How To Create A New Reality

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— Spiritual Van Life Story | Part 1 —

How To Co-Create Reality

Creating the reality you desire is a profound art. This technique is known as a manifestation, consisting of three primary ingredients. The first part is the idea. You have to have a concept of what you want. The trick I figured out is that this wish has to come directly from your heart. This technique will never work sustainably if a desire emerges from your mind’s imprint.

Most people have no clue what they want! They also tend to be fixed on symbols like: „I want to be a millionaire“ or „I want to drive a Ferrari. “ In my opinion, it is much better to thrive for a certain quality in life than for a symbol. So I instead focus on freedom, diversity of uplifting experiences with like-minded individuals, and a feeling of prosperity in material resources.

Other ingredients for co-creation

The second ingredient is to be patient. Depending on how fancy your goals are, it might take some time until the right circumstances can emerge. The best thing to do is to let go and focus on right here and now. The last primary skill you need to create the reality you want is the ability to let go of the concepts you have. That, of course, always includes people you love. This ability is the most demanding part, and most seekers fail at this point.

In my current case, this was also an arduous task, but in a way, life forced me to at least temporarily let go of my home with the people I love. It is a natural thing that moments come along where you have to quit your job, separate from a relationship, or even circumstances kick in, which create a situation where everything that defined you as an individual has been ripped apart, no matter how much effort you put into the idea of conserving the status quo. It is the point where your stage is cleansed to be reset.

Implementation in Medicine Hat

So now I went to Medicine Hat in Canada to meet with a friend who had the same general concept of leaving the familiar trails of society behind to live a life in freedom – free of daily routines. His name is Jens, and we have known each other since childhood in our hometown Magdeburg.

Medicine Hat Canada Road Trip Photography Alberta Mayamagik Christian Koehlert
Photos shot around Medicine Hat in Alberta, Canada.

So now, after I can adapt to the new paradigm, environment, and time zone, I am ready to embrace the new reality, but before we can start, we have to put some effort into the physical realm. To begin our journey, we need to prepare our camping vehicle. Many things need to be organized and to be built. That will take at least ten days of intense work, but it could even be more. This period was also when Jens and I developed a shared vision of what our journey will bring to us. A coherent focus is essential because we are both cocreators.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert, and I am a therapist and digital content creator living most of the time in Montreux, Switzerland. During one of my extensive journeys I started to write about my process. The primary purpose of my Spiritual Van Life Blog is to share a secret on how the play with the Matrix. It is known in many ancient and modern traditions and is called: ManifestationCo-creation, or Transsurfing. If you like fringe topics, I have more of this content on my Secret TV page.

Christian Koehlert Founder of Mayamagik


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