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Traveling the Down the California Coast

I proceeded along highway 101 to see the fantastic California coastline passing some beautiful cities like Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Malibu. Every city is unique in its way. I roamed around and took some great photos. Still, I realized I only got the same themes I could capture with my camera. I am talking about typical tourist pictures.

From Monterey to Malibu

Monterey Pictures

I found a nice place at the local Golf Club in Monterey to park my camper for free. With this great spot, I was set up to stay a couple of days to relax at the beach and hang out in one of the Vape Shops in town. With some good juice in my pipe, I could discover the shores of Monterey with my camera and its hordes of tourists. From there on, I continued the road along the Big Sur coastline.

Santa Barbara Photography

Finding a parking lot for overnight camping in Santa Barbara is tricky. The spots are expensive along the coastline, and you can’t leave your car there as soon as it gets dark. So I had to find a quiet place in those communities with tiny houses. The beach is long and beautiful, and you can find free showers and restroom facilities all around.

Malibu Photography

Malibu is a fancy little community north of Los Angels along the California coastline. It is also known from the movie “The Big Lebowski” and “Two And Half Man” TV series – a few associations German travelers like me have when arriving in this town.

Somehow I found a well-disclosed little spot right where all those Hollywood stars talk about when they mention on television that they just bought a cozy little place in Malibu. So I managed to have several nights in one of those porch neighborhoods without being detected. After three days, I left because I did not want any fuzz with the Police Chief of Malibu.

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Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert, and I am a photographer and digital content creator living most of the time in Montreux, Switzerland. In 2016, I went on an extended journey from Medicine Hat in Canada with my friend Jens. He built us a camper truck that brought us down to San Pedrito Beach in Baja California, Mexico. There, I learned surfing, so I came every year to enjoy the waves. If you like my photos in this post, I have many more in my Travel Photography Blog.

Christian Koehlert Founder of Mayamagik


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