The Wall Baja California Mexico Punta Santa Rosalillita Road Trip Photography

“The Wall” Baja California Surfing & Camping

Arriving at “The Wall” close to Punta Santa Rosalillita, we had two new members on our team. Back in Guerrero Negro, we met two traveling surfers from New Zealand. Together we went to one of the most notorious surf spots along the Baja California called “The Wall.” This place is a remote beach in the desert. There is not much to take photos of, but this place has perfect waves. Still, I could take a couple of pictures of the sundowns and the community.

“The Wall” – Surf Spot in Baja California

Surfing Road Trip, Baja California

There were many incredible people at “The Wall” that were camping and surfing as we did. You find surfers way in their sixties at the beach who are camping most winter here. It’s a great community out there in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, the locals show up from time to time to collect some money. Well, I guess the local fishers own the place. You can probably make a deal if you plan to stay longer than a few days.

Photos of “The Wall”

The Kiwis we took along on our trip reminded me of my time in New Zealand. I had been there just two years ago, and there I got introduced to surfing for the first time. During our two-week vacation at “The Wall,” we also made friends with some other surfer dudes from the States. So we decided to keep on rolling together.

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