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Synchronicity in Guerrero Negro – Pt. 13

Before 2004 I used to call synchronicities weird coincidences because I did not know a better term. In this very year, I read a book which was dealing with the Swiss psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung. The book was “Cosmic Trigger” written by Robert Anton Wilson. According to Wilson, C. G. Jung had his own weird coincidences, and since he was researching the bigger topic of collective consciousness, he felt that this kind of personal phenomena deserved a professional investigation and a more serious hypothesis.

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The Illusion Of Choice Inside The Matrix – Pt. 12

I have been traveling through the USA for almost 2 months. Most of the time I was by myself. My attention was consumed by the amazing impressions I got. The tons of information I received from all these conversations along the way needed some time to be processed. Still, my main goal and my primary mission were to get “Frederique” the camper all the way to Mexico where I could reunite with Jens. As I outlined before I am not a mechanics type of guy so this trip was a leap of faith to me.

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Roaming Through Southern California – Pt. 11

Since my trip to my friends in Santa Cruz, I am all on my own again. I proceeded on my way along the west coast of California. Next stop was Monterey. It is a perfect place for tourists and even now in late October, it is overrun with visitors. Somehow I managed to find an awesome place to park “Frederique” (the RV) at a spot close to the golf course. It was quiet and disclosed there.

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Lucid California Dreaming – Pt. 10

am sitting in Monterey right now while writing this entry. It has been quite some time since my last update on this blog. What shall I say? So many things have happened and I was just too busy adapting to different situations. Still, I want to give a brief summary.

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Riding Solo Through Washington – Pt. 9

I have been in the US for more than a week now. At first, it felt quite awkward. I traveled all alone. Jens was not allowed to cross the border because of a contaminated “weed grinder”. Still, everything worked out fine. Our vehicle, which I named “Frederique” (the girl’s name with a long “e”), was doing her job flawlessly. Sometimes she is a little bit shaky, like an old vessel in rough seas, but that just underlines her coziness. You need the patience to ride along with her.

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Unforeseen Chain Of Events – Pt. 8

The journey had begun and we really enjoyed our road trip from the very first moment. Heading for the west-coast area we had the opportunity to stop at friends of Jens – except for a few occasions where we spent the night somewhere else. Since he already crossed this part of Canada on his bicycle he seems to know a couple of guys in every town along the road.

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Starting the Road Trip – Pt. 7

It all took much longer than we expected. The first estimations aimed for 10 days after my arrival. Now we spent more than one and a half months to finish our preparations and we might have learned something about patience. The last couple of weeks we were rotating between Medicine Hat and the monastery of junk aka the workshop in Elkwater.

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How Life Pushed Me Into A New Paradigm – Pt. 6

Sometimes you have accomplished something special in life, for example, you finished a certain apprenticeship or you finally mastered a specific degree. After you got handed out that diploma from the university, it seems like a big object disappears from your stage of life. The burden of scholarship usually takes a big chunk of your resources and when it is gone, empty space is all that remains.

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Spiritual And Physical Framework – Pt. 5

The cage of the camper or as I now call it “the framework” has been done and we are back in Medicine Hat! This brings us closer to the point of leaving the town. There are still some things to arrange in the physical realm so we can feel completely prepared to head off. That’s why we expect to remain in this city for 4 more days of preparation.

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Preparing A New Foundation – Pt. 4

We are still at the workshop in the vast nothingness of farmland 65 km outside of Medicine Hat. Time and space work differently out here. I guess we already spent 4 days here with a short trip back to the city to buy some more stuff, but I can’t say for sure. I missed my own birthday – do I have to say more?