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Foresight Consulting

In Ursy, Canton Fribourg, Switzerland

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Project Consulting

“We are offering consultation regarding all media projects and how to communicate your Vision to the world.”


Communicating complex and even abstract ideas to a broadly structured audience is challenging and requires a sophisticated strategy. We guide you with our experience.

  • market analysis
  • strategy design
  • project planning
  • communication


Web Design

Websites are a formidable tool to communicate a vision and bring it to everybody’s multi-media devices. An intelligent and puristic approach towards web design is our expertise.

  • WordPress publication
  • Divi web design
  • graphic design
  • blog development



Sharing ideas and concepts work not only with elaborated wording. Sometimes images speak more than a thousand words. Accordingly, we know how to handle photography.

  • product photography
  • portrait photos
  • corporate photography



We have experience with filmmaking and the production of corporate video. Also, we produced music clips and feature-length documentaries. We can help with any form of visual explanation.

  • story development
  • script design
  • film production


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Creative Homeopathy
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Barbara Hochreiter Natural Horsemanship
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Personal Development

“We believe the biggest project in life is ourselves. Therefore, we help individuals to unleash their full potential.”

Personal Coaching

We offer help and guidance for individuals we want to learn about their full potential. To unleash the true self, we need to free ourselves from internal inhibitors based on trauma.

  • trauma analysis
  • deep psychology
  • symptom language


Hermetic Philosophy

To gain a holistic understanding and follow a self-responsible perspective, we are teaching a philosophy that derives from the hermetic principles as part of our integral approach.

  • reality as a mirror
  • cause and effect
  • law of correspondence


Information Medicine

We are using Creative Homeopathy, a form of information medicine and the next consecutive evolution of the classical approach invented by Samuel Hahnemann.

  • according to A. Peppler
  • neutralize trauma
  • radionic method


Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is one of the most potent methods to dissolve imprints and trauma. Therefore, we work together with a network of professional facilitators in Switzerland.

  • experienced team
  • safe space
  • supporting network


Let’s work together
and bring your Vision to Life!

Strategic Foresight

“After years of investigation, we understood cyclic global transformations in correlation with the Great Reset and how we can navigate through this period of upheaval.”

The Great Reset

The Great Reset or “Build Back Better” memes describe a sophisticated plan by the global elites to restructure the social and political paradigm. Those who don’t know don’t care, and those who are aware should be concerned.

  • total surveillance
  • own nothing, and be happy
  • digital currency


Earth Transformation

The earth is part of a bigger system that goes through cyclic periods of transformation. These Cosmic Cycles also determine the developments politically, economically, and financially. We summerize our outlook in our Phoenix Hypothesis.

  • cyclic climate change
  • pole flip & shift
  • sun cycles


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7901 4TH ST N | STE 300

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Route d’Ursy 19
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