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— Illuminati Article Series: Pt. IX —

Understanding the Real-Life Illuminati

In this 9th part of the Illuminati Card Game series, I will talk about the philosophy of the real-world secret society that also reflects in the cards. As I presented in my previous articles, critical past events have been predicted, and the game has anticipated even the current wave of transformation initiated by the “Epidemic.” We might also find aspects of the possible future in the deck. Before I talk about that, we need to understand that the Illuminati believe that we are just “players” inside a form of super-realistic simulacrum—a Matrix, if you will—and the game is about love and fear. They consider it part of soul evolution.

Stay aware and not afraid.

Without any doubt, we are in the middle of an evolutionary process, which is challenging to say at least. There is no predetermined outcome that even the Illuminati Cards could predict precisely. It all depends on our collective and individual reaction toward the scenario we got presented. I will go as far as to say there are even different outcomes simultaneously, according to the Multiverse Theory. We are approaching a “knot” in time where each individual can choose their destiny from the various alternating versions of Earth that exist at the same time.

Angst from Illuminati Card Game
The Illuminati Card “Angst”
Secrets Illuminati Card Game
Illuminati Card Game Secrets

This Multiverse Theory might be hard to comprehend for some, but it is the only holistic approach that makes sense to me. It puts everyone back to selfresponsibility. There is no need to fight, persuade or save the “Others” because one singular consciousness or Logos divides itself to “play” with itself, through itself, to create a unique experience based on free will.

Having said this, it still makes a huge difference, according to the law of cause and effect, with which principles we play the game of life. Each stance or attitude will lead us to a different door. All I can say is that fear will create a multitude of implications, which will lead us down the abyss, ultimately forcing us to repeat the same game over and over – until we learn our lesson.

Understand the life game

The Card Game by Steve Jackson simulates the competition among the various fractions that have divided themselves into Houses and Families among the Illuminati. It is a playful approximation to understand the methods of how these Secret Societies manipulate the collective. Still, it is very reductionistic. The real-life Illuminati are indeed competing with each other, but above all rivalry, there is a common goal [Article about real-life Insider]. Their primary objective is the Evolution of all the spirits in this realm of the holographic Universe.

In this density of consciousness, we must be aware of our actions’ motives and learn to discern between Love and Fear. In a nutshell, this is our evolutionary challenge. To holistically accomplish this goal of transcendence, we must understand that we, as individual protagonists are not as separated as it seems at this stage of life. Indeed we are all one – unique manifestation of the same source, just unconscious of our divine heritage.

For the Illuminati, it is all a game, and death is the gateway to a different reality. It is only a severe business for us as long as we fully submerge ourselves in the illusion of separation – just like a nightmare captures our emotions until we wake up – at least partially. Then we become “enlightened” or illuminated.

The Illuminati Believe
in Soul Evolution

The evolutionary Cycles

Everything in the Universe runs in perpetual loops. It’s an eternal cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. You can apply that to the Universe itself, which is pulsating from one big bang to the next, or all forms of life. Everything which emerges will vanish again—at least in this density of existence.

There are higher and lower realms, but not in the sense of better or worse. Still, life is geared towards moving to a higher density. This trajectory is our evolutionary path to the source of all that is. There are many analogies or wordings on how to define that. You could say the water drop merges with the ocean, or you are becoming One with the source again. Potentially, this last expression could trigger religious/anti-religious connotations, which is not my intention.

On the path to Singularity, there are various layers of illusions. To get back to the source, One needs to master each layer or what many traditions call densities. In this 3rd density, there is a specific task to fulfill to move on and experience next-level gaming. Similar to this frequency, the next density is still Maya/Matrix/Illusion, where the only One that exists pretends to be many, but it’s supposed to be more fun.

The Illuminati’s purpose

To qualify for next-level experience, each soul must learn about unconditional Love and reach a specific ratio of service to the “Others” or, even better, “Service to the Divine.” There is no time limit to do so. It doesn’t matter if you take hundreds of millions of Incarnations to proceed by piercing through the veil of illusion.

To reach an overarching understanding of what needs to be accomplished here, the souls of this level require a specific learning scenario in which fear and self-service are encouraged, instigated, and promoted. Of course, this is not the way to proceed, but it would be a test much too simple if there weren’t forces to distract you from the divine path.

The Illuminati play a crucial role in establishing this context. Therefore, they serve an essential purpose in the cycle of Evolution. You need a Kung Fu master that kicks your ass to learn martial arts. You would not learn Kung Fu by beating up strict pacifists. Hopefully, you get my analogy here.

Beware of the Fear Game

Multiple scenarios in the Illuminati Card Game might, to some extent, emerge in our collective reality. Those settings and topics will only fully manifest in their respective Parallel Universe, starting from the knot in time that I described before. To avoid being drawn onto a timeline that is not appreciated, it is essential to be aware of the angst game.

Until we get through the time-knot, different alternative scenarios may introduce themselves. It is essential to stay in a loving attitude and not fall for any unwanted Timeline Vortex by going into a fear-based “fight or flight” mode.

“What you fear the most could meet you halfway.”

— Pearl Jam

There is not much difference in being consumed by a “Death by CoVid-19” or “Death by 5G / Bill’s vaccination” scenario because negative emotions drive both. The same principle applies to anger and judgmental agitation towards either the “Sheeple” blindly following the official narrative or condemning those who try to fight against the system as a last resort. We must be above the game courageously, stating our truth without violently contesting our Jungian mirror – meaning the other Self.

“What you resist persists.”

— Carl Gustav Jung

Conclusions & Interpretations

The Illuminati Card Game only touches the surface of the philosophies that determine the secret forces that determine this reality. Still, they give us a glimpse of their methods and structures. To fully comprehend the inner mechanisms and the overarching agenda of the Illuminati, you have to dig deeper into the available data. Many analysts have written extended treatises about these secret societies and postulated elaborated theories. Still, the most compact and correct statement comes from the brotherhood manifested in the Hidden Hand Interview I highly recommend.

The article I linked contains a download option for a PDF that offers the entire disclosure of an Illuminati Insider. It is a great starting point. While reading this, you will be confronted by claims that these secret societies believe that we live inside an artificial holographic construct known by many names like the Matrix, Maya, or Simulacrum. To dig deeper into this notion, I linked a short article with a highly recommended documentary about this topic. You will find many more source materials in my Secret TV movie collection.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert, and I am the author of the Illuminati article series. For many years I have been a producer for alternative media outlets. As chief editor of Germany’s first pay-TV channel, “Secret TV,” dedicated to fringe topics, I was exposed to all the conspiracy theories you could imagine. As fascinated by Robert Anton Wilson’s trilogy “Illuminatus,” as the creator of the card game, I can easily relate to the topics addressed in the deck.

Christian Koehlert Founder of Mayamagik


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