Pescadero Todos Santos Baja California

Pescadero and Todos Santos, Baja Photography

Todos Santos is a small but very touristic town close to San Pedrito Beach. It is one of the small but cozy little places at the south end of the Baja California peninsula. Once in awhile I went there to buy supplies but I also shot some pictures.

Apparitions Festival San Pedrito Baja California

Apparitions Festival at San Pedrito Beach, Mexico

San Pedrito Beach is all about surfing and hardcore chilling but suddenly the area transformed into a party for electronic music and hundreds of people showed up. I volunteered as a photographer and got free access. Here is a collection of my pictures.

Puppy Crisis San Pedrito Baja California

Puppy Crisis At San Pedrito, Baja California

While staying at San Pedrito Beach we encountered also a little crisis. If you think it is only fun and surfing than you are wrong. One of our neighbors found a box with puppies when he took a leak at night. This lead to a situation we called the “Puppy Crisis”.

Surfing With Friends San Pedrito Baja California

Surfing with Friends at San Pedrito Beach

This is the 2nd entry about San Pedrito Beach and once more I like to present some photography of the beach and its community. This time friends we met on our Road Trip joined us to hang out on the beach for a while. Here are photos of that period.

Surfer Dudes of San Pedrito Baja California

Playa De San Pedrito Photography | BCS

This was my first encounter with Playa de San Pedrito. On my Road Trip Photography Blog, you will find many more entries about San Pedrito because I started to feel like home there after a while. These are the first pictures I took of this surf spot.

Surfing El Conejo Beach Baja California

Surfing Trip to El Conejo Beach | Baja California

El Conejo is a picturesque little family beach close to La Paz not far away from the south tip of the Baja California peninsula. The community is very friendly and the surfing conditions are perfect for beginners. I took plenty of photos of the beach and its inhabitants.

The Wall Baja California Mexico Punta Santa Rosalillita

“The Wall” Baja California Surfing & Camping

On our Road Trip halfway down the Baja California, we found a very cool and remote surf spot called “The Wall” which has excellent waves to offer most of the time. There you find also a friendly community I tried to capture in my photography.

Playa El Coyote, Baja California | Beach close to Mulegé

El Coyote Beach at Mulegé | Baja California

El Coyote Beach is close to Mulegé at the Sea of Cortez side of the Baja California. On our Road Trip down southbound we made a stopover at this beach and ended up staying for over one week. I took plenty of photos of my travel mates and enjoyed the beach.

Guerrero Negro Baja California Mexico Revolution Celebration Parade Photography

Road Trip To Guerrero Negro | Baja Photo Blog

We were about halfway through the Baja California when we arrived in Guerrero Negro which is a small city close to the “Wall”. The Wall, on the other hand, is a famous surf spot. In Guerrero Negro I got surprised with a beautiful parade I captured with my camera.

Quatro Casas Baja California Road Trip Photography

Road Trip Baja California Photography

We went to many different surf spots all the ways southbound down the Baja California. During this Road Trip, I practiced my photography skills and tied to capture the essence of each individual place. This is a small collection of various pictures.