Reggae Band Jaskamon in Licoln City | Road Trip Travel Photography of Oregon | USA

Reggae Band “Jaskamon” in Lincoln City

The reggae band Jaskamon played many times in Lincoln City, but that is not where it originates. Close to Lincoln City in Oregon is a small town called Otis. This location is the place where my friends live. I stayed with them for almost two weeks, where I took a lot of pictures related to my friend Bary’s band “JaSkaMon” They were playing in small bars along the Oregon Coast and Portland. I even recorded some footage.

Being there and taking pictures gave me a good insight into the American culture. I also tried to capture the coastline’s different moods, especially with the fog coming in at night. One day Jaskamon also had a gig in Portland where we shot a music video two years ago. In my Showroom Section, you find the clip.

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