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— Illuminati Article Series: Pt. XI —

Possible Future Scenarios
in the Illuminati Card Game

In this 11th part of the Illuminati Card Game series, I will look again into the crystal ball and list the best future outcomes reflected in the cards. As I presented in my previous articles, essential past events have been predicted, and the game has foreseen even the current wave of transformation started by the “Epidemic.” We might also find facets of the possible future in the deck. Accordingly, I began to talk about the “worst possible outcome” that I could see in the deck of cards in my previous article.

To comprehend the more profound essence, I offered the philosophy and agenda of the real-life Illuminati in my previous article—the 9th part of the series. The Illuminati seem to believe that we are just “players” inside a super-realistic simulacrum—a Matrix—and the game is all about evolution.

As most analysts agree, we are in an evolved stage of global transformation, minted “The Great Reset” by the WEF, which is, according to the understanding of the Illuminati Card Game, just an instrument for the actual forces in the background. The cards that I present here were selected in early 2020, during the global lockdown, when I wrote this article. Meanwhile, some of these cards have partially manifested, and others are looming still in the shadows. I have not changed my 2020 selection because these cards remind us to be cautious about what we choose collectively. So let’s start again with some philosophical considerations, shall we?

Tragedy and opportunity

The 2020 pandemic supposedly started in Wuhan, China. Even though we can have substantial doubt about that narrative, there is a philosophical connection I like to emphasize. The Chinese have the same word for tragedy and opportunity. Both meanings derive from the same mandarin scripture sign. It’s based on ancient wisdom and the mechanisms of duality expressed in the Yin and Yang sign. So, there must be a hidden gift in the 2020 pandemic.

First, most of us suddenly have plenty of time to contemplate our lives, who we want to be, and what kind of world we want to live in. The ones that use their extra time wisely might come to new and profound conclusions. Since consciousness creates reality, this can be a fruitful process.

Epidemic As Opportunity

Everybody can focus on the best possible outcome and make the best out of any disaster. I started to write this article series, for example. Many pitfalls are coming with the pandemic scenarios, and I won’t be blind about it.

Acknowledging the dangers is essential, but don’t let fear dictate your thoughts and consciousness. This approach is just one part. The other task is to focus on our opportunities and make at least a symbolic act toward the best scenario. In this chapter, I would like to present some inspirational Illuminati Cards and some philosophic fundamentals.

We have a historical chance in this 2020 scenario to create a better future. Even though the Illuminati do their best to let us struggle, the challenge allows us to grow. We have to evolve into spiritual maturity. Therefore we need to become aware of the deception and make our own choices fueled by Love and not by fear. There are a few Illuminati Cards that might lead us the way.

Make Love, not war

We need to come together and articulate that we won’t silently consent to the agenda of global control. Gandhi and the peace movement are great inspirations. In Germany, people are now coming together by occupying public spaces to do mass meditations. It’s a simple noncompliance, rejecting the unjustified measures that limit our freedoms. This form of resistance needs to happen everywhere.

Solidarity Illuminati Card Game
Anti-War Activist Illuminati Card Game
“Anti-War Activist”
Just Say No Illuminati Card Game
“Just Say No”

Unlocking technologies

Suppose we show unity and develop a new consciousness of global brotherhood, understanding that we are one family of Gaia’s children. In that case, we might unlock some clean and sustainable technologies. Tools that the Illuminati kept away from us for a good reason—as it was disclosed by Hidden Hand. In all things lies a dualistic potential to use for something constructive or destructive. That’s why we would not give a scalpel to a child but rather into the hands of a physician because the level of consciousness will dictate the positive or negative outcome.

World Peace Illuminati Card Game
“World Peace”
Advanced Technology Illuminati Card Game
“Advanced Technology”
Perpetual Motion Machine Illuminati Card Game
“Perpetual Motion Machine”

Conclusions & Interpretations

More than two years after posting those cards as a possible positive outcome about where the 2020 crisis might lead us, the trends didn’t gain traction if we take the situation as an opportunity. Unfortunately, nothing of those aspects have fully manifested yet, which doesn’t mean it won’t show up in the long run.

Meanwhile, I formed my hypothesis of the possible scenario the Illuminati are heading for. It should not come as a surprise that my thesis contains not only the best-case but also the “worst-case” cards,” and even the “Wild Cards of the Illuminati Card deck.

If you want to know what the Illuminati are preparing for, I can only guide you to my “Phoenix Hypothesis,” a series of articles published in the German Nexus Magazine.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert, and I am the author of the Illuminati article series. For many years I have been a producer for alternative media outlets. As chief editor of Germany’s first pay-TV channel, “Secret TV,” dedicated to fringe topics, I was exposed to all the conspiracy theories you could imagine. As fascinated by Robert Anton Wilson’s trilogy “Illuminatus,” as the creator of the card game, I can easily relate to the topics addressed in the deck.

Christian Koehlert Founder of Mayamagik


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