Surfing El Conejo Beach Baja California

Surfing at El Conejo Beach | Baja California

Our next stop on our Road Trip ended up at El Conejo Beach. We started at Coyote Beach and proceeded further south to find this new surf spot. El Conejo Beach is already close to La Paz – deep at the south end of the Baja California Sur.

El Conejo Surfing

El Conejo is a sandy beach that is perfect for surfers in the process of learning to ride more giant waves. Kite surfing is also a widespread activity around here. Unlike other surf spots, it is easy to access, and you won’t have sharp stones that are cutting your feed.

El Conejo Beach Photography

Like most other surfer beaches along the west coast of Baja California, it is in an area which very dry. Anyhow—it is pretty picturesque. Whenever my arms got too tired from surfing, I took a couple of photos for my documentation of what beach life looks like around here. The pictures show that El Conejo beach is enjoyable for families with kids.

The community consisted of long-term campers who stayed the constant stream of day-to-day visitors for the whole winter. Remarkably the long-termers seemed to be a close bunch, like a bit of a beach family. I like El Conejo, but it is a little bit too far away from a decent place you could restore your supplies.

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