The Yin and Yang of Vaccination | Mayamagik article

The Yin and Yang of Vaccination

Before the so-called pandemic unfolded, it was easy to navigate around those controversial topics in daily life when interacting with other people, but that has profoundly changed. Almost all aspects of life are now intertwined with the global crisis and how to deal with it. Therefore, I like to explore a more holistic angle, especially on the contested debate of whether vaccinations are good or bad.

San Miguel Ensenada Baja California Road Trip Photography

The Illusion Of Choice Inside The Matrix – Pt. 12

I made it over the border and we are hanging out in Ensenada. Everything could be just fine but there is a topic you can’t even hide in the desert of Baja California. The US elections are coming and everyone freaks out. So, I feel compelled to write a comment here.

Who are the Illuminati?

Who or what are the Illuminati? This question haunted me since I read my first book by Robert Anton Wilson – “Cosmic Trigger” – which found me in 2003. During my honest quest to find out more about the secret structures inside human society, I got confronted with various ideas and beliefs. In a haystack full of lies and half-truths, it is tough to discern a coherent overall picture till Hidden Hand made a change.

Could the Matrix be real simulation Hypothesis

Could The Matrix Be Real?

The Matrix or the concept that we could be living in a Virtual Reality is not a new idea. The ancient Vedic scriptures call it “Maya” – the Cosmic Illusion. Also, the ancient philosophic disputes between Platon and Democritus ask whether we live in a virtual construct, which many know from the movie “Matrix.” Nowadays, we have the scientific idea of the Simulation Theory. Even people like Elon Musk argue the idea that life could be VR. Read this article to find out why.