced technologies like zero-point energy would only mitigate or delay the inevitable scenario of a world that spins out of control—people fighting for the last resources in a Mad Max kind of reality.

Let’s assume that the best and brightest minds and supercomputers you paid for would have convinced you of that. How would you deal with it? Would you tell the people, ignore it, or develop a solution even if it requires deceit and pretense to implement it?

Let’s stick with this hypothetical scenario. Let’s assume that doing nothing will lead to a brutal, uncontrolled die-off coordinated by the most cynical and sociopathic mass murder history, called “mother nature.” From this perspective, assuming this is reality, a vaccination-based mandatory birth control “pill” is like a kind blessing if it prevents the majority of next-generation would starve to death.

What a waste of resources
Could too many people destroy our biosphere?

The worst scenario for CTs would be that there is a plan to reduce the population radically, but the System created a secret plot on how to sort out the ones that are too recalcitrant—too hard to control. In this case, the System needs to release a 2nd pathogen that only attacks those without vaccination. So even if the population reduction agenda is real, as many CTs believe, their vaccine hesitancy won’t necessarily save them. So, in the end, everyone needs to discern for themselves what the most probable reality is and what their best course of action could be.

Even from the population reduction hypothesis perspective, the vaccine could be good or bad, and what might be bad for one individual might be good for the collective. So, let’s stop arguing. It makes no sense other than separation and hostility. Free will is for all! Let everybody make their own decision without argumentation, shaming, and compulsion.

Cognitive Dissonance or denial

The funny thing is that I encountered many intellectual individuals that follow the official narrative and are convinced that overpopulation is a fact. Those people believe humanity is doomed because we produce another billion people every 8-10 years. Strangely, those kinds of characters never assume that leaders they think are even more farsighted than themselves would consider acting accordingly by culling the herd. So they believe overpopulation is the greatest threat to humanity, but they cannot imagine that the System will do something about it. That is what some would call proper cognitive dissonance.

Could there be another explanation from a psychological perpective?

Maybe, some of the individuals that proudly show their vaccination cards on social media are somehow aware on a subconscious level that they are truly making a sacrifice for humanity. Try to imagine that for a moment. Would it make you feel differently about it? Their ego layer of consciousness might believe in the official narrative, but maybe their souls know exactly what risk they are taking. Where does that leave the vaccine “hesitant” people unwilling to play Russian roulette with the rest of humanity to ensure an amicable future for the entire human species? Please don’t get triggered if I purposely use outrageous polemic in that “hypothetical” scenario. I want to prove that good and evil depend on the perspective and the information we allow to emerge in the bigger picture of our consciousness.


The System from a non-dualistic angle

Big Brother is in Control
Big Brother | The System of Control

Is the System genuinely evil?

The System I talk about consists not just of the visible henchmen on the surface, like political leaders or famous oligarchs like Soros or Gates. Those characters are just puppets with their benefits and challenges from playing a specific exposed position in the game, but they are instead the dogs steering the sheep but not the real shepherds.

The longer you study the occult architecture of power, the more you learn that democracy is an illusion. Secret societies and institutions like Bilderberger, Council on Foreign Relations, and various other intertwined networks influence every step of our collective evolution. Furthermore, it seems that the true overlords of this physical plain are entities from a different realm of consciousness.

Some researchers identify aliens, interdimensional beings, demons, (fallen) angels, or entities from other densities of reality that do not always seem to share the same agenda regarding humanity. Let’s assume they are all archetypical manifestations of our collective psyche and unconscious shadow aspects for those who prefer a less “science fictitious” explanation. So maybe the System and its agenda are not as simple as most of us like to believe.

What goes around comes around.

Let’s use a simple but powerful analogy. Imagine how animals would describe humans and their experiences with us. Try to abstract they could muster some equal consciousness as we have, to think about their relationship with us. Many animals would consider us purely evil, wouldn’t they? We hunt them, put them in cages, and torture them to make the maximum benefit from their suffering. In the end, we kill and eat them while wearing their skins. Some animals have a luxurious life with humans, like cats or dogs, but still, they are mostly deprived of their natural impulses—they are domesticated or indoctrinated.

Still, this is not the whole truth about humans concerning animals. Some humans try to help every animal they find and would never kill or hurt another being. There are vegans storming animal concentration camps. Not all humans exploit animals in some form.

Let’s apply this observation to the System and the entities that act upon this layer. Some beings use us as a source of loosh, gold, or slave labor. Maybe we serve some as entertainment, but I am sure that other higher deities are trying to help us. They empower us and provide humanity with the tools to free ourselves from this density of reality—to liberate us from the cycle of reincarnation on this prison planet. So judging the System in a purely black-and-white fashion is inappropriate because it is multilayered.


Philosophical Conclusion

People obey to their masters of control | Scene from "They Live"

Accept what is and make it better!

Right now, it seems that the secret administrators of this reality have decided to transform the stage, change the global paradigm and “flatten the curve”—not of the infections but population growth. We should not be naive about what is going on, but we have to assume that the overpopulation issue could be a potential game-changer judging the overall situation. Maybe not yet, but it might be too late for a “soft” correction as we see today in ten to twenty years.

If you have read the Bhagavad Gita and know the story of Arjuna and his teacher Krishna, you have already understood that good and evil, right and wrong, always depend on the bigger picture. Everybody needs to come to their terms. Whether the vaccination is genocide or doing nothing in the face of the current environmental condition would be a true crime against humanity based on individual perception of this relative reality. The same applies to judging the System itself. Therefore, we must gain a broader perspective and make an informed choice.

If you come to the same conclusion as the System that something needs to be done, come up with a better solution. We need to understand that an answer to the challenges today should be based on a realistic assessment of the situation and the nature of humans in general. “We could have or should have..” won’t help us to solve the mess now to create a better tomorrow.

Promoting a solution

My blueprint for dealing with the collective challenge is in the public domain for everyone to discuss and implement. If you have a better idea, please let me hear it. I am certainly not willing to follow the System that denied us the means to create a better society for so long. Maybe it was not the System that refused us that, but our inherent collective greed and lack of higher consciousness didn’t allow us to recognize humanity as one big family. Still, I won’t consent to the Great Reset or their mRNA remedy to cure overpopulation. How you deal with it is up to you.

Unless we learn to understand that separation is just an illusion and that we are part of a more significant entity, we will need a System to govern and organize us. However we are all unique and special, but we are still from one source—different expressions of one Singularity. As long as we consent to the abuse of beings from a lower level of consciousness as we treat animals on this planet today, we will keep attracting more advanced entities that will do the same to us. It’s the simple Hermetic Law of cause and effect – our collective karma, if you will – that we reap what we sow.

We must come to a new understanding and create our design of how the New World Order should be devised. Therefore, we need to connect and empower those willing to co-create based on self-responsibility and the idea of a global family.

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About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert, and I am a therapist, author, and digital content creator living in Montreux, Switzerland. I was always interested in what is usually framed as the “occult, esoteric, hermetic philosophies, and conspiracy theories.”

After I became chief editor of Secret TV, Germany’s first pay-TV channel for fringe topics, I evolved as part of the counter culture of alternative media. Even though I am not active anymore, I am still an observer with a massive network of “professional skeptics.” Accordingly, I use my insider knowledge and offer holistic consulting about my writing topics. I am also working as a Creative Homeopath and give online consultations.

Christian Koehlert Founder of Mayamagik


  1. Eva

    Hey there Christian,
    an elaborate overview of the vaccination dilemma… from Greek dilēmmatos involving two assumptions, from di- + lēmmat-, lēmma assumption.. and still bearing in mind the One Source. Within duality consciousness what you oppose you empower. Within singularity consciousness there is no opposition. Whatever that means for each and one of us.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. cuzsin Vinny

    Thanks for the thoughtful article. I very much appreciate it, and will be reading Your strategy paper next.
    ~ Beeswell

  3. Irbancowgirl

    I foresee the smart cities whereby people can live that want to be a part of the Cvax plan. As disasters, terror attacks on infrastructure, cyber attacks all befall mankind, people will be required to relocate.

    Take Florida. Millions of people are now residing full time within a state that has two highways out. The next hurricane (or slight turbulence) will trigger the fragile water infrastructure to become compromised. If a hurricane does hit, people will be trapped. Escape was impossible for those that left four days prior to Irma with bumper to bumper traffic on 95 N backed up into SC. One can only imagine the roads with how impacted Fl. is now.

    So, the water system is compromised. People will be out of resources with 2-3 weeks. Then the fema camps open. Only the cvaxx people get to stay within or receive supplies (possibly) due to, “health and safety.” There could be no budging on a federal level for funding. Just how the cookie crumbles due to some obscure white paper signed years ago and seemingly related to now.

    The droves of people scavenging for limited resources will quickly collapse all civility. Driving through Lake Charles on I-10 after a cat 4 hit allowed an hours delayed tour across the devastation as bands of youth crawled through what remained of the homes and business.

    Florida has many swamp billies and competing races. Ignorance and intolerance still prevails among the various groups on some level.

    So, people will be forced to relocate, but to where?
    So a microcosm of two alternative realities will exist. The problem being the peaceful transition to this new alternative with those that want to be a part of the Internet of Things with in the smart cities and those living as refuseniks, extremists of all kinds, drug dealers, etc will not only be fighting and pillaging with one another, but angry with those in the city that are protected by the governments and litany drones, armed services, and what not.

    What I see are buffer zones around the smart cities with armed guards and drones protecting infrastructure across the country. More rural areas having nothing. Subjects submit to the algorithmic beast system (Microsoft payment system, Darpa bandaid quantum dots (Cvaxx or proof of compliance some how)), or suffer with an ever shrinking territory to dwell and survive as further, “Mother Nature and human disasters,” occurs.

    “Kill for Peace,” like that card depicts, will likely be the motto. We are operating in a world where language and concepts are being twisted.

    It will be a challenge for all groups to get along and survive.

    Hence, fighting and slaughter out side of the cities, while any attack or implication of human life will be designated a threat to the compliantly tagged citizens of the global order and killed for sport with drones and technology.

    All will go along with it, as the majority will not stand up to the beast.

    Never realizing that the beast is AI and their own hive mind mentality on all sides, being the true enemy.

    Where will there be actual peace?

    No where. Death will stalk each person inside the gates and out.

    All we can do is babysit, at best, and avoid the hot spots.

  4. Irbancowgirl

    There is no going forward any other way.

    Internationally, election confidence is at an all time low.

    Digital currency, unregulated, and untaxed.

    Health safety.

    All provided within the blockchain system.

    It will happen. It is, was, and had been the goal.

    Peace and safety under the purple blanket of the internet, or mayhem.

    Actually, mayhem within the cities as the people morph further into their souls with self replicating mRNA synthetics.

    Interesting times.

  5. Kai

    Hallo Christian, interessante Gedanken, Ideen und auch aufschlussreiche Zusammenfassung. Wir werden sehen, wie es sich weiter entwickelt. Im ländlichen Raum wird weiterhin alles entspannter sein. Nur wird für die jungen Leute auf dem Land nicht viel los sein. Spannende Zeiten. Grüße

    • Mayamagik

      Dankeschön, Kai.

  6. Bruce jessop

    Superbly and very intelligently laid out. Step by step clarity. Congratulations. Adjustments will be made according to the “new” outcomes as they are presented to us and based on our perspectives. The fear factor for many is probably the greatest obstacle to intelligent actions for the greater good and equitable outcomes for humanity. It all begins with a very clear understanding of a non-dualistic perspective as you have pointed out. Once it is clearly understood that the I/me, the mind and universe are one and the same, a “sense” of Formless/Awareness appears and what once appeared as me and the outside merges into a Whole. Infinity is “seen” in all objects of perception. In such a society solutions are abundant. It may read as a Utopian perspective but it is simply fact when looked into deeply. On the field of practicality this perspective would tell me that the first and most important ministry would one of “The Ministry of Inventions”. Simply for the sake of reversing the need for money. Not necessarily to eliminate it’s complete use but to reverse the need.
    This ministry would allow for a look at inventions that would benefit humanity. For example what is the greatest control mechanism today? The answer is energy. As we know there are such technologies but they are controlled by the current controllers. For the sake of evolving this idea, let’s look at how everything is dependent on energy. Heating homes, cars, boats, planes. In the food chain farmers and their equipment, trucking companies to pick up and delivery to wholesalers and then to outlets. Military (which when enough consciousness is there, minimal use, perhaps to help out in natural catastrophes etc.). The use of energy is practically unlimited. The costs of basic essential would be minimized as the costs involved would be illiminated. So cheaper food, no cost for home heating etc. The inventor could be compensated according to the value of their contribution. Next big expense currently is controlled by the pharma/medical mafia. Inventions of “med beds” using frequencies, laser tech etc. would further reduce the need for money as med insurance would be minimal if not in fact needed. So on and on it would go, so people could get away from the current slavery and dependency on the corporate entities and their government puppets. In this consciousness there is no need for government. Government is replaced by competent administrators. Obviously there would be a serious change in the whole educational system. A bit long winded here but the point being that there are intelligent and creative solutions based on a greater awareness and consciousness. Is this possible here, time will tell.


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