Quatro Casas Baja California Road Trip Photography

Road Trip Baja California Photography

We continued along Baja California from a tiny fisher village to the next one. Since most of the landscape is desert, there is not much variety in the photos I could take. So I focused with my camera on the minor differences.

Each location has something unique for the eager photographer looking for some shots. Sometimes it is a giant whale skeleton or the neighbors camping next to us waking up to a new dawn. If nothing extraordinary happens, you need to wait for the sundown. Sundown photos are always impressive, along with the Baja California coast.

Of course, surfing was a big topic along our road trip to the peninsula’s south. There are literary hundreds of beautiful surf spots down the Baja. Most are in very remote places which demand a proper off-road vehicle. You better have the “The Surfer’s Guide to Baja.”

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