The Illuminati Card Game Mystery

Graphic Essay Part I | The Illuminati Augury

written by Christian Köhlert, May 2020 Vers. 1.84

For the last 15 years, on many occasions, the Illuminati Card Game stunned me. Whenever there was a big event shaping the collective reality, a corresponding Illuminati Card was already there, representing that specific event. It seems like the deck contains all the secret methods and tactics used by the real powers. Undoubtedly, these cards have a prophetic quality. To me, they also represented a little glimpse into the Illuminati’s holistic agenda and their mysterious plan of the ages.

In this article, I like to give a brief overview of the cards in my collection that partially left me flabbergasted. Accordingly, I will provide you with a short breakdown of which Conspiracy Theory is linked to each Illuminati Card and my interpretation. Finally, in the 2nd part, I like to present some cards that fit perfectly in the context of the current 2020 scenario. Before we go into that juicy stuff, I want to talk about some background information and the history of this game, which is necessary to see the bigger picture.

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