Sublime Photos Of Long Beach, California

I stayed for two nights in Long Beach, which is southwest of Los Angeles. I always wanted to come to this town because of one of my favorite bands called “Sublime.” Well, at least they had been my favorite band back in my teenage years. So, that’s why Longs Beach was an important place to go. I needed to see the Sublime memorial wall and get a general feeling of the local vibe. Even though I had a couple of meetings there, I still had some time to roam around on my bike and take some pictures of the urban California coastline.

The beach is wide and sandy. The photos show the town’s mellow mood—especially in late September when you won’t find too many tourists. So here are some of the best shots from my discovery tour around Long Beach, California. Enjoy!

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San Diego Road Trip Photography | California

Only a few days remained till I met up with Jens in Mexico again. So I hurried up to drive further south to the border. On my way, I crossed San Diego and many other smaller cities. I took out my camera whenever I found some time. Well, that was not the perfect setting for a photographer. Still, I found myself in some situations where it was fun to take a couple of pictures.

On my first evening, when I dropped into a wedding scenery at a beach in San Diego or when I could capture the sundown from Black Mountain. Anyhow—I was eager to get down to Mexico. There I could entirely focus on my photo artwork again.

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Road Trip to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles

Early in the morning, I took a trip from Malibu to the Getty Museum on the outskirts of Los Angeles. It is the perfect place to improve my skills as an architectural photographer. The whole facility is a piece of art in itself. You could be there for days, and still, you could discover new angles to take unique pictures. Shooting photos there is a lot of fun.

I had my interpretation of an artistic photo by taking a picture of myself in one of those fancy restrooms. Inside the museum, I could even find an exhibition about photography itself. So this place is perfect for getting inspired and shooting some nice pictures simultaneously.

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Road Trip California Coastline Photography

I proceeded along highway 101 to see the fantastic California coastline passing some beautiful cities like Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Malibu. Every city is unique in its way. I roamed around and took some great photos. Still, I realized that I only got the same themes I could capture with my camera. I am talking about the typical tourist pictures.

From Monterey to Malibu

Monterey Pictures

I found a nice place at the local Golf Club in Monterey to park my camper for free. With this great spot, I was set up to stay a couple of days to relax at the beach and hang out in one of the Vape Shops in town. With some good juice in my pipe, I could discover the shores of Monterey with my camera and its hordes of tourists. From there on, I continued the road along the Big Sur coastline.

Santa Barbara Photography

Finding a parking lot for overnight camping in Santa Barbara is tricky. The spots are expensive along the coastline, or you can’t leave your car there as soon as it gets dark. So I had to find a quiet place in those communities with tiny houses. The beach is long and beautiful, and all around, you can find free showers and restroom facilities.

Malibu Photography

Malibu is a fancy little community north of Los Angels along the California coastline. It is also known from the movie “The Big Lebowski” and “Two And Half Man” TV series – a few associations German travelers like me have when arriving in this town.

Somehow I found a well disclosed little spot right where all those Hollywood stars talk about when they mention on television that they just bought a cozy little place in Malibu. So I managed to have several nights in one of those porch neighborhoods without being detected. After three days, I left because I did not want any fuzz with the Police Chief of Malibu.

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Road Trip Photography Santa Cruz, California

Pictures of Santa Cruz, CA

My next destination was Santa Cruz on the California coast. Time was pressing on my road trip. I had to make a giant leap from Nevada to the sandy beaches of California. Some friends from New Zealand came over to Santa Cruz for a couple of days, and I wanted to meet up with them. That’s why photography was not my immediate plan. I became more of a trucker than a photographer.

From Lake Tahoe to Santa Cruz

In Lake Tahoe, I met another friend from my hometown Magdeburg. I crossed Yosemite National Park, a paradise for photographers, but I only managed to get a few quick shots. If you like to take some amazing photos there, I can only recommend that you bring some time along.

In the end, I made it safe and sound to the mecca of skateboarding on the coast of California, where we spent some sunny days surfing and exploring the city with bicycles.

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Pyramid Lake | Petroglyphs Photography

The Petroglyphs in Nevada

The Mystery of Pyramid Lake

So how did I end up at the Petroglyphs at Pyramid Lake in Nevada, you ask? Well, the other friend I visited in Otis was Gary Vey. He is quite a famous investigator of the petroglyph phenomena. We decided to go together through Oregon and see Pyramid Lake in Nevada. There are some amazing petroglyphs. We made a stopover at Crater Lake, the perfect area for photographers.

Pyramid Lake pictures

Further on, we crossed over to Nevada, which is primarily a desert area. There I could take some great pictures of the archeological site where you can find ancient writings carved into the stones. I took most of these photos on an Indian reservation around Pyramid Lake. Gary flew back to Oregon after that. The petroglyphs are  a big mystery you have to see for yourself—or even take some photos of them as long as you have the chance.

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Reggae Band “Jaskamon” in Lincoln City

The reggae band Jaskamon played many times in Lincoln City, but that is not where it originates. Close to Lincoln City in Oregon is a small town called Otis. This location is the place where my friends live. I stayed with them for almost two weeks, where I took a lot of pictures related to my friend Bary’s band “JaSkaMon” They were playing in small bars along the Oregon Coast and Portland. I even recorded some footage.

Being there and taking pictures gave me a good insight into the American culture. I also tried to capture the coastline’s different moods, especially with the fog coming in at night. One day Jaskamon also had a gig in Portland where we shot a music video two years ago. In my Showroom Section, you find the clip.

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Road Trip Along the Oregon Coast

I had been in Oregon in the USA before. That was already two years ago, but back from this experience, I knew it was one of the more beautiful states. The east coast of Oregon is full of pristine beaches and thigh forests. It is a paradise for photographers. Unfortunately, I did not have much time to focus on photography entirely.

Driving and maintaining the camper took so much time that I hardly had any energy left. As soon as I arrived someplace, there were other tasks to care about. Still, I managed to take a couple of shots. Those photos should give you a good impression of the Oregon Coast.

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Road Trip through Washington State, USA

Unfortunately, Jens could not cross the border to Washington State in the USA because he offended some minor law. A tiny device called a “weed grinder” was the reason. From this point on, photography became a secondary obligation. I was all on my own to bring the camper down to Mexico. That’s why most of the photos I shot were taken quickly and dirty through the front window of the trailer.

I hurried through Washington to be as fast as possible with my friends in Oregon. Only on a few occasions did I manage to concentrate on what I was pointing the camera at entirely. I wanted to take some photos of Aberdeen on my way down to Oregon way, but it wasn’t delightful.

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Through Alberta and British Columbia

Road Trip Photography

While traveling through Alberta and British Columbia, I could take the first photos of our actual road trip. Jens was driving, and I could focus on my camera. Along this road, we camped with friends of Jens. Most of those guys are skateboarders. So I tried myself in sports photography.

Photos of Osoyoos in British Columbia

Since we had minor issues with the camper, I could also take some shots of Jens doing the necessary makeovers. The last town in Canada was Osoyoos until we crossed the border to the US. It was a great time to take some portrait photos of strangers. These encounters offer an excellent opportunity for the fine art of street photography.

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