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— Illuminati Article Series: Pt. II —

September 11th, 2001, encoded in the Card Game

In this 2nd part of the Illuminati Card Game article series, I want to show how 9/11 was encoded in the deck. The cards I will present to you were the first indication that the game has a prophetic nature since the cards were released before the event. This raises many questions if you don’t believe in a mere coincidence which will become increasingly harder once you read all the other articles in this series. I will address this phenomenon in my last chapter and link you to other examples where the circumstances of the 9/11 event have been predicted or “channeled” in pop-culture artwork.

The “Terrorist Nuke” & “Pentagon” Cards

The most identifiable example is the combination of the “Terrorist Nuke” card and the “Pentagon” card, giving a startling prediction of the Twin Towers and Pentagon attacks of 9/11, which occurred years after the Illuminati Cards were released. Those who claim these illustrations are just eerie coincidences like to point out that an attack on the World Trade Center occurred in 1993, which could have inspired these cards if we squint hard enough.

Terrorist Nuke Illuminati Card Game
Illuminati Card Terrorist Nuke
Pentagon Attack Illuminati Card Game
Illuminati Card “Pentagon Attack”

9/11 Illuminati Cards

I like to think 9/11 earned its place in the Illuminati Cards Game in such a graphic depiction. Besides maybe the Kennedy assassination, no other event in the last century left such a significant impact on society. Even ordinary individuals with a common interest in world events were inflicted with substantial doubt that the official narrative might be a chimera. From my experience, I know many people that started to question, at least to some extent, the mainstream wording about 9/11.

All those people understood that: History is “His Story” -meaning the Story of George W. Bush or whoever put him into his position as Commander in Chief—assuming there are more powerful circles above the political echelon, like the Illuminati. In the great war against terror, he went on a tour of duty right after 9/11. This campaign transformed the whole geopolitical chessboard, but something was off here. An overwhelming majority were against that war, not only in the US. Still, nothing could stop it. People could feel there were other interests than preventing terror from happening.

World Trade Center 9/11
9/11 Impact World Trade Center

9/11 Wake-up Call

After 2001 many people woke up to the fact that western democracies are positioned within a clandestine network of influential circles. The System is complex and consists of groups like the Bilderberger or the CFR, which are more potent than the populace’s will. After 9/11, I and many others started seeing through specific propaganda we had never scrutinized. Some dared to ask specific questions, like, how was it possible that building 7 fell in free fall, even though it never got hit by an airplane?

Controlled Demolition Of Building 7?

The professional Conspiracy Theorist also noticed that the footage was somehow manipulated [Video]. The BBC reported building seven down, even 20min, before it surprisingly fell into its footprints. To this point, the structure seemed to be stable, and it just had a few little fires. Still, the building disintegrated completely into a free-fall collapse, just like a controlled demolition.

The Event that spawned Conspiracy Theorists

For those who dared to impugn 9/11, the period after 2001 was the beginning of an awakening process. The Illuminati Cards could also be considered a subtle wake-up call for those willing to listen and open their eyes to the fact that the world is not as it seems. Questioning the mainstream narratives is an excellent starting point. It will lead you to see reality differently, although you will be framed as a Conspiracy Theorist.

Conspiracy Theorists Illuminati Card Game
Illuminati Card “Conspiracy Theorists”

“This powerless and much-mocked group is prized by the Illuminati because their wild ravings often contain useful ideas!”

“Conspiracy Theorist” Card

Conclusion & Interpretation

I am convinced that the graphic depiction of 9/11 in the Illuminati Card Game is no coincidence. If you are not convinced yet, I recommend reading the articles that elaborate on the prediction of Celebrities, Trends & Events, Fukushima, or even the situation in 2020 regarding the spontaneous emergence of a pathogen of “unknown origins.”

How to explain this Prediction?

Once you allow yourself the cognitive leap that the depiction of 9/11 within the Illuminati Card Game is no coincidence, you will still miss a satisfying explanation for this phenomenon. While most Conspiracy Theorists tend to assume that the game’s creator was somehow involved in secret societies and got introduced into their agenda, there are other more sophisticated resolutions to the mystery.

It is a well-established theory that artists and inventors only receive inspiration from a higher-dimensional “Information Space.” Since the 19th century, this space has been called the Akashic Records, and in modern physics, it is considered a realm between dimensions X5 and X8 according to the Dröscher-Heim model. Therefore, people literally only “dis-cover” something that has been previously “covered” but has always been there since this realm of consciousness is beyond the confinements of time.

Back To The Future and 9/11
Back To The Future and 9/11

I already elaborated on this phenomenon of unconscious higher-dimensional channeling in another context regarding 9/11 since this event was not only predicted by the Illuminati Card Game. Even more impressive than the cards is the subtle depiction of September 11th, 2001, in the 1985 movie “Back to the Future.” I can only recommend reading my article about “9/11 and the Back to the Future Movie” and watching the linked clips that impressively show the correlations between specific details of the event and the symbolism in the film. Even the Illuminati are symbolized in BTTF.

This article also elaborated on the theory I had just touched on before. So if you want to dive deeper into this mystery, continue with the BTTF Article or proceed with the Illuminati Cards. The next consequential part is about Celebrities predicted in the Illuminati Cards. At last, I also want to refer to my Hidden Hand article to learn about the real-world Illuminati and how they present themselves.

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About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert, and I am the author of the Illuminati article series. For many years I have been a producer for alternative media outlets. As chief editor of Germany’s first pay-TV channel, “Secret TV,” dedicated to fringe topics, I was exposed to all the conspiracy theories you could imagine. As fascinated by Robert Anton Wilson’s trilogy “Illuminatus,” as the creator of the card game, I can easily relate to the topics addressed in the deck.

Christian Koehlert Founder of Mayamagik


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