Synchronicity in Guerrero Negro – Pt. 13

What is a Synchronicity?

Weird conincidences

Before 2004 I used to call synchronicities weird coincidences because I did not know a better term. This same year, I read a book dealing with the Swiss psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung. The book was “Cosmic Trigger” written by Robert Anton Wilson. According to Wilson, C. G. Jung had his weird coincidences. Since he was researching the more prominent topic of collective consciousness, he felt that this kind of unique phenomenon deserved a professional investigation and a more severe hypothesis.

Not everyone is aware of what synchronicity is. I guess the majority doesn’t even know the word. Still, if you explain to people what it means, most individuals will immediately tell you about personal experiences that fall into this category. Since I have been on this road trip, I already had many strong synchronicities along the way – but yesterday, something happened that explains this phenomenon in an imposing manner.

Kids in Guerrero Negro
Kids with Mustaches

Strange Coincidences In New Zealand

We are almost halfway down the Baja California peninsula. Two days ago, we arrived in Guerrero Negro, one of the bigger towns along the way. Since Ensenada, which we named “Instant Nada,” only a few locations you can call a city are available. Of course, you still won’t find a Walmart here, but it has at least five dentists. That is something Jens was looking for because he needed a tooth pulled.

While Jens was cooling his cheek with ice water, I worked on my book. I started to write about the “weird coincidences” I had on my last big journey in New Zealand. I ended my chapter at a point where I wrote about a Dutch backpacker called Ken Boogers. Ken was an exceptional individual whom I met on the south island of New Zealand. By “coincidence,” our ways crossed many times. The last time I saw him was just a couple of days before I flew back to Switzerland. On this occasion, he gave me a stone that I am still wearing today as a necklace.

Guerrero Negro Baja California Mexico Revolution Celebration Parade Photography
Revolution Celebration Parade Photography

Ken Boogers Incident

After I left, Ken stayed in New Zealand, and soon after, he died in the wilderness. He slipped and fell from a cliff. Later, I contacted his mother, who had difficulty letting go of him. To this very day, I still feel sorry that I couldn’t give her more than just some footage of her son I took back in Nelson/NZ.

In Guerrero Negro, I was only capturing the story to the point where I first met him. I felt like I needed some more time to think of the best way to describe what special meaning this man and his tragic death had in my personal story.

The next day something strange happened. Early in the morning, I was roaming the city with my camera. The town was celebrating the revolution and held a big parade. When I came back to the camper with hundreds of pictures of kids with toy guns and fake mustaches, Jens hung out with two guys. I realized I had seen those guys before because we saw them along our route, hitchhiking with their surfboards under their arms. You don’t see many people doing that here. Well, guess what? Both guys are from New Zealand.

While sitting in Guerrero Negro, this happened.

We started talking about our journeys, and I mentioned my trip through the wilderness on the north island of New Zealand. I admitted that I underestimated the weather back then and that I put myself in danger by doing so – I knew that many foreigners die in New Zealand every year because of that.

That seemed to be the keyword for one of those guys—a trigger if you will. He mentioned a tragic case of a guy from the Netherlands. I said: “You are talking about Ken Boogers, right?” The Kiwi made big eyes and said: “Exactly! How do you know?” I know because I met him right before he died, and I am currently just writing about him. It got even weirder because the father of one of those two guys I just met here in Baja California was responsible for investigating Ken’s case. Talking about coincidences, what are the odds!? We are talking about a timeframe of fewer than 24 hours.

Guerrero Negro Baja California Phototgraphy Grumpy Girl favorite pictures
Girl in Guerrero Negro, BCS

What Is This Synchronicity Telling Me?

So I had this strange coincidence, or as I would call it: strong synchronicity. But what does it mean? Many people believe that those events are indicators that you are moving exactly along your destiny. I don’t know for sure, but I tend to have the same interpretation.

On the other hand, I feel it could be a message from Ken. He was a very spiritual individual – acutely aware of his young age. Probably he was one of the highest developed souls I met along my journey through New Zealand. Strangely, he was the last person I would have expected to die so suddenly. It still makes me wonder today. Maybe Ken just finished the mission on earth? Well, I can only speculate. Nevertheless, this synchronicity will cause me to ponder some more days about the whole thing, I guess.

We took that synchronicity as an indicator and sign that we should take the Kiwis along on our Road Trip. The next stop became “The Wall.”

The Illusion Of Choice Inside The Matrix | Pt. 12

Arriving In Ensenada

Travelling into Mexico

I have been traveling through the USA for almost two months. Most of the time, I was by myself. The fantastic impressions consumed my attention—tons of information I received from all these conversations along the way needed some time to be processed. Still, my main goal and my primary mission were to get “Frederique,” the camper, to Mexico, where I could reunite with Jens; as I outlined before, I am not a mechanics type of guy, so this trip was a leap of faith to me.

Now Jens is back on the team, and “Frederique” got all the maintenance I could not grant her. A considerable burden fell off my shoulders. For the first time in quite a while, I can deeply reflect on things that happened and the situation I am in right now. I like to summarize the essence of the current phase we are all entangled in right now. This perspective is a very personal analysis, so I hope you can follow me on that. Ok, let’s go down the rabbit hole.

Surfing On Waves Of Time

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with van lifer whatsoever. I feel to articulate certain feelings about the nature of U.S. elections that come up since we are heading to the conclusion. My personal opinion on that is probably very unique. So, please don’t take it too seriously. Thanks!

We all have been more or less witnessing a soap opera that is approaching the end of a season. Like every good T.V. series, it is kept exciting to the very end by the secret scriptwriters. Everything is still possible! I am talking about the elections in the U.S. After many conversations with the average Joe on the streets of America, I am aware of the essential attitude towards this event. One thing is for sure: It is the worst collection of candidates and the most extraordinary polarization of society in recent U.S. history.

One-half of the country believes Trump is a madman who needs to be stopped by any means necessary. So people vote for Hillary even though they know that she is just another puppet controlled by the establishment. Some people even know that she is a criminal crook, but she seems to be the lesser of two evil.

The other fraction of voters are desperate to get Trump into office. They believe that he is their last chance to solve the whole mess. Somehow they are convinced that Trump is genuinely independent. The argument always sounds like that:

“Just look how the mainstream media and the whole establishment is against Trump. It is obvious that all argumentations and news broadcasts are one-sided and tendentious. So they must be desperate to stop him. That is the evidence he is outside of the Illuminati system!”

Imho, nothing could be wronger than that! We are dealing with a group soul complex that can see beyond the horizon of time. The Illuminati are the expression of a potent being planning and pursuing the “Grand Plan Of The Ages” for probably thousands of years. They are in control of everything! Nothing can stop them! They know how to play the media game and how public relations are appropriately applied to the masses.

The Out-Of-Establishment Psy-Ops

I have worked for a P.R. division, and I know how those things work. Of course, TPTB knows they have to create the impression that the whole establishment is against Trump. If they did otherwise, they would raise suspicion. So the more one-sided they are, the more credit they give to him. If I would come up with this idea, the true powers have figured it out for a long time.

So the truth seems to me that both candidates are just puppets for the same master. Still, the outcome will make a difference, and I like to tell you why. Remember, this is my point of view.

Many of you might be aware that there are many different collective timelines. Some people may have encountered the Mandela Effect when they shifted from one timeline to another. So if you know the whole Berenstein Bears story, you might understand what I am talking about here. This effect is visible in minor aspects, but the outcome of a particular script or timeline will make a significant difference.

All timelines lead to a dramatic transformation but over a different period. From all those experiments in remote viewing, we know that there are three significant scripts on how this inevitable evolution may occur. One is the “Irlmaier” timeline – it is the widely promoted story of a World War III scenario. Another timeline indicates a global event of epic proportions that will put us all in the same boat. It seems to be some natural disaster. Still, many people will suffer, and the herd will be thinned.

Timeline X

There is a 3rd scenario that has been observed by many people who are capable of seeing future events. It is the most comfortable timeline from my point of view. I call it the Renaissance of spiritual knowledge. As a collective, we evolve to a higher species over a more extended time. There might still be many souls who cannot make this transition, which will be considered collateral damage, but the implications of evolution will be way softer than in timelines 1 and 2. All the data that people like the scientists of “Suspicious Observers” are gathering right now indicates that we are receiving help in the form of cosmic vibrations that open up our collective consciousness. So it seems possible that the critical mass is waking up.

My theory is that the elections might mark or indicate which timeline we are currently approaching. This could be a very personal choice to make. Since every individual exists simultaneously on each timeline in the form of quantum superposition, it might be the soul’s personal decision on which path to take. So instead of voting in a rigged system, I would suggest you focus on the timeline you want to be part of. It would help if you also acted accordingly. That is the tricky part. It means you instead choose love over fear. That is your challenge.

There is one dilemma with this idea. We only have two candidates but probably three primary collective timelines. That could mean there might be a 3rd option for how the elections might unfold. Maybe both Trump and Hillary render themselves entirely useless for their duties. They are already working hard on it, but the public has not caught it. It could be something weird that could happen. Maybe some agency fulfills its oath and arrests all those political thugs. I know it sounds improbable. So if the soap opera takes a very unusual turn where no candidate is elected in the first round, this might indicate a shift toward “timeline X,” as I call it.

If Hillary is chosen to be the next president, buckle your seatbelts, folks. It might mean WW3 in the long run. I will spend my time on lonely beaches along Baja California, during this period. Let’s see what will happen.

I wish you all a significant shift into a new era. Choose wisely what you wish for because it might become your destiny. Remember, we are all surfing waves of time.

Los Barriles AirBnB Photography

During my 2018 season in Baja California, I got a convenient little offer to take photos of a friend’s AirBnB in Los Barriles. Since renting an Airbnb facility is all about having good photos to showcase on the website, I got asked to provide professional pictures. So I traveled to Los Barriles on the east side of Baja, California.

My Los Barriles Experience

While my friend Napoleon set everything up nicely, I brought a friend from San Pedrito Beach along to become a photo model. It is always easier to project an emotional component into the pictures if you have a good-looking person in the scenery. The potential client can see him or herself in the model, or the stunning model triggers other phantasies or desires associated with the facility.

Some of my Pictures

I even took my drone out to capture some aerial images.

The trick is to attach an emotional component to the pictures and the AirBnB facility. We had a lot of fun, and if you need an Airbnb Photographer for Los Barriles or other places in the south end of the Baja California Sur, please let me know. I am sure we will find an arrangement.

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San Pedrito Beach | El Pescadero, B.C.S.

Todos Santos’ Finest Beach

This time is only my 2nd season in San Pedrito Beach in El Pescadero close to Todos Santos. I came here first on new Year’s eve 2016/2017. Due to some unforeseen events, I stayed at this place longer than expected. That was indeed a blessing. It didn’t take long to fall in love with this beach and the community.

We got here had to do with a slipped disc injury my travel mate “Jens” was suffering from. He hoped to find the right practitioner to help him overcome this issue in this area. If you had your own experiences with a slipped disc, you might know that an instant cure is seldom possible unless you find someone who can perform miracles.

Still, El Pescadero and Todos Santos were the right places to find many snake charmers and spine benders. Unfortunately, the only medicine that could cure Jens was to relax and chill out as much as possible.

I stayed for almost four more months at San Pedrito Beach until I had to go back to Europe, but I was hooked. There was this deep desire to come back here and have my van to hang out. So I put this on my midterm agenda, and just six months later, I booked a ticket back to Mexico.

New Season in Baja California Sur

In early February 2018, I returned to San Pedrito Beach. It took me a while to shake off the city dust and get used to being pounded by waves again. Of course, one of my main objectives for this new season was to improve my surfing capabilities.

Unfortunately, the paddle muscles I acquired the previous Year had melted into oblivion during my long hours in front of an office desktop in Germany. I became soft and pale, but that was my challenge.

Let’s talk about collective change. Like my very own body, San Pedrito Beach had also transformed into something bizarre. The Year before, the whole beach was a free camping zone, and only Rafa’s bar, “Pura Playa, had been a light beam of order. The rest of the beach was just wild west camping at its best.

Transformation Of San Pedrito Beach

Now in 2018, things have changed. Now we had three different habitats. There was still the territory of “Pura Playa,” of course, which, as the name indicates, consists of a particular pure state. It’s clean and nicely made. You will find proper restrooms and even a shower at Rafa’s place. There are also specific rules that tell you what to do and what is forbidden or restricted. If San Pedrito Beach were the Middle East, then “Pura Playa” definitely would be considered Israel.

That also makes sense from the perspective that the only constant inhabitant of “Pura Playa” territory was Rafa’s lovely bartender “Liza” who is an Israeli citizen. You can find many other parallels, like the fact that Rafa has an excellent connection to the local law enforcement. That is compared to the average gringo, a massive advantage. In case of an emergency or any “shit hits the fan “scenario. He won’t talk much about it, and he might deny it, but that is what you expect from Israel. They also don’t like to admit that they have atomic bombs.

So, there was no doubt in my mind that “Pura Playa” represents Israel if we consider the middle east as an analogy for San Pedrito Beach. So, what is with the rest?


Before this season, you could see the rest of the beach outside of “Pura Playa” as rogue nations threatening Israel’s perfect order with suicide shitting dogs, trash spilling extremists, and roaming beach bums. Some conspiracy went on to transform the local paradigm. So, a regime change was instigated by clandestine means. The real power or owner of the San Pedrito Beach residing in La Paz allowed an intervention of foreign forces to stabilize the region and establish some basic rules.

Looking back on human history, bringing “freedom and democracy” to savage territories is always difficult. Just behold how the United States always (with only the best intentions, of course) try to bring some of their distinctive cultures to foreign countries. Those countries become hell on earth, and the resources somehow vanish into western enterprises.

Regime Change and Color Revolution at San Pedrito

This tremendous endeavor to transform at least a part of San Pedrito Beach into a cultivated zone fell on the shoulders of my former travel mate Jens. I guess he didn’t have much choice but to accept this mission. He could be seen as a UN occupation force with a fragile mandate. We have seen scenarios like that many times before. It sucks. Skirmishes are predetermined when you promote a German engineer to become the new Sheriff in the context of a Mexican “zero f**ks are given” scenario. It’s like when the Americans tried to press their idea of law and order onto Iraqi citizens.

So, San Pedrito Beach ended up with a zone that I called Iraq occupied by German UN forces. The rules were vague, and the service was low, but still, you had to pay taxes. At least we got some proper outhouses now in San Pedrito. Still, the problem was the cultural clash, with a German technocrat ruling the domain—that created upheaval among the peasants of Iraq.

Wild West and Vanlife

When I came back to San Pedrito Beach in February 2018, the situation was already about to boil over. At this time, escalating civil unrest was about to unfold, which required the intervention of the real power from La Paz. Well, the owner had to make a decree when Jens and Pablo, the local longboard pro, had turmoil over some silly b/s. I didn’t understand it, but it wasn’t my task to facilitate a peace agreement. I was busy enough with my objectives and mourning about my missing paddle muscles.

The point is that Iraq was a delicate territory with too much politics. The bad thing was that I had to stay at the Sheriff’s place until I got my bandwagon. So I was entirely in the middle of some tensions. Thank god, I found an excellent van on Baja Craigslist. A Spanish couple was desperate to sell their 1980 Dodge van, and I was desperate to buy. Also, we could make the deal in Euro. Now I had all the freedom to move, and after a few days, I decided to relocate myself to the 3rd option of San Pedrito Beach called “Somalia.”

Desperado Vanlife At El Pescadero B.C.S.

The very north part of San Pedrito Beach remained the wild west. Iraq got separated from the northern region by a 4″ deep ditch called the “Trump Trench.” It was designed to keep economic refugees away from entering the north side of San Pedrito, a.k.a. Somalia. The territory here was a failed state ruled by a more or less self-declared governor called “Timmy.” He seemed to be the dominant local warlord. The simple social rules in Somalia promote the best surfer to becoming the governor of this territory, which put me at the end of the pecking order.

That was ok since Timmy was not eager to abuse his power. He only got active if someone in his kingdom polluted his precious air. Otherwise, zero f**ks were given by the governor. Still, you could always ask him for a piece of good advice, which made him a very accessible ruler.

End of the Season in Baja California

At one point, the mayor moved to the east cape, and also many additional misfits from Somalia left the territory as well. Many other people came and went. In the end, only Timo and I remained in Somalia. Timo got expelled from Iraq for perpetual besmirching of the “Trump Trench” and other felonies. Timo also left his exile because he started his house-sitting season.

With June approaching, San Pedrito, only four residents remain. Grayson from Australia is on his inner spiritual journey – well, you can count him out. There are only just Rafa, Larry, and I left. Larry became my new and probably my last neighbor this season. Since he can’t surf due to his injured knee, I am the best active surfer in Somalia, making me the governor of this part of San Pedrito Beach. I will celebrate my reign over the beach accordingly until the end of my season in Mexico, which will end in early July. Whatever this means.

See you next season in San Pedrito Beach. Peace out!

Pescadero and Todos Santos, BCS

The South of Baja California Sur

I have often been to Todos Santos since we stayed at San Pedrito Beach in Mexico on the south end of Baja California. It is an excellent place to find some rare items and surfing gear. Because I always went to Todos Santos on a busy schedule. So, I never had time to take some photos.

When Kai came to Todos Santos

Finally, that changed. When my dear friend and fellow photographer Kai arrived at San Pedrito Beach, I got inspired again. Also, my surfboard suffered from a fatal impact, so we hitchhiked to Todos Santos to organize a backup. Gladly, we got a ride on the back of a pickup truck right away. I finally got some pictures of one of Baja, California’s most beautiful small cities, roaming around in Todos Santos.

Todos Santos has a lot to offer! It has a lot of small streets full of different shops and restaurants. Todos Santos is well known for its many galleries with handcrafted artworks. I hope the few photos will give you a good impression.

Last days in Todos Santos

These are my last photos of San Pedrito Beach close to Pescadero at the south end of the Baja California peninsula. Even though it became quiet around here, it was hard for me to leave. I have to admit I fell in love with San Pedrito Beach and the people surrounding this place.

Someday I will come back, and hopefully, I will take even better photos. San Pedrito Beach has an incredible community, and it is a great place to surf, but during the summer months, it is scorching, and the hurricane season can shake your RV ha d. Also, I should mention the many bugs that show once it has rained.

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Apparitions Festival at San Pedrito Beach

The Apparitions Festival came to San Pedrito Beach. There are not too many events with electronic music close to Todos Santos, and suddenly we were in the middle of it. Still, we had to move our camper down the beach to make space for the Festival to build up.

I volunteered as a photographer to get free access to the Apparitions Festival. Some of the Dj sets even suited my style of electronic music, but I was keener to get some exciting impressions of people dancing and enjoying San Pedrito Beach.

So, please be welcome to look at my small selection of photos I shot during the Festival. After a few days, the beach returned to average pace and volume. Still, this event was a pleasant surprise.

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Puppy Crisis At San Pedrito, Baja California

A Box of Puppies

Since we lost connection to world news in San Pedrito Beach, we stayed focused on local events like the Puppy Crisis. This situation developed right next to us. Someone left a box with eight young dogs in the camping area, and our neighbor Raynolds found it.

Raynold’s discovery

I guess Raynolds wanted to enjoy some weeks of a nice vacation, drink beer and go out for a surf. Now he felt responsible for all the dog puppies. The whole camping community got involved and helped with petting and feeding. At this point, the Puppy Crisis is solved, and all dogs have found a home. Meanwhile, the Pelican Crisis, which got less attention, ended tragically. After it got struck by a wave, the bird died and got washed onto the shore. Well, that is living in San Pedrito Beach.

This blog entry covers and documents the Puppy Crisis at San Pedrito Beach as I witnessed it. It was an excellent opportunity to unite people and fight for a common cause. The photos I like to present here are dedicated to all the little helpers involved.

Puppy Crisis update

Update: Meanwhile, Raynold lives happily with his dog somewhere in Canada. I just recently saw pictures on Facebook. As far as I remember, he took the weakest of all the puppies, which now seems to be a full-grown dog full of vitality.

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Surfing with Friends at San Pedrito Beach

San Pedrito Beach was such an excellent spot for surfing and camping that we emailed our friends who were also roaming Baja California. As a surf spot, it is a mix between El Conejo and „The Wall“ since it has some nice sandy beach break, but a big part of it also has the same annoying stones as at “The Wall.” This coastline is havoc for your feet.

After three days of our arrival at San Pedrito Beach, our American friends showed up, and we had a great time together surfing and hanging out. Unfortunately, they left after two weeks since they like to proceed to the mainland of Mexico.

I also started to document other surfers we began to hang out with within and outside the ocean. The whole beach is a unique community of surfers of various ages and origins. This tribe became one reason we stayed at San Pedrito Beach longer than we ever expected.

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Playa De San Pedrito Photography | BCS

Playa de San Pedrito is a famous beach close to Todos Santos on the Baja California. It is a well-known spot for surfers traveling through this part of Mexico. Since my travel-mate Jens needed some treatment for his blockage in his neck, we made a stop-over at Playa de San Pedrito to hang out there for a while.

The first impression this beach gave us was tremendous. We got invited with incredible sundown with the clouds over the ocean. Like all surf spots along Baja California, I could take some lovely photos during sunset.

San Pedrito has some extra features to offer compared to places like The Wall. It is not just a plain desert with some mountains in the background. There is a small town close by, and camping here is free. A large section of the beach is made of fine sand. So it is easy to access. The other part is a hazard for your feed like “The Wall” is.

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Surfing at El Conejo Beach | Baja California

Our next stop on our Road Trip ended up at El Conejo Beach. We started at Coyote Beach and proceeded further south to find this new surf spot. El Conejo Beach is already close to La Paz – deep at the south end of the Baja California Sur.

El Conejo Surfing

El Conejo is a sandy beach that is perfect for surfers in the process of learning to ride more giant waves. Kite surfing is also a widespread activity around here. Unlike other surf spots, it is easy to access, and you won’t have sharp stones that are cutting your feed.

El Conejo Beach Photography

Like most other surfer beaches along the west coast of Baja California, it is in an area which very dry. Anyhow—it is pretty picturesque. Whenever my arms got too tired from surfing, I took a couple of photos for my documentation of what beach life looks like around here. The pictures show that El Conejo beach is enjoyable for families with kids.

The community consisted of long-term campers who stayed the constant stream of day-to-day visitors for the whole winter. Remarkably the long-termers seemed to be a close bunch, like a bit of a beach family. I like El Conejo, but it is a little bit too far away from a decent place you could restore your supplies.

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