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Lucid California Dreaming – Pt. 10

Time passes by and I am moving from Oregon to California. It’s hard to process all the new impressions along with the people I met during my road trip. I saw petroglyphs in Nevada and now I am in somewhere in Los Angeles.

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Road Trip with Jaskamon through Oregon

My friend Barry has a reggae band called JaSkaMon who are playing all around Oregon. These photos here show my first Road Trip with the band. We went to Portland for some gigs but I also joined Barry to several other locations.

Oregon Berrys Lawn Service Licoln City

Barry’s Lawn Service | Lincoln City, Oregon

My first job as a photographer in Oregon was to shoot some photos for the lawn service. The company was owned by a friend of mine and he needed the pictures for his website. This project gave me the opportunity to see more of the beaches of Oregon.

Reggae Band Jaskamon in Licoln City | Road Trip Travel Photography of Oregon | USA

Reggae Band “Jaskamon” in Lincoln City | Oregon

One of my friends in Oregon is called Bary and he has a Reggae Band called “JaSkaMon” – written exactly like that. They use to play all along the Oregon coast. At one occasion I followed them to Lincoln City to take a few photos.

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