Sundown San Miguel Ensenada Baja California

Surfing at San Miguel in Ensenada

Ensenada is the last big city after Tijuana when you go down the Mexican highway one. There is a place called San Miguel, which is a famous surfer spot. Jens was waiting there for me. We were back together, which gave me much more time and space to focus on photography and surfing. The first pictures I could capture are from Ensenada.

Still, we needed a couple of days to prepare for our road trip down Baja California. The goal was to follow some dirt roads to some remote surfing locations. The Baja 1000 Desert Rally uses those tracks. So the dirt roads can be pretty challenging, which means that I had to keep my eyes on the way instead of taking photos out of the side window.

Ensenada must take some time before going down the Baja California because this is the last big city to get special equipment. That is the reason why Ensenada also is called “Instant-Nada.”

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San Miguel in Ensenada, Baja California

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