Kids in Guerrero Negro

Road Trip To Guerrero Negro, Baja California

We went further down the Baja California and ended up in Guerrero Negro. It is a small city in the middle of the desert. We stayed there for a couple of days to wash our clothes and fill up our supplies. While waiting for our laundry, I could take many photos of a parade honoring the revolution in Mexico.

Guerrero Negro Photography

There were only a couple of other photographers, even though it was perfect for getting some good shots with the camera. The whole scenery was very colorful with rapidly changing light conditions. Guerrero Negro was taken over by kids with guns and fake mustaches. See the photos for yourself!

Guerrero Negro Revolution Celebration

While I enjoyed the party in Guerrero Negro we met some guys from New Zealand. Together we proceeded to our next destination, which meant we had to go north again to a famous surf spot called “The Wall.” Before this happened, I had a very strong Sycronicity involving Kiwi guys. I wrote about that in my Van Life Blog, and you can find the story I am referring to right here.

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