Baja California Road Trip Photography

Surfing at Punta San José, Baja California

Being in Punta San Jose was the first time along the whole road trip I could discover a place with the camera. Well, there is not so much out there. Most of the area is desert, but still, I could capture many different moods and angles in about 200 pictures. I wished I had had a bigger lens to take photos of the surfers down in the ocean.

Surfing close to Ensenada

Surf Spot Punta San José

Still, after six days at this location, I felt like I got the best out of it. I will provide photographic evidence below. Oh well, and this place is excellent for surfing also. I could catch good pictures and some sound waves, too.

We continued driving down the Baja California peninsula to explore another surfing spot along the Mexican Highway. Punta San José was a great experience, being far out of society and camping at a remote location on the coast.

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How to get to Punta San José?

I have prepared a short timelapse clip if you wonder how to get the fastest from Ensenada to Punta San José. This movie will also give you some idea of the road conditions you will encounter down to this remote surf spot.

You should get all further information from “The Surfer’s Guide to Baja,” which is like the Bible for surfers looking for the best remote spots down the Baja peninsula.

Timelaps of the road to Punta San José

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