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— Illuminati Article Series: Pt. V —

Illuminati Cards PREDICTED Headlines

In this 5th part of the Illuminati Card Game article series, I want to show how the deck has predicted specific trends and events. The cards I will present to you have a prophetic aspect since they were released before the headlines emerged in the collective realm—or at least, these memes were not as significant before. This raises many questions if you don’t believe in a mere coincidence. Clutching to the idea of pure concurrency will become even more challenging once you digested all the other articles in this series—especially if you go into the mystery of 9/11 and how it got predicted by the Illuminati Card Game. In my previous treatises, I addressed how events like the Fukushima incident or specific Celebrities can be found in the deck.

Predicting Trends and Events

Almost every Illuminati Card has a deeper meaning that can be connected to real-life events or principles that were always present. Some cards might seem superficial and others superstitious, but they all bear their secret message. My treatise would never end if I put them all into a familiar context. Still, I want to show a few more examples from the deck before I go into the 2020 scenario, which reflects, among others, in the “Epidemic” Card.

Political Correctness

The most apparent New World Order themes that are bleeding from the cards into our reality include “Political Correctness,” the death of freedom of speech, altered food, the health crisis, and “Gun Control.” Combine that with the “Conspiracy Theorist” card, which I will show later.

Even though the “Political Correctness” method to control the narrative regarding specific topics was present for a long time, it became more abused with the gender and minority “equality movement,” which ramped up around 2020. With that artificially instigated trend, it even became “toxic” to refer to a person who gives birth to children as a “woman.”

Political Correctness Illuminati Card Game
Illuminati Card “Political Correctness”

“Good thoughts are now required.”

Political Correctness

Global Warming Card

The Illuminati Card Game offers a graphic presentation of all the various means and methods to control different movements. The ones that I found most prevailing before the “Epidemic” came along are “Global Warming” and “NSA.” The term “Global Warming” has been rebranded into “Climate Change.” CO2 is now labeled a poisonous gas even though nature produces 97% by itself, and the global climate is mainly dictated by sun cycles. Other possible reasons can be found in my Phoenix Hypothesis. Now, we have young people on the streets panhandling for more taxes. Well, at least we might treat mother earth a little bit better and save resources, but was that the goal? Maybe it’s more about economic control.

Global Warming Illuminati Card Game
Illuminati Card “Global Warming”

“How about some beachfront property in Kansas?”

Global Warming

The “N.S.A.” Card

When it comes to the “NSA” card, there is not much to say which hasn’t been revealed by Edward Snowden. For Conspiracy Theorists, this wasn’t a big epiphany. Even before the whistleblower came along, we knew what was going on. At least in Germany, we learned that the NSA, for many years, tapped the phones of our Chancellor, Angela Merkel. That was a new revelation even to us, and I bet they are still doing it. Doesn’t that raise questions about our sovereignty as a nation when our highest leader can easily be blackmailed with private information?

NSA Illuminati Card Game
Illuminati Card “NSA”

“No such Agency! It doesn’t exist. Just ask them.”

Illuminati Card “N.S.A.”

“The Conspiracy Theorist” Card

But perhaps the “Conspiracy Theorist” card is the mightiest one in the whole deck when removed from fictional gameplay and applied to real life. We are living in challenging times when any natural skepticism towards those who manipulate society has been labeled the ramblings of a conspiracy theorist. It’s a term coined by the CIA to silence any dissenting voices, as I mentioned in the JFK part.

Conspiracy Theorists Illuminati Card Game
Illuminati Card “Conspiracy Theorists”

“This powerless and much-mocked group is prized by the Illuminati, because their wild ravings often contain useful ideas!”

Conspiracy Theorist Card

“Blinded by Science” Card and Transhumanism

The “Blinded by Science” card is a significant trend that emerged with the evolution of smartphones and the transition into the 4th industrial revolution—the “Internet of Things.” Since the World Economic Forum presented its idea of a “Great Reset,” the term “Transhumanism” and all its negative implications perfectly depict the idea behind this card which predicted this trend.

Blinded By Science Illuminati Card Game
Illuminati Card “Blinded By Science”

“If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be research.”

Binded by Science

Interpretations & Conclusions

The Illuminati Game Cards brought up some topics that gained tremendous significance over the past forty years. Most of those memes had a specific meaning in the 90s when most of the cards had been released, but especially the “Political Correctness” and “Global Warming” cards have caught some traction over time. I believe “Blinded by Science” is the most important one. This trend not only shows in the arbitrary belief in and dependence on technology in general but is also reflected in the mindless use of experimental genetic substances with possible severe repercussions for billions.

Now, let’s continue with an event that has not been predicted but represents a set of principles that are omnipresent in deep-state methodology. So let’s continue with part five and the John F. Kennedy assassination. Some cards mustn’t refer to single occasions but depict methods used repeatedly by the System.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert, and I am the author of the Illuminati article series. For many years I have been a producer for alternative media outlets. As chief editor of Germany’s first pay-TV channel, “Secret TV,” dedicated to fringe topics, I was exposed to all the conspiracy theories you could imagine. As fascinated by Robert Anton Wilson’s trilogy “Illuminatus,” as the creator of the card game, I can easily relate to the topics addressed in the deck.

Christian Koehlert Founder of Mayamagik


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