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Phoenix Hypothesis: Spiritual Interpretation

My Phoenix Hypothesis is a treatise released in the 102nd issue of the German Nexus Magazine. After it received a positive response, I decided to publish an English version on this website. This article is the fifth part of the argumentation of my core thesis, which goes deeper into the phenomena of current global crises related to a possible Pole Shift that Nibiru or Planet X might trigger and how we can interpret that event from a spiritual perspective.

Accordingly, this article is just an extract from the more extensive assertion. Therefore, I suggest you read my Phoenix Hypothesis before you go into detail. Unless you are here to learn about my spiritual perspective regarding the Phoenix event and dive deeper into this topic, you should digest my core thesis first.

Conclusion and Holistic Interpretation

Let’s stay with the precognition issue for a second, which I elaborated on in my previous chapter since it already introduces us to a holistic view. Based on my research, I am convinced that over 200 documented European seers have seen the same future timeline. However, we can speculate whether this sequence of events has already been modified. The collective consciousness may have done this, but I doubt it. In addition, some analysts believe that specific timelines were erased or altered by secret projects or the LHC in CERN—one may speculate there with pleasure whether it is just being done again.

However, despite all brutality, the essence of all these prophets and their visions is a positive result. It could be compared to a birthing process that can be bloody and painful – yet the result is described as a new dawn for humanity. The result presents a spiritual renaissance in a purified and cleansed world. Those who survive the planet’s transformation will experience a new golden age of brotherhood and peace for many centuries. This narrative is a homogeneous theme in all prophetic predictions worldwide.

Nothing is set in Stone

The future is not set in stone, but when it comes to anticipating a scenario that is as comprehensive of the anomalies on the world stage as possible, the theory described is my favored explanatory model. The thesis only makes sense if you consider all aspects and look at the bigger picture.

But even if the underlying premise is correct, we can only speculate how much time will pass before we see the grand finale. My look into the crystal ball suggests a period from late summer 2023 to 2030. Some analysts are also convinced that 2040 will be the magic year. I don’t want to commit myself to a specific date, but I would like to encourage you to consider future events on the collective stage under the premise of my theory.

As scary as this Phoenix Hypothesis may sound, almost every holistic source describing the cosmic reset also emphasizes the spiritual and evolutionary aspects of what is happening. In this context, I can only recommend the Hidden Hand Interview in total length. According to this, the meaning of this event goes far beyond the physical area I could primarily present here. In addition, higher intelligent entities from other worlds or dimensions affect this process. It seems to be about an “apocalyptic“—where the word in its original meaning describes a “comprehensive revelation.” Nevertheless, starting on a materialistically objectifiable level makes sense, for which my core article shall lay the foundation.

All Cultures know about the Phoenix Event

From a holistic point of view, the cyclic reset is a paradigm shift that many cultures know about because they have preserved comparable concepts in their mythological heritage. Even the highly manipulated major religions are waiting for an all-encompassing change. Christianity believes in rapture at the end of time, and among Muslims, we find a similar proposition in the Hadith. But also, much older traditions speak of such an event in the context of a change of consciousness, which is connected with a physical change in life.

purification. Let’s not even talk about the Mayans. However, the ominous date on which their calendar was supposed to end has passed, and far less happened on December 21, 2012, than was conjured up in advance. When really “2012” is, probably only the manipulators of our calendar system know. Or, as Dieter Broers expressed it:

“I’m sure something incredible will happen in 2012. The only question is: When is 2012?”

Dieter Broers

The more I look into all aspects of the Phoenix hypothesis, the clearer it becomes that the coming events will be dualistic. The emerging process will undoubtedly be challenging, but it also carries the promise of renewal and spiritual change.

Concluding remarks

Since you are in a conscious holographic universe, imagine that you are being tested to see if you qualify for the next realm—”level,” “density,” or “dimension” – of the simulation. In this process, the Matrix is like a video game that allows us to ascend and evolve back to the Source. This cyclical evolutionary process leads back to the singularity consciousness of the one infinite Creator.

The rules are not that complicated. Love is always the correct answer. Therefore, we should not fear change but be grateful to experience this “crazy” time we were born into because this experience is why we came here. We should not despair but have confidence! Death is only an illusion, for we are infinite consciousness temporarily having a human experience. And as Mephisto once remarked in Goethe’s “Faust”:

“Everything that comes into being is worth perishing.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert, and I am a therapist, author, and digital content creator living in Montreux, Switzerland. I was always interested in what is usually framed as the “occult, esoteric, hermetic philosophies, and conspiracy theories.”

After I became chief editor of Secret TV, Germany’s first pay-TV channel for fringe topics, I evolved as part of the counter culture of alternative media. Even though I am not active anymore, I am still an observer with a massive network of “professional skeptics.” Accordingly, I use my insider knowledge and offer holistic consulting about my writing topics. I am also working as a Creative Homeopath and give online consultations.

Christian Köhlert Montreux


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