Pescadero and Todos Santos, BCS

The South of Baja California Sur

I have often been to Todos Santos since we stayed at San Pedrito Beach in Mexico on the south end of Baja California. It is an excellent place to find some rare items and surfing gear. Because I always went to Todos Santos on a busy schedule. So, I never had time to take some photos.

When Kai came to Todos Santos

Finally, that changed. When my dear friend and fellow photographer Kai arrived at San Pedrito Beach, I got inspired again. Also, my surfboard suffered from a fatal impact, so we hitchhiked to Todos Santos to organize a backup. Gladly, we got a ride on the back of a pickup truck right away. I finally got some pictures of one of Baja, California’s most beautiful small cities, roaming around in Todos Santos.

Todos Santos has a lot to offer! It has a lot of small streets full of different shops and restaurants. Todos Santos is well known for its many galleries with handcrafted artworks. I hope the few photos will give you a good impression.

Last days in Todos Santos

These are my last photos of San Pedrito Beach close to Pescadero at the south end of the Baja California peninsula. Even though it became quiet around here, it was hard for me to leave. I have to admit I fell in love with San Pedrito Beach and the people surrounding this place.

Someday I will come back, and hopefully, I will take even better photos. San Pedrito Beach has an incredible community, and it is a great place to surf, but during the summer months, it is scorching, and the hurricane season can shake your RV ha d. Also, I should mention the many bugs that show once it has rained.

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Apparitions Festival at San Pedrito Beach

The Apparitions Festival came to San Pedrito Beach. There are not too many events with electronic music close to Todos Santos, and suddenly we were in the middle of it. Still, we had to move our camper down the beach to make space for the Festival to build up.

I volunteered as a photographer to get free access to the Apparitions Festival. Some of the Dj sets even suited my style of electronic music, but I was keener to get some exciting impressions of people dancing and enjoying San Pedrito Beach.

So, please be welcome to look at my small selection of photos I shot during the Festival. After a few days, the beach returned to average pace and volume. Still, this event was a pleasant surprise.

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Puppy Crisis At San Pedrito, Baja California

A Box of Puppies

Since we lost connection to world news in San Pedrito Beach, we stayed focused on local events like the Puppy Crisis. This situation developed right next to us. Someone left a box with eight young dogs in the camping area, and our neighbor Raynolds found it.

Raynold’s discovery

I guess Raynolds wanted to enjoy some weeks of a nice vacation, drink beer and go out for a surf. Now he felt responsible for all the dog puppies. The whole camping community got involved and helped with petting and feeding. At this point, the Puppy Crisis is solved, and all dogs have found a home. Meanwhile, the Pelican Crisis, which got less attention, ended tragically. After it got struck by a wave, the bird died and got washed onto the shore. Well, that is living in San Pedrito Beach.

This blog entry covers and documents the Puppy Crisis at San Pedrito Beach as I witnessed it. It was an excellent opportunity to unite people and fight for a common cause. The photos I like to present here are dedicated to all the little helpers involved.

Puppy Crisis update

Update: Meanwhile, Raynold lives happily with his dog somewhere in Canada. I just recently saw pictures on Facebook. As far as I remember, he took the weakest of all the puppies, which now seems to be a full-grown dog full of vitality.

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Surfing with Friends at San Pedrito Beach

San Pedrito Beach was such an excellent spot for surfing and camping that we emailed our friends who were also roaming Baja California. As a surf spot, it is a mix between El Conejo and „The Wall“ since it has some nice sandy beach break, but a big part of it also has the same annoying stones as at “The Wall.” This coastline is havoc for your feet.

After three days of our arrival at San Pedrito Beach, our American friends showed up, and we had a great time together surfing and hanging out. Unfortunately, they left after two weeks since they like to proceed to the mainland of Mexico.

I also started to document other surfers we began to hang out with within and outside the ocean. The whole beach is a unique community of surfers of various ages and origins. This tribe became one reason we stayed at San Pedrito Beach longer than we ever expected.

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Playa De San Pedrito Photography | BCS

Playa de San Pedrito is a famous beach close to Todos Santos on the Baja California. It is a well-known spot for surfers traveling through this part of Mexico. Since my travel-mate Jens needed some treatment for his blockage in his neck, we made a stop-over at Playa de San Pedrito to hang out there for a while.

The first impression this beach gave us was tremendous. We got invited with incredible sundown with the clouds over the ocean. Like all surf spots along Baja California, I could take some lovely photos during sunset.

San Pedrito has some extra features to offer compared to places like The Wall. It is not just a plain desert with some mountains in the background. There is a small town close by, and camping here is free. A large section of the beach is made of fine sand. So it is easy to access. The other part is a hazard for your feed like “The Wall” is.

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Surfing at El Conejo Beach | Baja California

Our next stop on our Road Trip ended up at El Conejo Beach. We started at Coyote Beach and proceeded further south to find this new surf spot. El Conejo Beach is already close to La Paz – deep at the south end of the Baja California Sur.

El Conejo Surfing

El Conejo is a sandy beach that is perfect for surfers in the process of learning to ride more giant waves. Kite surfing is also a widespread activity around here. Unlike other surf spots, it is easy to access, and you won’t have sharp stones that are cutting your feed.

El Conejo Beach Photography

Like most other surfer beaches along the west coast of Baja California, it is in an area which very dry. Anyhow—it is pretty picturesque. Whenever my arms got too tired from surfing, I took a couple of photos for my documentation of what beach life looks like around here. The pictures show that El Conejo beach is enjoyable for families with kids.

The community consisted of long-term campers who stayed the constant stream of day-to-day visitors for the whole winter. Remarkably the long-termers seemed to be a close bunch, like a bit of a beach family. I like El Conejo, but it is a little bit too far away from a decent place you could restore your supplies.

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“The Wall” Baja California Surfing & Camping

Arriving at “The Wall” close to Punta Santa Rosalillita, we had two new members on our team. Back in Guerrero Negro, we met two traveling surfers from New Zealand. Together we went to one of the most notorious surf spots along the Baja California called “The Wall.” This place is a remote beach in the desert. There is not much to take photos of, but this place has perfect waves. Still, I could take a couple of pictures of the sundowns and the community.

“The Wall” – Surf Spot in Baja California

Surfing Road Trip, Baja California

There were many incredible people at “The Wall” that were camping and surfing as we did. You find surfers way in their sixties at the beach who are camping most winter here. It’s a great community out there in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, the locals show up from time to time to collect some money. Well, I guess the local fishers own the place. You can probably make a deal if you plan to stay longer than a few days.

Photos of “The Wall”

The Kiwis we took along on our trip reminded me of my time in New Zealand. I had been there just two years ago, and there I got introduced to surfing for the first time. During our two-week vacation at “The Wall,” we also made friends with some other surfer dudes from the States. So we decided to keep on rolling together.

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El Coyote Beach at Mulegé | Baja California

We went past Mulegé to a beautiful beach called Playa El Coyote. This area is much more green and picturesque than the surf spots we visited on the other side of Baja California. For the second time on our trip down the Baja, we were on the east side of the peninsula. Of course, you can not surf here since there is no swell. Instead, you can enjoy the calm and warm shore with plenty of underwater creatures.

Camping with friends at El Coyote Beach

I could have taken photos of whale sharks, dolphins, and stingrays if I had underwater photo equipment. Unfortunately, that was not the case, so I took pictures of our traveling mates fooling around at the beach instead.

Back at “The Wall,” we gathered quite a group of fellow travelers from the States and New Zealand. Together we enjoy a great time at the beach. There is even a pretty friendly community around the coast. We found an exciting guy there who is about to build a pyramid to establish an energetic center for the whole region.

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Road Trip To Guerrero Negro, Baja California

We went further down the Baja California and ended up in Guerrero Negro. It is a small city in the middle of the desert. We stayed there for a couple of days to wash our clothes and fill up our supplies. While waiting for our laundry, I could take many photos of a parade honoring the revolution in Mexico.

Guerrero Negro Photography

There were only a couple of other photographers, even though it was perfect for getting some good shots with the camera. The whole scenery was very colorful with rapidly changing light conditions. Guerrero Negro was taken over by kids with guns and fake mustaches. See the photos for yourself!

Guerrero Negro Revolution Celebration

While I enjoyed the party in Guerrero Negro we met some guys from New Zealand. Together we proceeded to our next destination, which meant we had to go north again to a famous surf spot called “The Wall.” Before this happened, I had a very strong Sycronicity involving Kiwi guys. I wrote about that in my Van Life Blog, and you can find the story I am referring to right here.

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Road Trip Baja California Photography

We continued along Baja California from a tiny fisher village to the next one. Since most of the landscape is desert, there is not much variety in the photos I could take. So I focused with my camera on the minor differences.

Each location has something unique for the eager photographer looking for some shots. Sometimes it is a giant whale skeleton or the neighbors camping next to us waking up to a new dawn. If nothing extraordinary happens, you need to wait for the sundown. Sundown photos are always impressive, along with the Baja California coast.

Of course, surfing was a big topic along our road trip to the peninsula’s south. There are literary hundreds of beautiful surf spots down the Baja. Most are in very remote places which demand a proper off-road vehicle. You better have the “The Surfer’s Guide to Baja.”

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