censored videos in 2020

The Best Censored Videos in 2020

The sudden Orwellian Censorship

In the early stages of the Corona Pandemic, an unholy alliance between WHO and the big Social Media enterprises got established. The stated joint endeavor was to prevent Fake News from endangering public health. In the beginning, I have to admit that I felt some sympathy for that approach even though I knew how dangerous this is for the fabric of a free society. At this point, I was convinced that the Pandemic was indeed even more severe, as portrayed by the Mainstream Media. Unfortunately, this perception shifted, and what remains is pure perplexity about the utter censorship that got implemented.

Even though I would not take the content of any of these censored Videos as a given truth, I believe it should be our discernment to evaluate the information for ourselves. Personally, I can only agree with a certain point about what the content of those censored videos suggests. The various interviews even contradict each other on several issues. However, it is still imperative for a free society to let those people speak their truth and let us decide what seems plausible from our point of view.

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