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An Illuminati Insider gives Answers.

The following article will analyze the Hidden Hand Interview or Dialogue on Above Top Secret in 2009. My approach to guiding you into the material is to tell you about my history, getting closer to the fundamental topic the ATS insider disclosed some intimate details about—the Illuminati. This alleged secret society is a very polarizing concept.

If you tend to believe in a supra-national structure controlling the world, you will soon find yourself in another jungle of assumptions and myths. In this maze of concepts, the Hidden Hand Interview gives some coherent overarching explanation regarding the inner nature of this “organization.” You can find the full interview at the bottom of the article, but first, let me guide you into the topic.

Before Hidden Hand came to Above Top Secret

Who are the Illuminati?

Who are the Illuminati? This question has haunted me since I read my first book by Robert Anton Wilson “Cosmic Trigger”—which found me in 2003 and is a follow-up to Wilson’s bestselling trilogy “Illuminatus.” In general, we are talking about the widespread notion of a secret society that clandestinely controls all significant developments on earth from the shadows and thereby undermines all social structures.

Many people in Germany associate this network with the Bavarian Illuminaten Order, a small secret society with quite prominent members. Still, it vanished soon after its establishment in 1761 because it got outlawed. The idea that this little secret society continued to exist in the shadows and gained power over the world is very reductionistic and implausible. Nevertheless, this order of the “Illuminaten” quite likely represents a fragment of the structure I wish to discuss here.

The Entanglement of Politics

Of course, the abstraction of a higher hierarchy above well-known leaders such as presidents or chancellors is enormously difficult for the general public. Although many people have seen that the world’s supposedly most influential men and women are financed, established, and advised by non-governmental structures, the majority’s belief in democracy remains unshaken. Despite these undeniable facts, the masses cannot recognize more than marginal capital-oriented corruption in this entanglement between politics and big money.

Documentary Recommendation

Exploring the depths of conspiracy reality

The deeper someone explores this connection between government leaders and global corporations, the more evident the subversion and the extent of the manipulation become. Yet often, the real agenda remains hidden behind the apparent quest for more power and resources. It remains inaccessible to many people because it needs a spiritual understanding of the more profound correlation. Therefore even for ambitious researchers of that matter, the real agenda or intentions of the Illuminati remain blurred. However, most individuals can recognize a particular recurring pattern after deep digging.

Of course, most people have neither the interest nor the capacity to deal with this issue. Psychologically, it is undoubtedly rather unsettling or even scary to surrender to the idea that the Illuminati are more than fiction. Skeptics can easily discard this whole concept. The most obvious argument to negate this notion is that researchers can find this myth of a secret organization everywhere. Even in mainstream pop culture, the Illuminati are omnipresent. So how could a secret society like the Illuminati remain hidden when everybody knows them? This question is an often-heard argument to reject this idea or belief in a secret society controlling the world.

Are the Illuminati an Illusion?

It is difficult to believe that an invisible structure that supposedly rules the world can exist when it has failed to remain a secret. Maybe the Illuminati’s real power emerges from their subtle but all-embracing nature. Perhaps it is impossible to stay entirely hidden when you have your fingers all over the game. The logical consequence and distinct tactics would be to protect their existence in a stack of false allegations. They control most of the information about themselves, and they ensure that a wide range of explanations and ideas exist about them. So the Illuminati remain camouflaged in a forest of myths, deliberately scattered misinformation and fiction, like a tiger in the jungle.

Illuminati NWO Artwork
Illuminati in Pop Culture

To fight a pathway through this jungle, you need time and a lot of motivation. As a sincere seeker, you often end up in dead ends and false leads. Over the years, my image of the Illuminati changed dramatically during my quest regarding this subject. Thus, I often had to ask myself about the more profound sense of this research. Is this just an illusion?

Deeper implications of Illuminati research

However, today I would claim from my perspective that my search has sent me on a journey that has brought me closer to myself. This wording may sound very abstract, but the research provided a deep insight into my reality and responsibilities. You might understand once you read the Hidden Hand Interview.

Along this journey, through various books, from Fritz Springmeier to David Icke, a holistic image crystallized. This investigation included lectures and personal interviews with other researchers on this subject. The bigger puzzle picture seems to be very abstract, but despite various uncertainties and concealed areas, my interdisciplinary blueprint of the Illuminati became consistent—unfortunately, also very complex.

Due to this tremendously abstract complexity, it seemed almost impossible to give a summary—and I’m talking about something like a twenty-page synopsis or a very slim book. It seemed almost impossible to provide a precise abstract about the nature of the Illuminati that an average Joe could reasonably understand.

Hidden Hand Interview on Above Top Secret

Illuminati Insider on the forum

In 2013, with my already complex but limited understanding, I found a protocol that had already been available in the public domain since 2008 but got relatively little attention from the masses—talking about the “Hidden Hand Interview.” Adepts of Illuminati research passed it around like the holy grail. Most people inside the truther movement considered it “too far out.” I reckon that most researchers of this matter, who could find value in this document, at least for themselves, also understood that this interview would lead to skepticism and mistrust even in the circles of diehard conspiracy theorists.

Although I got confronted with this general idea of a secret society from 1996 on, I was probably first willing to accept the Hidden Hand Interview as a critical source of information ten years after my peak interest in 2003. This delay is primarily based on the fact that the author did not bother to prove his statements. Unlike many other severe publications about the Illuminati, which at least somehow try to deliver a specific chain of evidence, “Hidden Hand”—so the pseudonym—never tried to convince anyone.

Hidden Hand presents no prove

Another reason I might have previously not recognized the importance of this interview roots because “Hidden Hand” was an anonymous person in one of the popular forums for conspiracy theories. The website is called “Above Top Secret.” Like all the other virtual forums of this kind, it is a playground for lunatics, religious fanatics, disinformation-agent, trolls, and hateful attention-seekers.

Of course, there is always a core of competent and witty people with brilliant ideas and a well-above-average intellectual presence. Nevertheless, within this context, it feels similar to the research of the Illuminati in general: it feels like you are searching for the infamous needle in a haystack—a haystack full of blatant lies and half-truths.

Hidden Hand – The Illuminati Insider Dialogue

The interview on “Above Top Secret“ developed as follows. In 2008, a user with the alias “Hidden Hand“ appeared in this forum, claimed to be part of the Illuminati, and offered to respond to profound questions. The reason why I deeply resonated with this interview is easily explained by the fact that “Hidden Hand” described the essence of my 10-year research. He also provided other puzzle pieces, which completed and filled white spots within my inner picture. He did this in a highly condensed form, not bothered with justifications or even trying to give evidence. Everything was simply presented as fact.

When I looked at the entire document, 80% of the presented content did not require evidence because I already had verified these claims in my research. On top of that, the interview contained about 10% of those puzzle pieces that coherently enriched the overall picture. Of course, the material left a residual amount of question marks, where I’m still not sure whether Hidden Hand himself is a victim of indoctrination or false beliefs. This reality could be possible, as well. I do not feel that they have deliberately spread incorrect information. Instead, I tend to evaluate the idea that this person and his/her intention to bring clarity to the matter is honest. At least I feel Hidden Hand was not lying. He believed in what he had to say.

Illuminati Card Game Background
The Illuminati Card Game | Article

Hidden Hand’s false predictions

Anyhow! Some claims are just wrong! Especially the short-term forecasts since 2008 turned out differently than he/she anticipated. However, this “looking into the crystal ball section” lasted only a fraction of the entire interview. Moreover, Hidden Hand claimed that there was more than one schedule or layout to fulfill the greater agenda in more than one way. Therefore, he declared the future development of human evolution would be a highly dynamic and flexible process. I suggest you put those forecasts aside and instead maintain your focus on the general layout of the Illuminati and their higher goals, which are presented in the Hidden Hand dialogue.

The future will still surprise us with new facts and sources regarding the Illuminati. With that, my worldview will undoubtedly continue to reshape and develop – therefore, the phenomenon of the Illuminati is not finally solved for me, even with the information released by Hidden Hand. However, I always recommend this interview if someone asks me today on this specific subject or wants to know my opinion on the real power behind worldly affairs. Hidden Hand is the shortest and most compact systemic treatise that explains the background of the Illuminati and their hidden agenda.

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Here are the primary sources:

About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert, and I am a therapist, author, and digital content creator living in Montreux, Switzerland. I was always interested in what is usually framed as the “occult, esoteric, hermetic philosophies, and conspiracy theories.”

After I became chief editor of Secret TV, Germany’s first pay-TV channel for fringe topics, I evolved as part of the counter culture of alternative media. Even though I am not active anymore, I am still an observer with a massive network of “professional skeptics.” Accordingly, I use my insider knowledge and offer holistic consulting about my writing topics. I am also working as a Creative Homeopath and give online consultations.

Christian Koehlert Founder of Mayamagik


    • Mayamagik

      Maybe, maybe not.

  1. Nicky

    I was pondering Masonic Tracing Boards today and came to a perspective I hadn’t rolled over since I first read the Hidden Hand interview a few years ago. To go beyond what you already concretely know in your mind and then continue to do that you come to very unusual thoughts/ideas. The Hidden Hand interview allows a very obtuse perspective on reality. On good vs bad. It allows a calm space of neutrality, going beyond the beyond and into extreme understanding that is not of this dimension. Everyone’s experiences and reality are different and require different steps to get to nuetrality but in essence it is the vast understanding of all that is, was and will be, it is the space where the Great Source Creator lies. There is hideous sides to the Illuminati, Satanic Ritual Abuse, child trafficking, mass misery in any way imaginable…yet you have to wonder is this all apart of the “experience”? Have I not been a perpetrator of such misery? I have been a victim? Am I free from both because I have found nuetrality in this lifetime and therefore need not be a part of the “drama” but simply an observer? Who knows except you.

    • Mayamagik

      Very well said!

  2. Akira in Japan

    I had met this interview four years ago, and found very interesting to me. English is not my mother tongue, So it is really still hard to understand,though.
    So far I have read several times, and still find new spiritual information which inspired me a lot every time I read it.
    Regarding incorrect prediction, he said that predictions by negative entity with date are always incorrect and lose their credibility. So heshowed us that his statement in the interview is correct. This is my understanding for this matter.

    It is surely the most helpful spiritual message like Arcturian’s.
    Thank you very much.

    Akira in Japan.

    • Mayamagik

      Thanks for the feedback. Arigato! Feel free to post some other insightful links here.

  3. Akira in Japan

    I have hit upon the followings in connection with the below statement at page 44 in the discourse.

    “Religion is either actually created, or at very least, heavily influenced by us. “

    1. Buddhism in Japan use this kind of Mandara picture.
    See the below website.
    This may show the creational downward spiral of
    creator’s universe, which appear to be very similar to
    those of Russian doll style stepping down.

    2. Zen Buddhism

    Zen is one of Buddism, whose teaching is practising
    meditation. One famous branch’s teaching is just to sit, sit and sit. nothing else.
    It seems to me that it would tend to lead Nihilism.

    While at page 41 it indicates that the connection with the one infinite creator is recommended.
    No intention to connect with higher dimensional being or creators would be very meaningless, which must be DS strategy to half true and half false.


    • Mayamagik

      It is possible that Zen Buddism has been infiltrated and corrupted to a certain degree. Still, from my point of view, just sitting and trying to transcend that realm of the phenomenal world (Mayam/Matrix) is an appropriate approach to connect with the divine creator. As HH implies and as many wisdom teachings point to, there is just ONE (overarching consciousness) and the physical reality of separation and individuality is just a mental construct. This includes the personal Ego which is also just a temporary illusion. If we break through this self-induced deception we are free. Just my humble 2 cents.

  4. Akira

    Further to my yesterday’s message,

    1) Meditation is must to do. but if people do it everyday all year around, all their life with no intent. they might create their reality of sit , sit and sit like void ???

    2) In case that images of mandala can not be reached with my information, pls search with “Japanese mandala buddhism” in images. Thanks. Actually I could not reached them. Sorry about it.

    Another thing which interest me is the mirror in Japanese traditional Shinto shrine. Please refer to page37’ of mirror /hello matter in your discourse. The round mirror is located at the center in the hall of worship. People believe that God reside in it.
    People will face this mirror during their prayer.
    But it is located remotely and the size is very small and the surface is not clear. So it can not reflect their face and body, which remind me of the veil of forgetfulness. The mirror should reflect prayer’s face and body for them to know the truth.

    Please google with Japanese shinto mirror.


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