Starting the Road Trip | Pt. 7

Between Elkwater and Medicine Hat

It took much longer than we expected—the first estimations aimed for ten days after my arrival. We spent more than one and a half months finishing our preparations, and we might have learned something about patience. For the last couple of weeks, we were rotating between Medicine Hat and the monastery of junk, aka the workshop in Elkwater.

Nothing extraordinary happened until two young trigger-happy “preppers” showed up with a truck full of guns. That was some unexpected entertainment for me since I didn’t have such an excellent opportunity to witness the unnecessary waste of money with loud booms and smoke since I left the army. Jens just kept being very focused on his work while I could manage some unfinished business I had to complete. Most of those things needed internet access.

It took exactly the time needed, and we still feel like living in the flow. Everything worked out fine, and we did the best we could to accomplish all points on our list. In the beginning, it was unreal to leave Medicine Hat; even though I felt a bit melancholic when we had to say goodbye to all our housemates and neighbors who supported us so kindly, I was still happy to leave.

Canada Road Trip Photography
Pincher Creek gas station photography

Next Stop Lethbridge

Finally, we went with a small stopover in Lethbridge, where we got some Indian spices and met an old flatmate from Medicine Hat who recently moved to this town. That was when we met Curtis again – a very talented musician just like Cam, the owner of the house we stayed in for the last weeks. They are great individuals who inspired us very much.

Canada Road Trip Photography
Skateshop somewhere along the road through Alberta

Overnight in Pincher Creek

While we proceeded westbound, Jens suddenly felt like doing some skateboarding at a skatepark in Pincher Creek he had visited before. At the same time, he crossed this part of Canada on his bicycle about one year ago. So we went there, and while I was eager to prepare our first Indian masala with tofu, he was doing his little tricks on a mini-ramp.

The meal was about to be ready when an old Native American came along. His name was Birten, and he was a member of the Blackfoot tribe. When he arrived and greeted us, I knew exactly that he would be our guest of honor for this evening. From the very first feeling, I could anticipate what his background story was. He got in trouble with law enforcement for drunkenness, and he had fights with other individuals who ended up in a whole pile of criminal charges.

Jens and I were listening to the whole sad story, and we offered him a plate of my curry masala. We tried to convince Birten that it is never too late to change his self-destructive path even though he described himself as an alcoholic, which is always a tricky situation since this kind of addiction is one of the worst and most common issues in the western world.

Canada Road Trip Photography
Just a glimpse into a typical hockey arena in Pincher Creek, Alberta

The Spirit Of Alcohol

I talked pretty openly about the spiritual background I could see. From my perspective, alcohol is like an entity – a spirit in this sense. In Germany, we even refer to it as “Spirituosen” when we talk about alcohol in general, and it has the Latin word “spiritus” in its root or radical. So, in my opinion, he is possessed.

There should be a remedy in his ancient Native American tradition to treat that kind of illness. I recommended that he have a sweat lodge ceremony to free himself. That could be a good start to a process that might take the rest of his life.

Ultimately, we didn’t know whether the universe instigated this encounter in a way that we had been chosen to give our humble part to direct Birten in the right direction or whether he just mirrored our unconscious addictions. Anyhow this meeting is still stuck in my mind and makes me wonder. I felt so much sympathy for his persona because I could feel the honest and kind soul he is.

Later on, other locals gathered in our little circle, and we had some pleasant conversations. It was a great start to our journey. We continued the next day. The landscape shifted from flatland to the typical view of mountaintops when you are approaching the Rockies. We proceeded westbound, and for the next two days, we were able to set up camp at friends of Jens. For example, we slept one night at a fellow called Brad Smiley in Creston. His personality matched his name. A nice guy we spent the evening with.

Canada Road Trip Photography
Alberta and British Columbia Travel photography

Challenges and the Spiritual Tech-Support

The next day we had terrific weather again, and we could take a swim in Kootenay Lake. However, the whole ride was not without challenges. The road is long and windy. Also, our vehicle gave Jens some good quests to solve. On one occasion, the engine refused to start, and the next day a part called “regulator” died a tragic death.

At least one of our batteries mourned its loss by crying toxic acid. Jens immediately switches into a problem-solving mode whenever something happens, making him super-focused, like a predator who likes to hunt the malfunction as if it were wounded prey.

I sit calmly since I am of no actual “physical” use in this kind of situation, except for some minor assistance like turning on the ignition on command. I have an inner conversation with the universe in which I kindly ask for help and support. Sometimes I pray some mantras, and it always works out fine in the end. Even Jens sometimes can’t say what had the more significant impact on the process since sometimes the malfunction disappears because Jens opened the hood and touched a few cables. I guess it is the mix between the physical and the spiritual aspects.

How Life Pushed Me Into A New Paradigm | Pt. 6

Space on my stage of life

Sometimes you have accomplished something special in life. For example, you finished a particular apprenticeship or finally mastered a specific degree. After you get handed out that diploma from the university, it seems like a big object disappears from your stage of life. The burden of scholarship usually takes a big chunk of your resources, and when it is gone, space is all that remains.

This same achievement can create a void or even a vacuum that wants to be filled. The same applies to the end of a significant relationship that took a lot of room. Some of those sweeping stage events are emotionally painful; others are liberating. However, it feels, it is said that the wise man doesn’t recognize this as a misfortune; instead, he is always aware of the chances such a situation comprises.

See you later, Montreux

After my stage in Montreux, Switzerland, had been more or less cleansed, I got plenty of space that wanted to be rearranged. Even though I am still struggling with emotional attachments, I can still see my situation’s possibilities. In my case, everything vanished quickly. My relationships with certain people, my job, and my living situation got flushed from my stage of life in the blink of an eye – at least everything turned into undefined quantum space.

To make things worse: I fell in love with a married woman. It is more complicated than that, but let’s keep it simple. So I even had to leave an unsolved situation with essential people I love dearly. You could say that important items on my stage got pushed to the side. Some fell off, and others remained to be rearranged at a later point in time. It is not the ideal circumstance to leave like that, but still, it seemed like the most feasible way to do it. The question is: What to do next?

Monteux Switzerland Photography
Photo of Montreux, Switzerland

From Canada to South America

Maybe my subconscious mind planned, maybe my intention to go to Canada actually caused all that jazz, but subsequently, I started a process that I had already figured out was the best thing to do in such a case: traveling! Don’t get me wrong here – I don’t mean to take two weeks off to fly to some random place with beach and palm trees to calm my mind. No, I am talking about roaming a whole continent to get my life straight. Or, even better: to make it as it should be. The trick is that you have the power to define what you are attracting to your stage of life.

So now I am in Medicine Hat in Canada to go on my mission to rearrange my life situation. I know that the current situation didn’t happen by coincidence. It is apparent that I consciously asked life for it, to be able to leave my reality bubble in Montreux for a while to observe it from a distance and see the flaws in it that need to be redefined. It’s always more challenging to detect that specific taint that bothers you deep inside, as long as you are trapped in the context.

The meaning of synchronicity

Many people are aware that nothing happens by chance – this is also my creed. So-called “coincidences” are determined by a higher mechanism and can be manipulated by the power of consciousness. Not every individual is the same. Some people might be bound to a strict karmic destiny and a particular path in life; others seem to be more accessible. Maybe they are more detached from standard mental imprints that limit their creativity to imagine themselves in alternative situations. As I would call it: they can imagine themselves at a different stage of life.

Techniques to control reality

I feel like a free spirit in that regard. Even though I cannot bypass the free will of others without consequences, I am capable of making use of my own free will. There are hundreds of books about this topic: how to choose the content for your stage of life or how you control what you attract.

Some techniques are more simple, and others are more complex, but the core principles are always the same. Only by trying you figure out what strategy serves you best and which allows you to improve in this regard. By detecting and understanding the different imprints you were unaware of, you can rule out the typical errors that sabotage your endeavor to thrive.

Co-creation and manifestation

I have read a couple of books about those techniques, and after a while of trial and error, I could demonstrate a high percentage of target goals achieved quickly. So now I call myself officially “transsurfing” the waves of space and time. The good thing is that I can honestly say that I always realized what I was longing for in the last four years. The drawback was always the same: certain circumstances popped up that made it evident that this reality or this setup on my stage of life was not sustainable. Maybe that is because of a karmic background program or because my mind was already focussing on a different layout.

Of course, the transition between the “now,” which is your old stage, and the “now,” which is your new stage, always consumes linear time. In that delay, many things can happen, or it just gets boring, which causes your focus to shift. I don’t know for sure, so I still need to figure that out. Maybe it is just God telling me that I might be a cocreator but that he is still in charge to help me to find a higher purpose in life rather than nurturing profane desires.

Change is the nature of life

Others would say that constant change is the very nature of life itself. Everything is in a flow, and resisting the flow is a form of unconscious death. You are not physically dead – actually, there is no natural death. Physical dying is just another transition to a different stage, with a whole new set of rules – it is a true paradigm shift. The only temporary recurrent death we should fear is the standstill, the deadlock, or the stagnancy. So it seems that a constant change, whether consciously chosen or picked with unawareness and fear, is the natural flow of life.

Death in this context means a habit of always trying to avoid everything that could endanger or even shake the status quo of your stage. Such routine, the inability to let go of a specific setup or stage play, creates suffering. From this point of view, the aspect of stoicism or the equanimity described in the Zen tradition is the only true path to finding inner peace and a form of stability in this reality we call life. Achieving this ability to “not judge” is not a disciplinary measure for your mind. It can only arise from the deep inner understanding that everything is one.

The epiphany of singularity

The concept of singularity or oneness is not just an old eastern philosophy – it is a quantum physical certainty. You see: It gets complicated! Improving the capabilities of consciously creating your reality is a delicate and complex art. I am not claiming I am the best at it. Some people have mastered more mysteries of the universe, but I can tell you about my path, and maybe that inspires you and other people to improve their skills to co-create inside this marvelous reality we call life.

Sharing this travel blog

I like to honestly share all the lectures and epiphanies that came along my way in this travel blog. Some come from my past; I might have to repeat other sections on my journey with Jens. So please be welcome to join us on our magical mystery tour through North and South America.

Well, this was my general background story of this venture, but as I mentioned before, I am not alone. An old friend, who initiated this endeavor, is the mastermind behind the whole concept of traveling with a camper. I hope that Jens will share his background story along this journey.

Los Barriles AirBnB Photography

During my 2018 season in Baja California, I got a convenient little offer to take photos of a friend’s AirBnB in Los Barriles. Since renting an Airbnb facility is all about having good photos to showcase on the website, I got asked to provide professional pictures. So I traveled to Los Barriles on the east side of Baja, California.

My Los Barriles Experience

While my friend Napoleon set everything up nicely, I brought a friend from San Pedrito Beach along to become a photo model. It is always easier to project an emotional component into the pictures if you have a good-looking person in the scenery. The potential client can see him or herself in the model, or the stunning model triggers other phantasies or desires associated with the facility.

Some of my Pictures

I even took my drone out to capture some aerial images.

The trick is to attach an emotional component to the pictures and the AirBnB facility. We had a lot of fun, and if you need an Airbnb Photographer for Los Barriles or other places in the south end of the Baja California Sur, please let me know. I am sure we will find an arrangement.

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My Reid’s Farm Experience | Lake Taupo, NZ

Reid’s Farm is one of the probably hundreds of free camping sites in New Zealand. It is one of those places you are looking for while traveling on the north island with a limited budget and a backpack. Of course, you can go there by car or even arrive there in a fancy caravan, but in a rush, you will never experience the unique energy this place has to offer.

Reid’s Farm at Lake Taupo, New Zealand


I came here in the summer of 2014 after almost two weeks in the wilderness. I decided to take the bus to Taupo to have the opportunity to wash my clothes and sleep in a real bed. After one night in one of those cheap hostels, I knew I had to get out into nature again. If you want to keep it accurate, you must leave mainstream trials. So I was looking for Reid’s Farm. Someone – the only person I met on my journey through the wilderness told me about this place close to Taupo, but there was no entry on one of those official maps. Many camping sites were marked on the map, but I had to ask a couple of people till someone put a cross on a blanc spot close to the Waikato River.

Arriving there, I thought this was the right place to relax for a couple of days after the intense struggle. In the end, I stayed there for over a month with many short trips to Lake Taupo, Tongariro National Park, and Rotarua. The actual reason I stayed there for so long has been the people attracted by this place. Maybe this was just one of these rare occasions in life where the right kind of people meets at the right time on the perfect spot. This kind of “coincidental” community I had never experienced before.


Even though people were coming and going every day, there was a hardcore of individuals who represented the epicenter of a new form of hippie community. There were no hierarchies nor rules, but somehow people took care of each other and organized food and supplies they shared with everyone else. Those people maintained a resonance field that helped everyone who wanted to be a part of it quickly adapt to this unique paradigm of sharing and caring. They even built a place to cook and chill out for everyone.

When some of the “founding fathers” of this encampment moved on, other fellow travelers inherited the responsibilities. Without realizing it, I also got sucked into it by a mere observer who wanted to move on more sooner than later, to the point I became a member of a more prominent tribe – the Reid’s Farm family.

For my Reid’s Farm Family

Of course, I had to leave one day like all others before, and new people replaced my part in the community, and hopefully, they carried on some of the energy I was fortunate to witness. I don’t know if this was just a rare phenomenon or if you could go there today and make the same observations and experiences. Maybe this place has a kind of energetic vortex that attracts a remarkable variety of individuals looking for love, friendship, spirituality, and freedom. Here are some of the photos I shot there. Hopefully, those pictures can describe a little bit of the magic paradise I found during my time there.

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Peace out to my brothers and sisters from Reid’s Farm. I love you all!

Wellington, New Zealand | First Impressions

I finally arrived in Wellington, New Zealand. I stayed with my friends in Wellington for the first two months, where I took my first photos. There were so many lovely spots around the city where people used to go for a surf or hang out at the beaches.

I waited in Wellington till springtime kicked in. My main goal was to go on a “Walkabout” through the wilderness, but I made good use of my time in the capital of New Zealand. I got my first lessons in surfing, and I produced an image film for my friends at Proffer, a local company.

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Wellington Travel Photography

Road Trip with Jaskamon through Oregon

My friend Barry has a reggae band called “JaSkaMon,” which makes great music. They already produced 4 CDs, and during my stay in Oregon, I Barry to get his first Music Video. Please check it out.

We went to different locations, foremost around Portland in Oregon, in producing the video. I attended the band’s gigs, but I also went to Mount Helen in Washington. This enormous volcano crater got famous in the 80′ when it produced a tremendous outburst.

I accompanied Barry and the other band members of Jaskamon to a concert in honor of their former drummer Marv Bauer who died just a few weeks ago of an overdose of heroin. Those were my last days in Oregon before I flew to New Zealand to start my next adventure.

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Oregon Road Trip

Run 21 | Oldschool Biker Festival in Otis, OR

In 2014 a biker festival called RUN 21 was held for the first time in Otis. Otis is a tiny community close to Lincoln City in Oregon. So this event was exceptional for this tiny place. The Run 21 Festival attracted hordes of bikers with Harley Davidson motorcycles who suddenly invaded Otis.

The very friendly organizers invited me to take a couple of pictures. There were many unique people and beautifully customized bikes wherever I pointed the camera. It was a photographer’s wet dream. Unfortunately, it was close to sundown when I arrived at the Festival. Still, I could capture some good impressions of the atmosphere and the scene.

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Barry’s Lawn Service | Lincoln City, Oregon

As soon as I got to Lincoln City in Oregon, I had a job as a photographer. Gary’s good friend has a lawn service, and he needed some photos for his website. During this photo session, I had the opportunity to get some more impressions of the Oregon coast.

After work, I went down to the shore and shot more pictures, like people hanging out at the beach and having fun. I even managed to take a photo of a squirrel close to the dunes. Here is the link for Barrys Lawn Service.

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First Impressions of Otis and Lincoln City

Since I was more or less bound to pass by in Oregon, I decided to stay for a couple of weeks on the west coast of the USA.

After getting picked up from the airport in Portland, we went to Otis, a small community close to Lincoln City in Oregon. As soon as I could manage my jetlag, I started to roam around with Gary to get my first impressions of my new context. While Gary Vey showed me his favorite places, I could talk to some strangers. One was a guy traveling the whole west coast of the USA on his bicycle. That impressed me big time, and a vision grew inside of me.

Besides hiking and visiting all major cities around Otis, we made a day trip on a nearby river. We took Berry along, who was the owner of the small raft. This kind of activity is a great thing to do to relax.

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Pescadero and Todos Santos, BCS

The South of Baja California Sur

I have often been to Todos Santos since we stayed at San Pedrito Beach in Mexico on the south end of Baja California. It is an excellent place to find some rare items and surfing gear. Because I always went to Todos Santos on a busy schedule. So, I never had time to take some photos.

When Kai came to Todos Santos

Finally, that changed. When my dear friend and fellow photographer Kai arrived at San Pedrito Beach, I got inspired again. Also, my surfboard suffered from a fatal impact, so we hitchhiked to Todos Santos to organize a backup. Gladly, we got a ride on the back of a pickup truck right away. I finally got some pictures of one of Baja, California’s most beautiful small cities, roaming around in Todos Santos.

Todos Santos has a lot to offer! It has a lot of small streets full of different shops and restaurants. Todos Santos is well known for its many galleries with handcrafted artworks. I hope the few photos will give you a good impression.

Last days in Todos Santos

These are my last photos of San Pedrito Beach close to Pescadero at the south end of the Baja California peninsula. Even though it became quiet around here, it was hard for me to leave. I have to admit I fell in love with San Pedrito Beach and the people surrounding this place.

Someday I will come back, and hopefully, I will take even better photos. San Pedrito Beach has an incredible community, and it is a great place to surf, but during the summer months, it is scorching, and the hurricane season can shake your RV ha d. Also, I should mention the many bugs that show once it has rained.

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