Illuminati Card Game Background

The Illuminati Card Game Epidemic

This is the 2nd part of the Illuminati Card Game analysis and now, we go straight into the 2020 Epidemic. I hope you made yourself familiar with the first part of my graphic essay. I highly recommend reading the first part before you start with this one, so you understand the bigger picture. You will appreciate it.

Illuminati Card Game Background

The Illuminati Card Game Mystery

On many occasions, the Illuminati Card Game amazed me whenever there was some big news reshaping the globe, a matching Illuminati Card was already there, representing that specific event. It seems like the card deck knows all the secrets and tactics used by Illuminati. These cards have a prophetic quality. They also represented a hidden insight into the holistic agenda of the real-life Illuminati and their mysterious plan of the ages.

Manifest of our Reality

This Secret TV Article is still work in progress since I like to present a sort of Manifest. This core article is supposed to outline my framework of reality and Company Values. Since I believe that we live in a sophisticated VR game with distinct rules, I feel I need to elaborate on such outlandish claims. Anyhow, here you got a kind of beta-version. Please enjoy.

Who are the Illuminati?

Who or what are the Illuminati? This question haunted me since I read my first book by Robert Anton Wilson – “Cosmic Trigger” – which found me in 2003. During my honest quest to find out more about the secret structures inside human society, I got confronted with various ideas and beliefs. In a haystack full of lies and half-truths, it is tough to discern a coherent overall picture till Hidden Hand made a change.