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Pyramid Lake | Petroglyphs Photography

The Petroglyphs in Nevada

The Mystery of Pyramid Lake

So how did I end up at the Petroglyphs at Pyramid Lake in Nevada, you ask? Well, the other friend I visited in Otis was Gary Vey. He is quite a famous investigator of the petroglyph phenomena. We decided to go together through Oregon and see Pyramid Lake in Nevada. There are some amazing petroglyphs. We made a stopover at Crater Lake, the perfect area for photographers.

Pyramid Lake pictures

Further on, we crossed over to Nevada, which is primarily a desert area. There I could take some great pictures of the archeological site where you can find ancient writings carved into the stones. I took most of these photos on an Indian reservation around Pyramid Lake. Gary flew back to Oregon after that. The petroglyphs are  a big mystery you have to see for yourself—or even take some photos of them as long as you have the chance.

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