escaping a time-loop with mind images

Escaping Time-Loops


This is another article that I feel is an important message from a dear friend of mine. Dieter Broers is a highly respected author and philosopher from Germany. For many years he was a great mentor to me. When we worked together on a movie project called “(R)evolution 2012,” which you can watch on Gaia TV, I learned all the fundamentals concerning the essential mysteries of our reality. This article comes from his private website, and until he choices to release an English version, I will translate the following message to the best of my abilities.

World is shaped by ideas and concepts

Dear friend, our world is shaped by our ideas and concepts, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Our world has not been created by accident. It is the result of present ideas and concepts from the past. We will soon deal with it more consciously by recognizing and accepting our universal creative power. The current restructuring of an “Earth 2.0” will focus on our transparent and unmistakable alignment. What exactly do we want, and how exactly should the new reality look like? It is all about the decision of each individual. We know from quantum physics that “every decision opens a new universe, a life with new possibilities.” Now it is up to us to make these arbitrations consciously.

Our freedom of choice is an immutable right from the divine order. Free will is the gift of God for us to choose. So creation is ultimately a selection and serves us for further development to become the Oneness. This freedom of choice is our greatest gift, but if we lose our independence and freedom, we also lose the right to make decisions. Freedom of choice allows us to evolve and carry us on our evolution back to where we belong – back to the source, enriched by all of our experience (in the sense of the prodigal son who returns to the father).

Today is the product of yesterday

All that exists now is the product of yesterday’s creative power, pictorial thoughts, and a choice (a conscious process of creation that I consciously and willfully evoke).

Everything that exists is the product of arbitration from yesterday. Yesterday we imagined what today would be there. Our life, as we have created it, is self-manifested fate. However, if we are stuck in our artificial ego, our life is nothing but a constant repetition of yesterday. We voluntarily remain with a repetitive attitude in the same time-loops to continually create the same morning.

Change happens in the now

However, if we consciously use our freedom of choice, we can change our mindset at any time and thereby alternate our fate. Please consider this moment where you are now. This now, precisely this moment, is the result of your past. You have pre-programmed this now—incidentally, humanity works as a whole on the same principle.

The fate of humankind is a manifested fate based on collective attitudes. As you can see, destiny is still manifesting based on a time when we made unconscious choices.

Designing internal images | creating the future consciously

Dear friends, we are consciously using our freedom of choice TODAY! Yesterday we might have chosen a selection based on an anxiety-based offer. But from now on, we should make conscious and deliberate arbitrations based on expanded freedom and choice. That may seem absurd in the context of the current situation. Still, even if the principle of “creating images of reality” is only partially applicable, then we can have greater freedom and choice if we consider it possible.

Me agape
Dieter Broers

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