End of Time The Fight for Freedom of Choice in a Pandemic Situation

The Fight for Freedom


This article is, what I feel, a crucial message from a dear friend of mine. Dieter Broers is a well-known scientist, author, and philosopher in Germany. I still feel honored to participate in one of his more significant projects, which ended up with the release of a movie called “Solar Revolution,” which you can watch on Gaia TV. This article comes from his private website, and until he decides to release an English version, I translate the underlying message to the best of my abilities.

Without getting up, there is no ascension.

We tend to give the so-called “new” more meaning than the correct information already known – and therefore, we are no longer “fresh.” A simple consideration is often enough to expose this phenomenon as a very superficial habit. This habit might lead us to overlook information of the utmost importance because the truth would not be the truth if it were no longer true tomorrow. If, for example, I have repeatedly pointed out the immense importance of the creative power of our thoughts and internal images for years, this information is not necessarily new. Still, my numerous repetitions serve as a reminder, and they are a recurrent call, that we should not lose sight of the most basic principles.

Due to the routines of our everyday life, an ever-increasing stimulus overload, and a lot of disinformation, we often forget the most important things or assign them incorrectly. As a result of this sensory overload, we can hardly distinguish between true and false information because our connection to our source is blocked. The repetitions of my core statements are naturally not about something new but about repeating the most elementary slogans. My intent is less that of an enlightener than that of a reminder. We should recall the things we have forgotten. It is right and equally new that we are now in the final phase of extensive change. Especially in this phase of the transition between the worlds, the memory of our divinity is of fundamental importance!

The river you step into is always new.

The permanent opportunity for renewal

Everything is almost always new in a world that continually renews itself every second and that 10²² times. Just as every human being transforms in a fraction of a second due to their body vibration, and since their elementary particles are constantly rebuilding, we let our renewal opportunities pass. The visible world appears to be permanent and even static because we keep adopting its old ideas and our former perceptions! I have been pointing out this limited way of thinking for years.

I want to remind you again that we should take advantage of this excellent opportunity to dissolve precisely this outdated mindset to consciously redefine the world as we genuinely wish it to be. In particular, I would like to make you aware that we are currently in the final phase of extensive change. Most of you will have noticed that this change only has a very short-term open window. I am convinced that if we do not use this time window now, we will have to repeat the “school class” and – as my friend Ananda once said – “… wake up in someone else’s dream.”

2020 and the Atlantian Connection

In my perception, current events remind me of the last days of Atlantis. I clearly feel that together we will look again at the elementary laws of cosmic evolution.

The following text comes from an old book that fell into my hands when I tidied up on May 1st. I had read this book over twenty years ago and had little memory of its content. This book has a remarkable title: “The Last Waltz of the Tyrants”. Immediately before I wanted to put this book on my shelves, I randomly opened “any” page. What surprised me the most was a statement about “interference from our cosmic siblings.” For a few weeks, I have been awakened from a dream about our return from the future. It is a topic that is becoming increasingly clear to me – and which I would like to report on later. As you can understand, I took this situation as a particular sign.

For this reason, I would like to give you the rough content of this page for your consideration and reflection. In my view, the following statements appear to be intended for precisely this final transition period. I have taken over the lines of the most critical passages in the original and would like to introduce them to you here.

“How could humanity continue to thrive if the “god-given” ability to have a will, to be able to change and to make a choice, no longer exists? If you give up your freedom of choice or your will-power is taken away, so if you no longer have freedom of choice, then that is the end of time. Also, consider that time is manifested fate. It is based on the freedom of choice and community attitudes, expressed in the current situation to determine the future. So if the future no longer contains freedom of choice, but has collapsed in the mass of people who have entirely given up their power, then there is no further development in the human drama, in the human mind. Because what would life be without the freedom of choice? What could evolution and further development mean in that limited context? Where would the freedom of the soul remain? How could it develop?”

The End of Time & the End of Choice

With our unconscious consent to our liberty deprived, we are giving up our inalienable right to freedom. Then “the end of time” has come. Time is so valuable in the context of change. It is essential for further development. Evolution can’t take place when there is no time because time and evolution are the same. They flow. They have to exist together—as life and existence do. When we are no longer developing and have no freedom of choice except through the instrument (of coercion), we have decided to give up our divine right to individualism and creative power.

So why are our cosmic siblings now looking after us? To give God’s few indomitable people the freedom to continue? Certainly not. Humanity, which is involved in the transformational process, must now recognize the highest potential of Christ within. We must now understand what we are without our degenerate ego! We have to realize what we can be without limits. That is why our cosmic siblings will now interfere. Because they know that nature must proceed on the path of evolution. That is the reason for their help. They will not come to collect us all and then take us to a better place.

Personal Message of Dieter Broers

Dear friends, from my innermost feeling, I think these lines are the most important message at the moment. Even if it was written 30 years ago, it is more up-to-date than ever. What we set out to do in our cosmic evolution plan can only happen “without our degenerate ego,” which means that we create our world and experiences with full knowledge and awareness of our divinity! Although this is not new, there is no alternative because we will take this step at some point.

me agape
Dieter Broers

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