Synchronicity in Guerrero Negro – Pt. 13

What is a Synchronicity?

Weird conincidences

Before 2004 I used to call synchronicities weird coincidences because I did not know a better term. This same year, I read a book dealing with the Swiss psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung. The book was “Cosmic Trigger” written by Robert Anton Wilson. According to Wilson, C. G. Jung had his weird coincidences. Since he was researching the more prominent topic of collective consciousness, he felt that this kind of unique phenomenon deserved a professional investigation and a more severe hypothesis.

Not everyone is aware of what synchronicity is. I guess the majority doesn’t even know the word. Still, if you explain to people what it means, most individuals will immediately tell you about personal experiences that fall into this category. Since I have been on this road trip, I already had many strong synchronicities along the way – but yesterday, something happened that explains this phenomenon in an imposing manner.

Kids in Guerrero Negro
Kids with Mustaches

Strange Coincidences In New Zealand

We are almost halfway down the Baja California peninsula. Two days ago, we arrived in Guerrero Negro, one of the bigger towns along the way. Since Ensenada, which we named “Instant Nada,” only a few locations you can call a city are available. Of course, you still won’t find a Walmart here, but it has at least five dentists. That is something Jens was looking for because he needed a tooth pulled.

While Jens was cooling his cheek with ice water, I worked on my book. I started to write about the “weird coincidences” I had on my last big journey in New Zealand. I ended my chapter at a point where I wrote about a Dutch backpacker called Ken Boogers. Ken was an exceptional individual whom I met on the south island of New Zealand. By “coincidence,” our ways crossed many times. The last time I saw him was just a couple of days before I flew back to Switzerland. On this occasion, he gave me a stone that I am still wearing today as a necklace.

Guerrero Negro Baja California Mexico Revolution Celebration Parade Photography
Revolution Celebration Parade Photography

Ken Boogers Incident

After I left, Ken stayed in New Zealand, and soon after, he died in the wilderness. He slipped and fell from a cliff. Later, I contacted his mother, who had difficulty letting go of him. To this very day, I still feel sorry that I couldn’t give her more than just some footage of her son I took back in Nelson/NZ.

In Guerrero Negro, I was only capturing the story to the point where I first met him. I felt like I needed some more time to think of the best way to describe what special meaning this man and his tragic death had in my personal story.

The next day something strange happened. Early in the morning, I was roaming the city with my camera. The town was celebrating the revolution and held a big parade. When I came back to the camper with hundreds of pictures of kids with toy guns and fake mustaches, Jens hung out with two guys. I realized I had seen those guys before because we saw them along our route, hitchhiking with their surfboards under their arms. You don’t see many people doing that here. Well, guess what? Both guys are from New Zealand.

While sitting in Guerrero Negro, this happened.

We started talking about our journeys, and I mentioned my trip through the wilderness on the north island of New Zealand. I admitted that I underestimated the weather back then and that I put myself in danger by doing so – I knew that many foreigners die in New Zealand every year because of that.

That seemed to be the keyword for one of those guys—a trigger if you will. He mentioned a tragic case of a guy from the Netherlands. I said: “You are talking about Ken Boogers, right?” The Kiwi made big eyes and said: “Exactly! How do you know?” I know because I met him right before he died, and I am currently just writing about him. It got even weirder because the father of one of those two guys I just met here in Baja California was responsible for investigating Ken’s case. Talking about coincidences, what are the odds!? We are talking about a timeframe of fewer than 24 hours.

Guerrero Negro Baja California Phototgraphy Grumpy Girl favorite pictures
Girl in Guerrero Negro, BCS

What Is This Synchronicity Telling Me?

So I had this strange coincidence, or as I would call it: strong synchronicity. But what does it mean? Many people believe that those events are indicators that you are moving exactly along your destiny. I don’t know for sure, but I tend to have the same interpretation.

On the other hand, I feel it could be a message from Ken. He was a very spiritual individual – acutely aware of his young age. Probably he was one of the highest developed souls I met along my journey through New Zealand. Strangely, he was the last person I would have expected to die so suddenly. It still makes me wonder today. Maybe Ken just finished the mission on earth? Well, I can only speculate. Nevertheless, this synchronicity will cause me to ponder some more days about the whole thing, I guess.

We took that synchronicity as an indicator and sign that we should take the Kiwis along on our Road Trip. The next stop became “The Wall.”

The Illusion Of Choice Inside The Matrix | Pt. 12

Arriving In Ensenada

Travelling into Mexico

I have been traveling through the USA for almost two months. Most of the time, I was by myself. The fantastic impressions consumed my attention—tons of information I received from all these conversations along the way needed some time to be processed. Still, my main goal and my primary mission were to get “Frederique,” the camper, to Mexico, where I could reunite with Jens; as I outlined before, I am not a mechanics type of guy, so this trip was a leap of faith to me.

Now Jens is back on the team, and “Frederique” got all the maintenance I could not grant her. A considerable burden fell off my shoulders. For the first time in quite a while, I can deeply reflect on things that happened and the situation I am in right now. I like to summarize the essence of the current phase we are all entangled in right now. This perspective is a very personal analysis, so I hope you can follow me on that. Ok, let’s go down the rabbit hole.

Surfing On Waves Of Time

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with van lifer whatsoever. I feel to articulate certain feelings about the nature of U.S. elections that come up since we are heading to the conclusion. My personal opinion on that is probably very unique. So, please don’t take it too seriously. Thanks!

We all have been more or less witnessing a soap opera that is approaching the end of a season. Like every good T.V. series, it is kept exciting to the very end by the secret scriptwriters. Everything is still possible! I am talking about the elections in the U.S. After many conversations with the average Joe on the streets of America, I am aware of the essential attitude towards this event. One thing is for sure: It is the worst collection of candidates and the most extraordinary polarization of society in recent U.S. history.

One-half of the country believes Trump is a madman who needs to be stopped by any means necessary. So people vote for Hillary even though they know that she is just another puppet controlled by the establishment. Some people even know that she is a criminal crook, but she seems to be the lesser of two evil.

The other fraction of voters are desperate to get Trump into office. They believe that he is their last chance to solve the whole mess. Somehow they are convinced that Trump is genuinely independent. The argument always sounds like that:

“Just look how the mainstream media and the whole establishment is against Trump. It is obvious that all argumentations and news broadcasts are one-sided and tendentious. So they must be desperate to stop him. That is the evidence he is outside of the Illuminati system!”

Imho, nothing could be wronger than that! We are dealing with a group soul complex that can see beyond the horizon of time. The Illuminati are the expression of a potent being planning and pursuing the “Grand Plan Of The Ages” for probably thousands of years. They are in control of everything! Nothing can stop them! They know how to play the media game and how public relations are appropriately applied to the masses.

The Out-Of-Establishment Psy-Ops

I have worked for a P.R. division, and I know how those things work. Of course, TPTB knows they have to create the impression that the whole establishment is against Trump. If they did otherwise, they would raise suspicion. So the more one-sided they are, the more credit they give to him. If I would come up with this idea, the true powers have figured it out for a long time.

So the truth seems to me that both candidates are just puppets for the same master. Still, the outcome will make a difference, and I like to tell you why. Remember, this is my point of view.

Many of you might be aware that there are many different collective timelines. Some people may have encountered the Mandela Effect when they shifted from one timeline to another. So if you know the whole Berenstein Bears story, you might understand what I am talking about here. This effect is visible in minor aspects, but the outcome of a particular script or timeline will make a significant difference.

All timelines lead to a dramatic transformation but over a different period. From all those experiments in remote viewing, we know that there are three significant scripts on how this inevitable evolution may occur. One is the “Irlmaier” timeline – it is the widely promoted story of a World War III scenario. Another timeline indicates a global event of epic proportions that will put us all in the same boat. It seems to be some natural disaster. Still, many people will suffer, and the herd will be thinned.

Timeline X

There is a 3rd scenario that has been observed by many people who are capable of seeing future events. It is the most comfortable timeline from my point of view. I call it the Renaissance of spiritual knowledge. As a collective, we evolve to a higher species over a more extended time. There might still be many souls who cannot make this transition, which will be considered collateral damage, but the implications of evolution will be way softer than in timelines 1 and 2. All the data that people like the scientists of “Suspicious Observers” are gathering right now indicates that we are receiving help in the form of cosmic vibrations that open up our collective consciousness. So it seems possible that the critical mass is waking up.

My theory is that the elections might mark or indicate which timeline we are currently approaching. This could be a very personal choice to make. Since every individual exists simultaneously on each timeline in the form of quantum superposition, it might be the soul’s personal decision on which path to take. So instead of voting in a rigged system, I would suggest you focus on the timeline you want to be part of. It would help if you also acted accordingly. That is the tricky part. It means you instead choose love over fear. That is your challenge.

There is one dilemma with this idea. We only have two candidates but probably three primary collective timelines. That could mean there might be a 3rd option for how the elections might unfold. Maybe both Trump and Hillary render themselves entirely useless for their duties. They are already working hard on it, but the public has not caught it. It could be something weird that could happen. Maybe some agency fulfills its oath and arrests all those political thugs. I know it sounds improbable. So if the soap opera takes a very unusual turn where no candidate is elected in the first round, this might indicate a shift toward “timeline X,” as I call it.

If Hillary is chosen to be the next president, buckle your seatbelts, folks. It might mean WW3 in the long run. I will spend my time on lonely beaches along Baja California, during this period. Let’s see what will happen.

I wish you all a significant shift into a new era. Choose wisely what you wish for because it might become your destiny. Remember, we are all surfing waves of time.

Roaming Through Southern California | Pt. 11

From Santa Cruz to Los Angeles

Since my trip to my friends in Santa Cruz, I have been on my own again. I proceeded on my way along the west coast of California. The next stop was Monterey. It is a perfect place for tourists, and even now, it is overrun with visitors in late October. Somehow, I found an excellent place to park “Frederique” (the RV) near the golf course. It was quiet and disclosed there.

The only downside was that I got woken up every morning by the “plings” the drivers produced when early bird golfers hit the ball for the fairway. After three days, a friendly cop reminded me that campers are only allowed to stay for 72 hours.

bike santa cruz california photography road trip
Bike Trip with Friends in Santa Cruz, California

Santa Barbara, California

Further on to Santa Barbara. After a night somewhere along the road near Big Sur, I stayed for three nights in this town. It was gorgeous. Free parking was a more significant challenge here than in the places before. All the great parking lots close to the beach were either too dear or closed at 10 pm. Nevertheless, I found a quiet spot next to the beach in a neighborhood.

Malibu is not Los Angeles yet

The next stop was a highlight! Malibu is quite a small place along the coast. I asked a police officer about the local rules. He advised me to park on Malibu road – otherwise, it’s 72 hours. Malibu road is long. I don’t know if he had this place in mind when he recommended it, but I just parked “Frederique” along with the fanciest houses along the coast. If you ever heard a celebrity talking on television about his newly acquired property in Malibu, I guess it must be around there. I could listen to the waves at night.

After 72 hours, I left. If you ever watched the movie “The Big Lebowski,” you know that the police chief of Malibu likes to throw coffee cups around – especially at hippie-like people. So it was time to advance to the monster city: Los Angeles.

malibu camping california photography road trip
The finer neighborhoods of Malibu, California.

Getty Museum, Los Angeles

The first stop was the Getty Museum on the outskirts of L. A. It is fancy, and it is for free! Just the parking ticket for an RV costs a fortune – 15 bucks! Still, it’s worth the money. You will remember this place if you ever played GTA V to the bitter end. Anyhow – I ended up at Long Beach on this day. I was lucky again with a free and quiet place right at the beach.

Los Angeles California Road Trip Photography
Downtown Los Angeles, California

Long Beach, California

Here I had everything I could ask for. I had a free beach shower close by and a basketball court 2 minutes’ walk away. I had chosen Long Beach in the first place because of its “Sublime.” Sublime was my favorite band from the age of 17 until my twenties. Long Beach was the hometown of all the band members. You can still find artwork dedicated to the lead singer – Bradly Nowell. He died in 1992.

On the second evening, I met with a guy who found my blog on Godlike Productions. GLP is an internet forum for all kinds of weirdos. The good and the crazy ones. He was one of the great people you can find among the lunatics who roam in hordes on this website. Anyhow – I love all people that think outside the box. He brought his son along, and we had a great dinner together.

He was not the only exciting encounter on my journey since Santa Cruz. There were many spontaneous meetings with people along the way. I had many good conversations with people in a vape club in Monterey. It was the perfect place to hang out. Here I chilled the afternoons with a fellow called Kyle. Every day I met unique people: travelers from Italy with a monstrous RV I shared my prime spot in Malibu or a guy who roamed around the country with nothing more than a small bag.

I want to make a point: I am grateful for a wide variety of exciting and friendly people. Life did not disappoint me in this crucial aspect to me. I also appreciate cozy places close to the beach, which I receive daily. That is no coincidence – mind and attitude bend probabilities. That is a fact!

Sublime Long Beach California Road Trip Photography
Beachfront property in Long Beach, California

Lucid California Dreaming | Pt. 10

Roaming through California

Monterey, California

I am sitting in Monterey right now while writing this entry. It has been quite some time since my last update on this blog. What shall I say? So many things have happened, and I was just too busy adapting to different situations. Still, I want to give a summary.

Otis, Oregon

Well, let’s start where I ended my story last time. I stayed for over two weeks with my friends in Otis – a small town close to Lincoln City, right at the beautiful beach of Oregon. My friends are both in their 60s and developed pretty different lifestyles. While Bary is still very active and doing various businesses, Gary, on the other hand, does nothing more than smoking weed to “numb” the symptoms of his diabetes and writing articles on his website. Sometimes he walks on the beach, though. That is everything you can expect from him, at least so it seemed.

Besides organizing stuff for the trip to Central America, I helped Bary with his music project – JaSkaMon. It’s a form of pop-reggae with some influences that are hard to define. Great music, though!

I enjoyed my time there very much – especially with the warm days that Indian summer brought.

Reggae Band Jaskamon in Licoln City | Road Trip Travel Photography of Oregon | USA
JaSkaMon is playing in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Petroglyphs at Pyramid Lake

Because I have been traveling alone since I left Canada, I offered Gary a place in my camper to join me going southbound. First, he felt too old and sick for that, but somehow he convinced himself to give it a little more effort. So we continued together. What a surprise!

The first stop was Crater Lake in Oregon. It’s a gorgeous national park in Oregon. During our joint trip, I could interview Gary in detail about his fascinating life story. I consider him one of the last living experts on petroglyphs. Along with other people around the world, he translated certain petroglyphs that look alike but are located on different continents. Some date back many thousand years b.c.

pyramid lake petroglyphs nevada
Ancient drawings in the middle of the Nevada desert

Viewzone Website

His work casts a new light on human history, implying other highly developed cultures that vanished due to a global event. If you are interested, have a look at his website.

Even though his website layout is somehow stuck in the 90s, it is filled with great articles and profound knowledge. His full name is Gary Vey, but he once wrote a book under Dan Eden‘s synonym. This book had a significant impact some years ago. He even got invited to Germany to speak about the findings. That’s where we met for the first time. You can also find the free PDF version of his book on his website. I can only recommend reading it when you are keen on ancient history.

Our main goal was to see the petroglyphs at Pyramid Lake. This area is located on an Indian reservation in Nevada. The natives are very protective when it comes to their land. Well, we managed to get a glimpse of these carvings anyway. Gary Vay wrote an article about it that you can find here.

Back to the Coast of California

Regarding his age and condition, Gary had his adventure on this trip. In high altitudes, it gets freezing at night. I think he was not prepared for that. In South Lake Tahoe, he decided to fly back. Still, we had a great time together, and I admire his effort to accompany me so far.

In South Lake Tahoe, I had the opportunity to meet an old friend from my hometown. Jörg was going on a road trip with his dad. Somehow it is always kind of unreal meeting people from your hometown so far away. Still, we spend a lovely evening together. We even repeated this some days later.

After a cold night in Yosemite National Park and a very inspiring encounter with a hitchhiker I picked up, I met some friends in Santa Cruz. I lived with those four people in a house in Wellington, New Zealand, when I stayed there for a couple of months. That was back in 2014. It got somehow unreal again, but we had a lovely time together once more.

Now, I am continuing my trip down to Mexico. According to our plan, I will pick up Jens in Ensenada around the 20th of October. Frederique is going like a Swiss watch, and I am looking forward to seeing more of California’s beauty. If you have any suggestions – let me know!

malibu beach california photography road trip
The beautiful coast of California

Riding Solo Through Washington | Pt. 9

Solitude in Washington

Al(l)One On The Road

I have been in the US for more than a week now. At first, it felt pretty awkward. I traveled all alone. Jens could not cross the border because of a contaminated “weed grinder.” Still, everything worked out fine. Our vehicle, which I named “Frederique” (the girl’s name with a long “e”), was doing her job flawlessly. Sometimes she is a bit shaky, like an old vessel on rough seas, but that underlines her coziness. It would be best if you had the patience to ride along with her.

The slow drive crossing the OkanoganWenatchee National Forest wasn’t tricky. This road led me through a beautiful valley with Bavarian villages and steep climbs. It was an American version of a Bavarian town. I felt like I was back in Germany for a while. Well, not really! At least I got the gist of what they tried to imitate.

The situation dramatically changed when I arrived on the other side of the mountains. The energy shifted. For the first time, I was out of my vacation-like vibration. The vegetation got boring. The general pace got faster. Now I had to drive on highways where I constantly got passed by huge trucks. That never happened to me back in Germany.

Washington State Road Trip Photography
Right in Washington after crossing the border.

Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah

I stayed one night in Everett, passed through Seattle, and proceeded to Aberdeen, Washington. This town was a consciously chosen waypoint on my journey through this state for a reason: Aberdeen is the birthplace of Kurt Cobain—one of the role models of my generation. What the Rolling Stones or Beatles had been for the baby boomers, the band Nirvana was to those of us who grew up in the late ’70s.

The immense impact that “grunge” music had on our generation could only be outdone by the untimely death of Nirvana‘s lead singer and guitarist, Kurt Cobain. It was devastating.

There are many theories about how and why Kurt died. I don’t want to go into that, but the official story has some controversies and inconsistencies. Anyhow, he is dead! Allegedly a suicide. Many news stories about his death and many unfortunate young people imitated his tragic demise. He was one of those personas you could call anti-heroes that shaped my generation. Anyhow, even today, I like to listen to his songs! Back in the 90s, Nirvana and other grunge bands like Pearl Jam influenced my music taste. So I had to go to Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Curt Cobain House Washington State Road Trip Photography
River Wishkah, close to Curt’s former home

Depressing Context

Gosh – what a depressing environment! Maybe it had to do with the cloudy weather I suddenly got confronted with, but I strongly sensed this new quality – a shift in vibration.

I drove Frederique directly to the Kurt Cobain monument on the muddy banks of the Wishkah. It is a sculpture of a big guitar. Frederique didn’t like the narrow street I had to go down, scattered with old rust buckets. I guess my depressive mood peaked around this point.

Next to the sculpture is a bridge where homeless people had put up their improvised shelters. There are many of them, and all those failed characters were roaming the city. Just imagine a zombie apocalypse. Don’t worry – they don’t bite. Most of them don’t even ask you for some change because they are too busy mumbling to themselves. It is dreadful. I have to admit that this shocked me. It might be worse in other places, but I personally never saw this kind of devastation caused by drug abuse. If I had to endure this vibe any longer, I feared I might end up with a crack pipe myself. I left the next day.

Washington State Road Trip Photography
Seattle on a rainy day

Back To Oregon

Crossing the border to Oregon and following the 101 southbound, I felt a substantial energy shift. It all got quite fancy from this point. Vegetation and nature became much more exciting and beautiful.

I had been to a small National Park not far from Aberdeen, swimming in a pristine lake. So I don’t want to assert that it is hard to find excellent sites in this area of Washington. Still, Oregon resonated much more with me. I had been here before – about two years ago. Therefore I had this warm feeling of returning to a place I associate with positive memories. I feel this way has to do with a couple of old friends I have in Oregon. To be precise, I haven’t known them for so long. It is just that they could easily be my parents. That is why I use the attribute “old.”

Nevertheless, they are pretty young in their minds (aside from random moods of stubbornness). I will tell you in another entry about those fellows. They are quite intriguing in their uniqueness.

Bridge Washington State Road Trip Photography
Crossing the bridge to Oregon State

Objects With Consciousness

Instead of telling you about my friends here, I would like to report on something I observed with “Frederique.” I believe she has a form of consciousness! That might sound strange, of course.

It feels that our mind is a powerful asset, capable of giving consciousness even to mere physical systems. That is how I see it in my reality.

Since traveling by myself, I have developed a relationship with our vehicle. I talk to “Frederique” many times a day. Before we start our next trip, I empower her with a severe designation in the morning. Addressing her with humble respect, I express my gratitude for her effort to safely move my ass to the next destination, sheltering me and enduring the stress of being passed by gigantic trucks. Like every conscious being, she is amenable to the most potent force in the universe: Love!

Many people do that instinctively with all kinds of objects. Most folks who give their possessions names and treat them as conscious beings would hardly admit they mean it seriously. I suspect their inner wisdom knows better about their hidden abilities.

This assumption – that we can project a form of consciousness into physical objects – makes absolute sense from the perspective that our whole reality, which we call daily life, is a mental projection – a manifestation of thought patterns. All external sensations are created by consciousness, created by one universal consciousness that works through all that is. It is the source of Oneness.

Unforeseen Chain Of Events | Pt. 8

There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence

The journey had begun, and we enjoyed our road trip from the very first moment. Heading for the west-coast area, we had the opportunity to stop at friends of Jens – except for a few occasions where we spent the night somewhere else. Since he had already crossed this part of Canada on his bicycle, he seemed to know a couple of guys in every town along the road.

He could connect to people that well because of his passion for skateboarding. All his friends who welcomed us to their places treated us with love and hospitality. It seems like skateboarders still maintain a codex of brotherhood among their kind in Canada.

Canada Road Trip Photography Skateboarding
Jens is ripping the rail.

More Troubleshooting

Jens was either found on his skateboard or under our vehicle fixing some issue in all these different towns like Salmo or Rossland. Even though he put a lot of effort into preparing the camper for the long ride, many new problems popped up quickly. First, we had issues with our batteries because of a regulator which we had to be replaced.

Then Jens noticed that the differential of the rear truck was “sweating,” which means that oil was leaking from it. It took Jens two days to repair that issue. On our next part over some steep mountain pass, the fuel pump showed some insufficiencies, which ended with another stop at Lordco, a shop chain for car replacement parts. Lordco delivered a brand new fuel pump for less than 50 Canadian dollars. That was surprisingly pretty affordable.

When we arrived in Osoyoos close to the US border, our ’78 Ford 250 finally worked as it should, apart from some squeaking noises from the bearings in the right front wheel. Nothing to worry thou. Jens would fix that along the way to Oregon. So it was time to cross the border to get over to the US.

Canada Road Trip Photography
Jens under the Ford

The Border Fail

Two days ago, we tried to enter the States. I tried because we did not manage to get over it. As two Germans in a weird-looking camper with Canadian car plates, we expected to be on a special watch list. Of course, they picked our car for close inspection, and they found something they did not like. They detected Jens’ weed grinder with tiny bits of green plant parts in it.

I guess we had been too naïve to think that even though cannabis is more or less legal on both sides of the border, it might not be a problem to have a device like this on board. It is a problem, and they made a big issue. Since Jens claimed the grinder as his possession, he is no longer welcome in the US.

After almost 4 hours in this cold ass waiting room, we were sent back to Canada. Before that, customs took Jens’s fingerprints, and he had been interviewed. The Canadians searched our camper for another two hours – just in case the Americans missed something. That was not the most delightful time of our trip so far. Without being too disappointed, we accepted this radical change in our plans. Since Jens had already traveled the west coast of the US, he was more eager to see Mexico and Central America in general.

So we decided that Jens would remain in Canada for another month while I drive the camper through the US on my own. When I arrive at the southern border of the US, he will take a direct flight to Tijuana, where we should meet up again.

Canada Road Trip Photography
On the road, the border in British Columbia.

Positive Attitude

We met another young German fellow on the same evening of our rejection. I guess he was a bit irritated that we did not show any signs of disappointment. We considered this unforeseen chain of events a challenge and not a misfortune from the first moment. It is a process, and only, in the end, we might be able to judge whether this rejection was good or bad. No question – It is a drastic intervention in our plans, but you got to go with the flow whatever comes along. Being flexible is very important, and maintaining a positive attitude is crucial.

Leap Of Faith

This trip on my own through the US is a particular challenge since I am more of a computer geek without too much ambition for physical troubleshooting. For Jens, this is also a leap of faith. He put so much time and effort into our mobile home, which he needs to remain in my hands for over a month. We don’t know what this all is good for, but we will certainly figure it out.

For the last two days, Jens repacked the wheel bearings so they won’t make any weird noises anymore. He did the best of his abilities to hand me over a vehicle that would manage to do the job to take me to Mexico without any trouble. Today we will split off, and hopefully, my next travel blog entry will be sent from US soil.

Starting the Road Trip | Pt. 7

Between Elkwater and Medicine Hat

It took much longer than we expected—the first estimations aimed for ten days after my arrival. We spent more than one and a half months finishing our preparations, and we might have learned something about patience. For the last couple of weeks, we were rotating between Medicine Hat and the monastery of junk, aka the workshop in Elkwater.

Nothing extraordinary happened until two young trigger-happy “preppers” showed up with a truck full of guns. That was some unexpected entertainment for me since I didn’t have such an excellent opportunity to witness the unnecessary waste of money with loud booms and smoke since I left the army. Jens just kept being very focused on his work while I could manage some unfinished business I had to complete. Most of those things needed internet access.

It took exactly the time needed, and we still feel like living in the flow. Everything worked out fine, and we did the best we could to accomplish all points on our list. In the beginning, it was unreal to leave Medicine Hat; even though I felt a bit melancholic when we had to say goodbye to all our housemates and neighbors who supported us so kindly, I was still happy to leave.

Canada Road Trip Photography
Pincher Creek gas station photography

Next Stop Lethbridge

Finally, we went with a small stopover in Lethbridge, where we got some Indian spices and met an old flatmate from Medicine Hat who recently moved to this town. That was when we met Curtis again – a very talented musician just like Cam, the owner of the house we stayed in for the last weeks. They are great individuals who inspired us very much.

Canada Road Trip Photography
Skateshop somewhere along the road through Alberta

Overnight in Pincher Creek

While we proceeded westbound, Jens suddenly felt like doing some skateboarding at a skatepark in Pincher Creek he had visited before. At the same time, he crossed this part of Canada on his bicycle about one year ago. So we went there, and while I was eager to prepare our first Indian masala with tofu, he was doing his little tricks on a mini-ramp.

The meal was about to be ready when an old Native American came along. His name was Birten, and he was a member of the Blackfoot tribe. When he arrived and greeted us, I knew exactly that he would be our guest of honor for this evening. From the very first feeling, I could anticipate what his background story was. He got in trouble with law enforcement for drunkenness, and he had fights with other individuals who ended up in a whole pile of criminal charges.

Jens and I were listening to the whole sad story, and we offered him a plate of my curry masala. We tried to convince Birten that it is never too late to change his self-destructive path even though he described himself as an alcoholic, which is always a tricky situation since this kind of addiction is one of the worst and most common issues in the western world.

Canada Road Trip Photography
Just a glimpse into a typical hockey arena in Pincher Creek, Alberta

The Spirit Of Alcohol

I talked pretty openly about the spiritual background I could see. From my perspective, alcohol is like an entity – a spirit in this sense. In Germany, we even refer to it as “Spirituosen” when we talk about alcohol in general, and it has the Latin word “spiritus” in its root or radical. So, in my opinion, he is possessed.

There should be a remedy in his ancient Native American tradition to treat that kind of illness. I recommended that he have a sweat lodge ceremony to free himself. That could be a good start to a process that might take the rest of his life.

Ultimately, we didn’t know whether the universe instigated this encounter in a way that we had been chosen to give our humble part to direct Birten in the right direction or whether he just mirrored our unconscious addictions. Anyhow this meeting is still stuck in my mind and makes me wonder. I felt so much sympathy for his persona because I could feel the honest and kind soul he is.

Later on, other locals gathered in our little circle, and we had some pleasant conversations. It was a great start to our journey. We continued the next day. The landscape shifted from flatland to the typical view of mountaintops when you are approaching the Rockies. We proceeded westbound, and for the next two days, we were able to set up camp at friends of Jens. For example, we slept one night at a fellow called Brad Smiley in Creston. His personality matched his name. A nice guy we spent the evening with.

Canada Road Trip Photography
Alberta and British Columbia Travel photography

Challenges and the Spiritual Tech-Support

The next day we had terrific weather again, and we could take a swim in Kootenay Lake. However, the whole ride was not without challenges. The road is long and windy. Also, our vehicle gave Jens some good quests to solve. On one occasion, the engine refused to start, and the next day a part called “regulator” died a tragic death.

At least one of our batteries mourned its loss by crying toxic acid. Jens immediately switches into a problem-solving mode whenever something happens, making him super-focused, like a predator who likes to hunt the malfunction as if it were wounded prey.

I sit calmly since I am of no actual “physical” use in this kind of situation, except for some minor assistance like turning on the ignition on command. I have an inner conversation with the universe in which I kindly ask for help and support. Sometimes I pray some mantras, and it always works out fine in the end. Even Jens sometimes can’t say what had the more significant impact on the process since sometimes the malfunction disappears because Jens opened the hood and touched a few cables. I guess it is the mix between the physical and the spiritual aspects.

How Life Pushed Me Into A New Paradigm | Pt. 6

Space on my stage of life

Sometimes you have accomplished something special in life. For example, you finished a particular apprenticeship or finally mastered a specific degree. After you get handed out that diploma from the university, it seems like a big object disappears from your stage of life. The burden of scholarship usually takes a big chunk of your resources, and when it is gone, space is all that remains.

This same achievement can create a void or even a vacuum that wants to be filled. The same applies to the end of a significant relationship that took a lot of room. Some of those sweeping stage events are emotionally painful; others are liberating. However, it feels, it is said that the wise man doesn’t recognize this as a misfortune; instead, he is always aware of the chances such a situation comprises.

See you later, Montreux

After my stage in Montreux, Switzerland, had been more or less cleansed, I got plenty of space that wanted to be rearranged. Even though I am still struggling with emotional attachments, I can still see my situation’s possibilities. In my case, everything vanished quickly. My relationships with certain people, my job, and my living situation got flushed from my stage of life in the blink of an eye – at least everything turned into undefined quantum space.

To make things worse: I fell in love with a married woman. It is more complicated than that, but let’s keep it simple. So I even had to leave an unsolved situation with essential people I love dearly. You could say that important items on my stage got pushed to the side. Some fell off, and others remained to be rearranged at a later point in time. It is not the ideal circumstance to leave like that, but still, it seemed like the most feasible way to do it. The question is: What to do next?

Monteux Switzerland Photography
Photo of Montreux, Switzerland

From Canada to South America

Maybe my subconscious mind planned, maybe my intention to go to Canada actually caused all that jazz, but subsequently, I started a process that I had already figured out was the best thing to do in such a case: traveling! Don’t get me wrong here – I don’t mean to take two weeks off to fly to some random place with beach and palm trees to calm my mind. No, I am talking about roaming a whole continent to get my life straight. Or, even better: to make it as it should be. The trick is that you have the power to define what you are attracting to your stage of life.

So now I am in Medicine Hat in Canada to go on my mission to rearrange my life situation. I know that the current situation didn’t happen by coincidence. It is apparent that I consciously asked life for it, to be able to leave my reality bubble in Montreux for a while to observe it from a distance and see the flaws in it that need to be redefined. It’s always more challenging to detect that specific taint that bothers you deep inside, as long as you are trapped in the context.

The meaning of synchronicity

Many people are aware that nothing happens by chance – this is also my creed. So-called “coincidences” are determined by a higher mechanism and can be manipulated by the power of consciousness. Not every individual is the same. Some people might be bound to a strict karmic destiny and a particular path in life; others seem to be more accessible. Maybe they are more detached from standard mental imprints that limit their creativity to imagine themselves in alternative situations. As I would call it: they can imagine themselves at a different stage of life.

Techniques to control reality

I feel like a free spirit in that regard. Even though I cannot bypass the free will of others without consequences, I am capable of making use of my own free will. There are hundreds of books about this topic: how to choose the content for your stage of life or how you control what you attract.

Some techniques are more simple, and others are more complex, but the core principles are always the same. Only by trying you figure out what strategy serves you best and which allows you to improve in this regard. By detecting and understanding the different imprints you were unaware of, you can rule out the typical errors that sabotage your endeavor to thrive.

Co-creation and manifestation

I have read a couple of books about those techniques, and after a while of trial and error, I could demonstrate a high percentage of target goals achieved quickly. So now I call myself officially “transsurfing” the waves of space and time. The good thing is that I can honestly say that I always realized what I was longing for in the last four years. The drawback was always the same: certain circumstances popped up that made it evident that this reality or this setup on my stage of life was not sustainable. Maybe that is because of a karmic background program or because my mind was already focussing on a different layout.

Of course, the transition between the “now,” which is your old stage, and the “now,” which is your new stage, always consumes linear time. In that delay, many things can happen, or it just gets boring, which causes your focus to shift. I don’t know for sure, so I still need to figure that out. Maybe it is just God telling me that I might be a cocreator but that he is still in charge to help me to find a higher purpose in life rather than nurturing profane desires.

Change is the nature of life

Others would say that constant change is the very nature of life itself. Everything is in a flow, and resisting the flow is a form of unconscious death. You are not physically dead – actually, there is no natural death. Physical dying is just another transition to a different stage, with a whole new set of rules – it is a true paradigm shift. The only temporary recurrent death we should fear is the standstill, the deadlock, or the stagnancy. So it seems that a constant change, whether consciously chosen or picked with unawareness and fear, is the natural flow of life.

Death in this context means a habit of always trying to avoid everything that could endanger or even shake the status quo of your stage. Such routine, the inability to let go of a specific setup or stage play, creates suffering. From this point of view, the aspect of stoicism or the equanimity described in the Zen tradition is the only true path to finding inner peace and a form of stability in this reality we call life. Achieving this ability to “not judge” is not a disciplinary measure for your mind. It can only arise from the deep inner understanding that everything is one.

The epiphany of singularity

The concept of singularity or oneness is not just an old eastern philosophy – it is a quantum physical certainty. You see: It gets complicated! Improving the capabilities of consciously creating your reality is a delicate and complex art. I am not claiming I am the best at it. Some people have mastered more mysteries of the universe, but I can tell you about my path, and maybe that inspires you and other people to improve their skills to co-create inside this marvelous reality we call life.

Sharing this travel blog

I like to honestly share all the lectures and epiphanies that came along my way in this travel blog. Some come from my past; I might have to repeat other sections on my journey with Jens. So please be welcome to join us on our magical mystery tour through North and South America.

Well, this was my general background story of this venture, but as I mentioned before, I am not alone. An old friend, who initiated this endeavor, is the mastermind behind the whole concept of traveling with a camper. I hope that Jens will share his background story along this journey.

Spiritual And Physical Framework | Pt. 5

Our Travel Manifest

The cage of the camper, or as I now call it, “the framework,” has been done, and we are back in Medicine Hat! This brings us closer to the point of leaving the town. There are still some things to arrange in the physical realm so we can feel completely prepared to head off. We expect to remain in this city for four more days of preparation.

We’ve also achieved a significant breakthrough in the mental realm since we spent many evenings of verbal sharing to narrow down a particular concept with what principles we like to approach this journey and what quality of experiences we want to encounter in this process. Even though I was aware that Jens has equal notions on how life and reality work and what he is striving for, I still felt the necessity to discuss and finally agree on a form of wording, which we call “Our Travel Manifest.” So I am currently working on this manifest, which will be ready before we finally start our trip.

Working On Our Travel Manifest

This manifest will serve a double purpose. On the one hand, it is like a blueprint or a contract with the universe or God or our higher self (call it whatever you like), in which we articulate the framework of experiences that we want to invite into our reality. So you see, there is a physical and spiritual framework we are currently working on. I don’t want to call the physical one “cage” anymore.

On the other hand, we like to give an excellent example of what such a declaration can look like for others aware of the importance of such a conscious act of creation and those who like to receive some inspiration on how to deal with their situation and challenges.

Generally speaking, the art of making a mindful contract with life is to have all essential issues clearly defined. However, you still have to leave enough space for interpretation so that life can provide your chosen reality in a way that seems to “bend” probabilities and chances disguised as “coincidences,” but still without making it look like manifesting a full-grown miracle. Everyone has to find a balance between those polarities.

No Symbols But Qualities

From my own experience, I know it works much better when you determine specific qualities instead of symbols. I like to give a simple example: Many young people wish for a character when focusing on their work situation. For example, they want to become a “medical doctor” or a “fighter pilot” or a “superstar,” whatever. The symbols behind being that kind of persona are associated with certain qualities like a reputation in society and the idea of having a lot of money. I would rather say:

“Skip the symbols and concentrate on the qualities we associate with it!”

In this specific case, I would determine my contract with life (or God or whatever you prefer to call the majestic intelligence which works behind the visible realm) concerning the job I do like this:

I am grateful that the job, which I am enacting, is the work I really like doing, which is easy for me to perform in a superior quality from everywhere in the world, which allows me to enable all my creativity in a perfectly harmonious way with my entire environment. This very work I am doing doesn’t feel like work at all, because it is so much fun and fulfillment even though it provides for all my expenses in life with all the resources and monetary means I desire and it even gives me more energy on top so I can easily pass it on to the people that deserve so from my point of view. The work I do serves for the greater good of the collective consciousness and is highly appreciated by as many people as possible.

How about that? That sounds very good to me, and my heart jumps with joy.

This is just an example of how I would define my work situation. I am not using a symbol, like “traveling hippie new-age author, photographer, and filmmaker,” but I rather stick to the qualities. If I used these symbols, I would be stuck in a particular box, and therefore, I could easily miss the perfect job for me, which could be some world-famous “5-star chef de la cuisine” – since I also like cooking.

The Free Will

One more important hint I like to give here is to make you aware of the implications of adding other people to your contract. Other people, as well as you and me, enjoy or struggle with the greatest gift that God ever gave us: free will! You cannot override another person’s free will – well, you can, but that leads to the dark side of the force, my friend.

It’s a tricky thing indeed – take a love and relationship contract. Make sure the other person is absolutely in coherence with your intentions before putting their name into the contract. Of course, people should generally sit together and negotiate a common agenda in life, whether they are lovers or have a joint enterprise. It could make the realization much easier. In Jens’ and my case, we started to sit together as friends and travel mates with equal rights and agreed on a shared contract concerning our mutual live situation. The point is, we negotiated this agenda together, but you cannot sign a contract for some other person without their consent and permission. If you try to do it anyway, be warned because that usually leads to suffering.

These are just the primary considerations I mentioned for you to understand the more profound implications of our “Travel Manifest” I’m working on.

Love Is The Best Fuel

The last trick I like to mention is gratefulness, as I used in the example of my working manifest. Genuine gratefulness is a powerful form of energy because it is an expression of love – in this case – towards the oneness of all that is. Because love is the most potent force in the universe, it is the fuel that accelerates our movement towards our dreams.

So well – I guess I mentioned all the cornerstones of our “Travel Manifest.” I still need to write it down, but I will publish it here as soon as we are ready. Stay tuned!

Preparing A New Foundation | Pt. 4

How To Co-Create Reality

Our Creation in Elk Water

We are still at the workshop in the vast nothingness of farmland 65 km outside of Medicine Hat—a place called Elk Water. Time and space work differently out here. We already spent four days here on a short trip back to the city to buy some more stuff, but I can’t say for sure. I missed my birthday – do I have to say more?

This place is like a monastery or a spiritual retreat center. We have no telephone connection, no internet, no tap water, and no restroom. Metaphorically speaking, you have to take a shovel into the field to find inner peace.

There is no external influence or anything in the environment that distracts our minds. For me, there is nothing more to do than writing or helping Jens. Cutting metal pieces is like meditation in a way. This work is very beneficial to me to calm my mind from all the fuss I had the last three weeks and the impact of the transition into this new paradigm.

Medicine Hat Canada Road Trip Photography Alberta Mayamagik Christian Koehlert
Elk Water workshop in Alberta, Canada.

Making plans and outline an agenda

Tomorrow, we will be back in Medicine Hat to buy some food and parts, which we have to attach to the camper. On this occasion, I will upload this entry. After that, we will return to the monastery for three more days to finish all the steelwork.

Well, I should add a few words regarding Jens. He is focused on his mission to make our mobile home as perfect as possible. He is working like possessed. While doing so, he looks like an archetype of a creator alpha male. He is so damn masculine that I can only consider myself a metrosexual office hipster with dirt paranoia. I hope some of this energy rubs off on me sometimes.

Medicine Hat Canada Road Trip Photography Alberta Mayamagik Christian Koehlert
Jens is buying stuff in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Yoga and Meditation

We could already develop some excellent routines that have helped me adapt to this new lifestyle. In the morning, we do Yoga and meditation. In the evening, we improve our hobo-kitchen skills, and we have long sharing sessions where we express our thought, plans, and feelings. We agreed on a significant change in our program: We won’t go all the way up to Alaska anymore and instead take some more time in the west of Canada. When Indian summer starts in Oregon, we like to be there. So that will be at the beginning of September.

That is all for the moment! I will report back when we finish all the steelwork, which will take another three days in the middle of nowhere. According to our estimations, we could hit the road in one week.