New Orleans Street photography downtown

Exploring New Orleans

In February 2017 I traveled for the first time to the city of New Orleans in Lousiana. I have never been to this part of the USA but I got invited by a good friend which gave me the opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of the dirty south.

Oregon Photo Travel Blog Photography

Road Trip with Jaskamon through Oregon

My friend Barry has a reggae band called JaSkaMon who are playing all around Oregon. These photos here show my first Road Trip with the band. We went to Portland for some gigs but I also joined Barry to several other locations.

Harley Otis Festival Oregon Run 21

Run 21 | Oldschool Biker Festival in Otis, OR

Otis is a pretty small community in Oregon and the people there live scattered all over the place and in the woods. There is actually just a diner with a gas station so you won’t find much action in this town but that suddenly changed when RUN 21 showed up.

Oregon Berrys Lawn Service Licoln City

Barry’s Lawn Service | Lincoln City, Oregon

My first job as a photographer in Oregon was to shoot some photos for the lawn service. The company was owned by a friend of mine and he needed the pictures for his website. This project gave me the opportunity to see more of the beaches of Oregon.

Oregon Lincoln City Photography

First Impressions of Otis and Lincoln City

My first encounter with Oregon I had in Otis which is close to Lincoln City. My friend picked me up from the airport at night so I saw a little bit of Portland but my real first impressions I got from Otis. I took photos all the way. Here is the first collection.

Pescadero Todos Santos Baja California

Pescadero and Todos Santos, Baja Photography

Todos Santos is a small but very touristic town close to San Pedrito Beach. It is one of the small but cozy little places at the south end of the Baja California peninsula. Once in awhile I went there to buy supplies but I also shot some pictures.

Bradley Nowell Sublime Memorial Grafiti

Sublime Photos Of Long Beach, California

Sublime was one of my favorite bands when I was a teenager, so coming to Long Beach, CA, was pretty important to me. I needed to get the vibe on camera and catch it in photos. Well, here you find some pictures I took on my Road Trip.

Skyline San Diego California Road Trip Photography

San Diego Road Trip Photography | California

I hurried through San Diego on my California Road Trip but that was OK. I did not need much time to get some good photos of the area. Avoiding the traffic in downtown I went straight to the beach and I caught a beautiful sundown with my camera.

Getty Museum Road Trip Photography

Road Trip to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles

If you come to Los Angeles you have to pay a visit to the Getty Museum. That is what someone told me on my Road Trip through California. So I took some photos there to show you it is worth your time to have a look around.

malibu beach california photography road trip

Road Trip California Coastline Photography

My Road Trip took me down the US 101 in California. I came through cities like Monterey, Malibu or Santa Barbara where I took photos. The photography gives you a good impression of the beautiful coastline of California.